The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 626: Terror in Fone Kingdom: Re-Birth

Chapter 626: Terror in Fone Kingdom: Re-Birth

“So this is the house of Germana…”

A handsome young man muttered while looking at the huge mansion. He was Alexander Dreyfus, the son of Marquis Dreyfus.

He combed his hair with his fingers and looked at the two people that he brought. These two were warriors of his family that he helped broke through the Shackled Realm.

Then, he glanced at the two guards of the Germana family on each side of the gate. The two guards were Peak S-rank and they were nothing worth mentioning. Their foundation wasn’t good too and it would at least take them several years of hard work if they wanted to reach Shackled Realm.

“Don’t lower your guard no matter what.”

He said to the two warriors of his family before he walked forward.

“Yes, Young Master.” The two guards nodded.

Soon, the guards of the Germana Family announced his arrival.

Alexander had a bad feeling about this. His instinct was telling him that there was danger here.

A glint flashed in his eyes and his mana gathered around it.

[Mind’s Eyes]!

He turned around his head and his expression turned serious.

‘What is this…? Don’t tell me there is a Black Sprite Spider here!’

His pair of eyes saw something that other people couldn’t see. On each side, there were countless thin webs and some of these webs were extremely sharp and tough.

‘Just what on earth?’

Alexander glanced at the two people behind him. It seems that they haven’t noticed these webs at all.

As expected, they wouldn’t notice it without a high-level skill [Mind’s Eyes]. They would only notice it the moment the hidden spider poured energy into these webs.

Also, the placement of the webs was carefully thought of. It was placed quite far from the people so no one would notice it. Even ordinary Shackled Realm experts wouldn’t notice it unless they focused their senses.

He exhaled and looked at the Germana Household before him.

This Germana Family wasn’t an ordinary household. They were staying neutral despite the intense situation between the princes of the Kingdom.

Or maybe this was related to the daughter of the Germana Kingdom that returned yesterday. His runaway fiancee.

“Young Master, is there something wrong?” The two people behind him asked as he suddenly stopped on his track.

“Nothing.” Alexander shook his head and continued to walk.

He pinched the bridge of his nose and tried to remember his fiancee. He now realized that he only met his fiancee a few times and his attitude at that time was worse.

‘Damn, this is worse… Just why did you do that, Alex…’

He was Alexander Dreyfus but at the same time, he wasn’t. He, Alexander, had memories of powerful experts in his mind. He achieved something and reincarnated into the body of this young man.

Previously, he was called Vince and he was a widely known expert. He achieved creating a manual called [Re-Birth Transformation]. Using various high-grade resources that he gathered throughout his journey, he performed the ritual.

He thought that something was wrong as the ritual exploded at that time and died miserably. But he didn’t expect to wake up into this body a year ago.

At first, Alexander thought that this was a dream. When he was a child, he always have the same dream. He felt that traveled around the world. It started a year ago when all of his memories as Vince returned to him.

That started the change.

He began to train harder and quickly achieved Peak S-rank. He could reach Shackled Realm but he was suppressing his power as he had to accomplish something before he broke his first Shackle.

He was right. The [Re-Birth Transformation] worked but it still needs perfection. Through the power of the manual, he had seven affinities the moment he was born. It was a huge starting point but he haven’t had his memories at that time so the things that he practiced were incompatible with this body.

“We’re here.”

Alexander and the two people he brought arrived. He looked around and noticed that people were looking at him.

‘I wonder if Crown Prince will come to this place… I don’t know any people here.’

He said inwardly as he found a place in the corner. He came here because he was curious about his fiancee who returned as Peak S-rank. If he wasn’t wrong, his fiancee was just a mere B-rank at that time.

But he didn’t expect to find this place eerie. Something was bothering him and he couldn’t explain it.

The celebration had started and Sekmet appeared.

‘Hmm… So that’s her.’

Alexander closed his eyes and he didn’t bother himself anymore. Although he looked like he wasn’t paying attention, his senses were observing the movements around him.

