The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 5 - Loot and Relaxation

Chapter 5 - Loot and Relaxation

Souta stood up and walked towards the Undead Skeleton Mage.

The Skeleton was slowly crumbling and withering, vanishing into the air like a bubble.

There's still light in the eye socket of the Skeleton. It still has its will this time.


Souta frowned when he heard a voice directly in his head. It was a language that he didn't recognize but he still could understand it as the Skeleton was directly talking to his mind.

"We... didn't do anything... Why invade... us...?"

It was then that the Skeleton vanished and disappeared into thin air.

"Why...?" Souta muttered in a low voice. He understood that this was different from the game. The "Boss" was not a mindless monster just like in the game. They had their own will and thoughts. They weren't a 2d character anymore.

From their perspective, Souta was a monster that invades their home and kills their brethren without reason. They were just living here peacefully and he kills them, more like, he massacres them.

"I should be careful from now on." He said in a low voice as he squatted down and harvest the soul of the "Boss" using the skill [Harvester of the Soul].

He then closed his eyes and said, "Thank you for your patronage, the only thing I could do is I will always remember your help in increasing my strength... but I will not stop, I will conquer this whole dungeon!"

He really couldn't help it. At first, he was seriously treating this as a game. He fought and kill them for the sake of becoming stronger. It seems that he needs to think through his every action now.

He rubbed his chin and started to think about this whole dungeon.

Undead Sanctuary. There's a total of 12 low-level dungeons here on the upper floor of the sanctuary. Six of them were occupied by the undead and the other six were occupied by monsters.

He saw a corpse of a goblin inside this dungeon. It seems that the other dungeon which was occupied by goblins were going around here on the upper floor trying to conquer every dungeon.

It was different in the game. The monster here didn't spawn out of nowhere. The monster increases their numbers through breeding and that's what happened to the dungeon which was occupied by the monsters. There's nothing that could restrict them here so they could go out of their respective dungeon.

That's also the reason why Souta fought the "Boss" with a fifty percent chance of winning. He couldn't grind in the same dungeon as the monster didn't spawn like it did in the game.

Their numbers grew exponentially and at the same time, the "Bosses" of the dungeon grew ambitious. They started to fight on their own and fought each other trying to conquer each other's dungeons.

Once they know about his situation they will target this dungeon. Well, it doesn't matter to him as this will give him a reason to kill them. Once they attack him, he will not hold back at all and retaliate with his full strength.

Speaking of killing...

He hasn't felt anything at all when he defeated those skeletons. It just like when Humans kill ants or insects. They wouldn't treat it as killing. A human would only treat someone as a murderer when someone kills their own species.

Still, it doesn't feel anything like that when fighting the skeleton. It only feels like he's fighting a dummy. But it's not the same as fighting a humanoid monster. Those monsters have the vibe of humans and it was entirely different compared to skeletons.

Souta then shook his head hardly putting those gloomy thoughts in the back of his head.

"Stop thinking about things like this! I will do what I do normally and nothing will change. If someone helps me I repay them."

Souta smirked and turned his attention to the staff on the ground. There's also the black robe of the Undead Skeleton Mage.

"What a nice reward! A piece of Yellow equipment!"

He smiled widely as he checked the details of the staff. He held the staff in his hand.

[Staff of Undead(Yellow)]: It's a staff made negative energy. +20 mana, +10 magical damage, +5 intelligence. Durability: 8/10

[Undead's robe(Yellow)]: A robe formed when the dead rises from the grave. +10% magical resistance, +5% physical resistance, +5 intelligence. Durability: 8/10

He had a satisfied smile on his face when he saw the equipment. With its durability, it was enough to last until he went to the surface. Yellow equipment was enough for the current him.

There were different grades of equipment, artifact, and treasure. The lowest grade was Colorless and the highest was Universal. The grade of the sword that he was using before was Colorless.

Colorless, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Orange, Red, Dark, and lastly the Universal was the grade of equipment from weakest to strongest.

In the game, all of his equipment was Universal grade treasure. The most powerful one at that. Because of this that he became the most dominant player around the world. He conquered countless dungeons at that time to complete his set of equipment.

Souta stood up and wield the staff in his hand. He played with it for a while before he stopped. The robe was too large for his current 1-meter size so he couldn't wear it this time. He still needs to evolve first before he could wear it.

Staff, huh? He looked at the staff in his hand.

Back then, he was a powerful Battle Mage. His class was versatile too all ranges, be it melee or long-range.

He doesn't plan to change it. He will also become a Great Battle Mage in this lifetime. This class was a powerful class that he used before when he was still Blood.

A Goblin becoming a Great Battle Mage was certainly the things he's looking forward in the future.

For now, he still wouldn't be able to get a class as the requirements for getting the Mage class could only be found on the surface.

He shook his head and went to the back of the room. When he saw nothing there, he sighed in disappointment.

It's impossible for a chest containing gold coins to appear out of nowhere. He should be content by what he received.

There's only a door leading down to the middle floor here. The middle floor was impossible for him right now. The mob there were only slightly weaker than the "Boss" here. The "Bosses" downstairs were level 35-40. They were too powerful that even if he finishes his evolution he wouldn't stand a chance.

He could barely kill a level 15-20 monster so he shouldn't think about the middle floor for now.

"Okay, let's sleep for now." He said as he sat down and leaned his back on the walls. He falls asleep quickly as he was too tired from fighting the "Boss".


Souta woke up exactly six hours after he sleeps. He stood up and checked his surroundings.

"I'm still here, I thought that was a dream."

He yawned and stretched his body for a while. Picking up the staff and robe, he went out of the dungeon.

He stood outside and looked at the bright ceiling. The place outside the dungeon was like a forest on the surface. Trees scattered around and there's river silently flowing. There were crystals emitting light in the whole place.

"So much for the name Undead Sanctuary..." He muttered as he turned around and looked at the tunnel behind him. This was where he came from. For him, this was the same as the Newbie Village or Town in the game.

This place was truly beautiful. A person wouldn't associate this place to Undead if they don't know its name. It's true that only six out of twelve dungeons were undead but that's not the same for the dungeons below.

The dungeons below were truly dark and composed of powerful undead.

He walked ahead and squatted down in the riverside. He drinks a mouthful of water to satiate his thirst. He hasn't tasted water since yesterday.

"Hu~ it's too good!"

Words of satisfaction escaped from his mouth. It feels like he hadn't tasted any water for a very long time.

"I already miss going into hot spring... Ah~ earth-chan I miss you..."

He stepped in and he slowly submerged his body in the water. This time he fully intended to relax.

If his memory was right, there's only fish in this river. There's no monster here so he could peacefully relax here.

"Oh right! There's fish here! I also need to stack food in my stomach!"

He went to the surface and looked at the water. He observed and watched silently before he found his target.


In an instant, he jumped down towards his target like a lion hunting their prey.

With his current stats, it was easy for him to catch it in bare hands.


He raised his hand and looked at the fish that he caught.

"Hahaha! This wasn't enough! I still need more!"

He once again dives down and caught fish with his own two hands.

It's not that bad to relax before he meets the monster here in the sanctuary.

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