The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 624: Terror in Fone Kingdom: Party

Chapter 624: Terror in Fone Kingdom: Party

Looking at the quest in his vision, Souta was sure that the members of the Red Matter Association had infiltrated this small kingdom.

It was natural.

Everyone from the Third Set had guessed it. They just lack evidence to prove their thoughts.

Souta raised his head and looked at the window. Beyond this small kingdom lies the Mirror Lake. According to the information of the scout, the headquarters of the Red Matter Association was beneath the Mirror Lake.

It was impossible for that kind of organization to keep its hands out of the surrounding kingdoms. Since they knew that the surrounding kingdoms were weak, they would slowly control it from the inside.

That’s what he would do too if he was the leader of the Red Matter Association.

Souta locked his fingers and stretched his arms.

“I should relax for a while. My body is quite stiff.”

He went to the other room and found that Sekmet was gone. She must be helping her family prepare for the celebration.

Her return wasn’t the only thing that her parents were happy about. Her parents must be happy since their daughter had returned powerful.

Peak S-rank.

That’s Sekmet’s current power level.

Peak S-rank was already an elite expert. It was important, especially for a small country like the Fone Kingdom.

She was also young. She was a lady in her late twenties and had a chance to enter Shackled Realm.

There’s no doubt about it considering the manuals and resources that she got from Athen’s Champion, Sekmet would reach Shackled Realm.

This was the reason why Germana wanted to celebrate this occasion. They wanted to brag about Sekmet’s future.

Souta strolled around the mansion, looking at the servants that were arranging the party.

Sekmet’s parents wanted to celebrate this party two days from now so that they could prepare a grand occasion but Sekmet forced them to celebrate it today.

The reason was simple. She wanted to celebrate the party today and invite the other nobles so that the other squadrons could investigate.

News about her return already traveled to the ears of the nobles. They would surely accept the invitation to see Sekmet and understood her stance.

But all these political talks were nothing to her. She was here with a mission to eliminate Red Matter Association and the political situation of Fone Kingdom was nothing compared to it.

If people from this place knew that she was a warrior from Athen’s Champion, then they would open their mouths in shock. Her status would rise.

After a few minutes of strolling, Souta found Sekmet.


Sekmet turned around. She was wearing a red dress with white trimmings. Her long red hair was tied in a bun on the back of her head. The red scales on the lower part of her cheeks were glistening.

“Beautiful. You’re better than I expected.” Souta nodded while rubbing his chin.

“…” Sekmet stared at him with a blank expression.

“Cough, cough, it’s nothing.” Souta turned his head to the side. “I want to know what time…”

“The party?”

“Yep, so that I could change my clothes. The others are currently changing their clothes.”

“An hour from now. The guests would arrive soon so I think that you should change too.” Sekmet said to him.

“Okay, then I’ll go now.”

Souta turned around as he waved his hand.

Since they were Sekmet’s comrades, it was natural that they were invited. It was a formal party, so they will wear formal clothes befitting of a noble party.

When he returned to the room, Leilus and the rest had finished changing to their formal clothes arranged by Germana’s servants.

“It’s crude…” Marcus commented while fixing his collar. “It couldn’t even compare to my leather armor.”

“What can we do… It’s low quality.” Leilus smiled wryly.

Souta ignored them and went to the drawer. He saw the clothes prepared for him inside it.

He took it out and quickly changed his clothes.


Souta hummed while looking at his reflection in the mirror. It’s been a while since he wore formal clothes.

He tied his red hair in a ponytail before he looked at his reflection once again.

“It’s perfect.”

The only problem was the quality of the clothes. It’s not even a blue grade or yellow grade.

This was expected since they weren’t in Champion’s Den where the most ordinary clothes were either yellow or blue.

“Souta, are you finished? We’re going out now.” Leilus asked him.

“Yeah, Drami is waiting for me,” Marcus added.

“It’s fine you can go now.” Souta waved his hand.

