The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 386 - Truth

Chapter 386 - Truth

"You're not a human...?" Isabella slowly asked in shock. She then recalled something and said, "If I'm not wrong, Alice is also wearing that kind of bracelet so she's also not a human."

"I'm not sure about it. She indeed had this artifact but I don't even know if that's her true appearance or not. That's not important to me though. What's important to me is that she's trustworthy and I trusted her." Souta said to her. "Everyone had a secret so if she doesn't want to reveal it to me then I will not pry her but she already prepared herself then I will lend her an ear to listen to her. If she had a problem then I will help her to the best of my abilities."

"I understand..." Isabella nodded her head.

"That's why don't ask her about it. Since she decided to give this bracelet to me, she must have known that I will think that she's disguising her appearance. So it's a matter of time before she tells me the truth. Once she's ready she is going to tell me about it." Souta added with a faint smile.

That's how it is.

The power that he showed in the Blue Lawless City when he rescued Cl.u.s.ter was enormous. It was mixed with Saya's power, the Gluttonous Blessing, the Best Feram, and the Soul Power.

Yet, she didn't even ask him about what that's power ever since they've arrived in this world.

"So the two of you aren't even human?" Lydia asked.

"Yeah, I'm not a human but I don't know about Alice," Souta replied as he turned to her.

"Then, where did you come from? Or how did you arrive in this world?" Lydia asked another question.

"We came from the world called Imperium, a great world. It's a powerful world and I think that it's at the top. You see, the reason I'm not afraid of your so called Great Astley Empire is because I came from Imperium." Souta said to her in a serious tone.

"Great World? Can you explain it to me in detail? How could it be stronger than the Great Astley Empire?" Lydia asked as she was curious about it. She was having a hard time believing his words.

Souta took a deep breath and he slowly explained it so that Lydia and Isabella could understand it.

"Here in this world, they already called me the strongest Master-class Knight when in fact I'm just a stronger B-rank. The power level of Imperium was tremendous that you people from other world treat it as heaven.

"The power level of the people from my world starts with E-rank. In this world, E-rank is already quite strong for a soldier. But in Imperium it's just the start. Actually, F-rank is the lowest but that's for ordinary people there. If they trained for a while, they will easily reach E-rank.

"Then, there's D-rank and C-rank. People in this world already treated these two ranks as powerful but when in fact in Imperium they were just above average. Also, C-rank is equivalent to Knight Level in this world."

Souta paused for a moment as Lydia said something.

"Then, you're a B-rank? You must be quite powerful among B-rank, right?" Lydia asked.

"Well, I couldn't deny it. With the help of some aces, I could fight people at A-rank. But you must not think that I'm one of the powerful people in Imperium. Even my strength is pretty average there.

"A-rank is the one above B-rank. Some of the weaker noble heads in my world have reach A-rank. Also, most of the teachers in my school have this power while some are B-rank.

"Next, is the S-rank, SS-rank, and SSS-rank. You couldn't imagine how powerful it is. I'm just a B-rank so I couldn't even handle this level. They are so powerful that they could defeat me in one attack.

"Above them is Hero-rank. This is the limit of a mortal body. They were at the top of mortal and possessed unimaginable strength. They could even wipe out this entire world.

"Lastly, the one above the mortals, a god. They are the ones who broke through the shackles of a mortal body."

Souta ended his explanation with that. It left Lydia and Isabella's mouth hanging.

"You're saying a god is real?" Lydia couldn't believe it at all. If that's true then how could the Great Astley Empire compare about this world?

"You must have a lot of questions so I'll say this to you. You're Great Astley Empire will be done in a minute if they tried to conquer that world too." Souta smiled before he added, "You must be wondering why they haven't conquer other worlds? Some of the countries in Imperium have other worlds under their rule but they didn't care about it. Why? The reason is that the mana density in sub-world couldn't be compared to Imperium. Just like this world, you thought that it has great mana density that's why the Great Astley Empire is trying to conquer it, right?"

Lydia nodded her head.

"The normal density of mana in Imperium is thirty times denser than in this world. Also, the resources from the sub-world couldn't be compared to the resources that were bathed in that level of mana density. That's why they didn't care about sub-world." Souta explained to her.

"How could this be...?" Lydia was still in shock.

Souta didn't say anything to her as he let her digest the information that he gave to her. He then turned to Isabella and said, "Do you get it? So you're coming with us to Imperium. You will find ingredients that couldn't be found in this world. Also, the potioneering in my world is much more advance. It will help you a lot."

Isabella lowered her head as she had thought about things that he just said to her.

Still, for his power level, the Great Astley Empire could give him trouble but it wasn't that much comparing to the things that he experienced in Imperium. If he didn't think that Great Astley Empire would give him trouble then he would have directly go to the Condifan Empire and fight them.

"So we're just like a frog in the well..." Lydia muttered.

"Well, yeah. There's always above you. I don't even know if the Imperium is the strongest world out there." Souta said as he shrugged his shoulder. Yes, he really thinks that there's a force that could rival the forces of the Great World Imperium.

What happened twenty thousand years was still a mystery. The Great War that happened divided the forces of the world and it forced them to create a barrier that divided the seven continents. They said that the demons were their opponents but according to Cl.u.s.ter who read the books from the True God's Holy Kingdom, the demons were just part of the alliance.

Demons, monsters, humans, and demis worked together. But the question is who are their enemies? It even led some of the races such as Vajra race and Asura race to extinction.

The only thing that Souta could think was that they've found another Great World that could rival Imperium.

Souta also told Isabella and Lydia about the battle in the Blue Lawless City. How he got here in this world? He explained it to them.

After explaining those things, he asked Lydia how she could travel to another world. His goal was to return to Imperium. He also said that he would help her in her goal if she said everything to her.

With that, Lydia had no choice but to tell the truth that she currently couldn't travel to another world. She was stranded here with no way of leaving this world.

But she said that the army of the Great Astley Empire had that kind of technology. It's what they called a Transportational Gate. It was a machine that was created by a researcher using magecraft and science.

"I already tell you everything. So will you please lend me your strength? I know that the Great Astley Empire will not pose any problem to your world but the lives of countless people are at stake. I can't let them invade and kill millions of people in other worlds." Lydia said sincerely as she bowed her head to Souta. It was her first time asking him like this.

Souta waited for a while and he didn't hear the system notification in his mind. He sighed before he eventually nodded his head, "Okay, I will lend you my strength."

It's fine even if he didn't get a quest this time. Yeah, it was fine. No, it wasn't fine but still, it wasn't bad doing something on his own will.


[Chain Quest Triggered!]

"Ehhh!!" Souta was surprised when he heard the notification in his mind. He was about to read the details of the quest when the ground suddenly shook heavily.


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