After a few minutes, he opened his eyes as he heard someone mention his name. He looked over and saw two people.

They introduced themselves as Jovian and Souta.

Hmm…? This guy.

Alexander was interested. He couldn’t see through this guy. It means that this guy was above One Shackle Realm. Oi! There’s no person that could rival that power level in this small country. The strongest here was only a One Shackle Realm.

‘This guy is Sekmet’s comrades.’

He looked around and found Sekmet’s comrades. Aside from this guy, there was another person that he couldn’t see through. That person was a wolf demi.

Two people above One Shackle Realm. They had a solid lineup and from the looks of it, they were all experienced fighters.

‘Interesting… But why do I feel like they are trying to find something… Just like this guy, he’s skillfully guiding the topic of the conversation for his own convenience.’

Alexander glanced at Souta. He was wary but he decided to play along since they haven’t shown hostility. He just didn’t know their goal and maybe they were related to the webs around the mansion.

While they were talking, an announcement resounded. It was the arrival of the Third Prince.

“Tsk! A troublesome guy had arrived…” Alexander clicked his tongue.

“Do you know the Third Prince?” Souta asked.

The one that answered Souta’s question was Jovian.

“You didn’t know. Sir Alexander is supporting the Crown Prince and the Third Prince wants to become the king so they clashed several times.” Jovian explained.

“Hmm… Political problem.” Souta nodded.

“That guy is troublesome. He isn’t strong but the people around him are troublesome. I didn’t even know how he recruits them.” Alexander said.

“Unknown people?” Souta raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, they are following the Third Prince’s order without question. In just a short amount of time, they become one of the largest factions in the Royal Family. They are suppressing the Crown Prince.” Jovian explained.

“Oh, interesting.” Souta grinned as he looked in the other direction.

“That guy is here,” Alexander muttered as he followed Souta’s line of sight.

A young man wearing exquisite clothes entered the hall. He had long blue hair and sharp eyes. He had an arrogant look in his eyes as he looked at the expression of the people around the hall.

There were five people following him and three of them were Shackled Realm experts.

‘This guy brought three One Shackle Realm experts to this party. The other two are Peak Solidifying Realm experts.’ Alexander said inwardly.

He noticed that Souta was observing the Third Prince and the people behind him with a grin on his face.

‘This guy… What are you planning?’ He narrowed his eyes and decided to observe first. The people that his fiancee brought weren’t ordinary.

“Please excuse me, I have something to do,” Souta suddenly said.

“Take care,” Alexander nodded and raised the glass in his hand.

“If you need something you can talk to me, Sir Souta,” Jovian said with a smile.

Souta approached Leilus.

“Did you find anything?” Leilus asked in a low voice.

He naturally saw Souta talking to Alexander so he wanted to know if he gathered some information.

“Nothing. Alexander is suspicious but I think that Third Prince is the one that we need to investigate.” Souta said while looking at the Third Prince.

“Third Prince? That guy?”

“Yeah, according to Alexander, the Third Prince gathered people of unknown origin. I personally think that unknown people are from Red Matter Association.” Souta’s tone was solemn.

“I think you have a point. Three of them are One Shackle Realm and from what Grain Leader said yesterday, the Royal Family only had three Shackled Realm experts and these three didn’t belong to them.” Leilus said.

“Oi, he’s already causing trouble,” Souta said with a huge grin.

Not far away from them, the Third Prince approached Alexander with an arrogant look.

“Alexander, Alexander, I don’t know what you see in my brother but I think that you should choose properly who you want to support. I don’t think my weak brother can properly rule this kingdom once he became the king.”

“It’s much better than letting this kingdom fall in your hands. Who knows what will you do if you became a king.”

“Me? Of course, I’ll make our kingdom strong. Our Fone Kingdom will rise under my hands. Are you not ashamed that other people didn’t even know the name Fone Kingdom?!” Third Prince said strongly.

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