“If you say so…” Leilus glanced at his back before he left with Marcus and Paolo.

Souta glanced at the door after they left. He then went to the corner and arranged his equipment neatly.

‘Are you sure you’re going to leave your equipment here?’ Saya’s voice sounded.

“Yep,” Souta turned his eyes to the other corner and saw the Blue Cross Squadron’s equipment. “They even left their equipment here so I’m going to do the same.”

‘Their equipment is nothing compared to yours.’ Saya said.

It’s true since most of his equipment was red grade and he even has dark grade.

“I have my preparation.”

Souta stood up. The vajra sword was on the corner along with some of his equipment.

He didn’t leave all of his equipment as some of them have [Compression] skills like his [Flame Unity Robe]. Equipment that had [Compression] skill could turn into tiny marble that he could bring anywhere. Unfortunately, the vajra sword didn’t have that ability.

Well, it’s not like he didn’t have any equipment.

A gamer was always full of accessories with different abilities.

Souta smiled as he glanced at his fingers which were full of rings. He caressed the two eye-catching rings on his fingers.

These two were [Silver Desolation Ring] and [Nature Spring Ring]. Both were red grade artifacts.

On his wrist, he had [Yin Yang Bracelet] and on his ears, he had [Soul Blood Earring] and [Silver Spring Earring].

Two universal grades, three red grades, and the rest were just orange grades and below.

“I’ll start my preparation…”

Souta muttered as thin webs shot out from the tip of his fingers.

In just five minutes, everything has been cleared.

The whole Germana Household was filled with super-thin webs not visible to naked eyes.

As of right now, the entire place became his nest.

There was web attached to his equipment and with a simple flick of his finger, he could get them. Some of the thin webs were fragile and were for detection only.

He controlled the life and death of the people inside this territory. With a wave of his hand, sharp webs would take the life of the people that he wanted to kill.

“The people of Germana Household wouldn’t sense it. As for Blue Cross Squadron…”

He wasn’t sure if the Blue Cross Squadron noticed his preparation. It’s good to say that Leilus should’ve noticed it as Leilus was an expert at Two Shackles Realm.

A loud voice echoed causing Souta to snap out of his thoughts.

He walked to the window and saw that the nobles had arrived. They were announcing their arrivals in a loud voice.

“Successor of Earl Madrigal, Richard, is here!!”

“Daughter of Baron Natus, Shihana, is here!!”

“Third son of Marquis Burton, Chris, is here!!”

Souta turned his head away and exited the room. Since the nobles were here, he should go out and observe them closely.


Souta turned his head and saw that Leilus and the rest were calling him. They were standing in the corner holding a glass of wine in their hands.

He smiled and went to their side before looking at the nobles around them.

The nobles brought two or three bodyguards with them. Most of them were experts at Solidifying Realm.

“How is it?” Souta asked before he took a glass of wine.

“Our target hasn’t appeared yet,” Leilus replied.

By target, he meant the Heir of the Dreyfus Family.

“I think it’s better if we shouldn’t focus on one person. It’s true that Dreyfus Family is suspicious but we haven’t confirmed it yet so I think it’s better if we treat all these people as suspects.” Souta said in a low voice that only he and Leilus could hear.

“You’re right.” Leilus nodded at his words.

Suddenly, a loud voice echoed.

“Successor of Marquis Dreyfus, Alexander, is here!!”

Both Leilus and Souta stopped in their tracks as they turned their heads to the entrance.

“Speaking of the devil,” Leilus muttered.

A handsome man with short blonde hair entered the hall. He had a pair of golden eyes and he carried a unique aura around his body. He had a long furry tail swinging on his back.

He was Alexander Dreyfus, Sekmet’s fiance. A 25-year-old man had an aura of Peak S-rank.

‘This guy!!’

Souta was shocked when he saw Alexander’s appearance.

‘Eiii!!! The appearance is slightly different but… isn’t this man, Alexander, the Ancient Myriad Emperor?!’

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