The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 35 - Completing the quest

Chapter 35 - Completing the quest

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Souta crossed sword with the red woman. Jack and Souta were the ones fighting in the front while the other adventurers provided support to them.

Jack and Souta jumped backward and several arrows flew straight to the red woman.



The red woman just blocked those arrows using her sword before charged towards Souta and Jack.

Jack stepped forward while swinging a double-handed sword in his hands. He borrowed this sword from one of the adventurers so that he could fight in front.

The red woman shifted her body as the sword passed beside her. She then slashed her sword towards Jack but Souta blocked it.


Jack let go of the double-handed sword that was embedded in the ground and launched a punch at the red woman. He followed it up by kicking her away so that he could pull out his sword.

Bang! Bang!

The red woman retreated five meters away and Souta chased after her.

Souta was actually worried about the skills of the [Vajra Sword Saya]. Just one skill and he would be done for. But he guessed that she couldn't use it in her current condition.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Souta launched a fierce sword attack on the red woman. He kept swinging his sword in all directions but the red woman still managed to block all those attacks.


Souta was pushed back as the red woman parried his attack. The red woman then swung her sword horizontally.


"Oto..." Souta ducked down and the Vajra Sword flew above him. Then, another arrow flew over and hit the chest of the woman.

The timing was really good. As soon as he ducked down the archer shot an arrow precisely.

The red woman was about to pull out the arrow in her chest when Souta kicked her knees causing her to stumble forward.

It was at that time that Jack appeared and tackled the red woman.


The red woman flew five meters away before she rolled on the ground.

"Good follow up." Souta nodded at Jack and he gripped his sword tightly. He jumped in the mid-air attempting to stab the red woman in the ground.

But the red woman opened her mouth widely and an ear piercing sound came out of her mouth.


The scream was a sound attack that could damage him.

Souta raised his left hand and the sound waved hit him.


Blood burst out of his wounds and Souta just gritted his teeth. He was pushed back by the sound attack. He clenched his fingers around the handle of the sword and threw it toward the red woman.


The red woman rolled sideways avoiding the sword. She quickly stood up and raised the Vajra Sword in front of her.

Souta landed on the ground as several arrows once again flew towards the red woman.




The red woman looked at the arrows and she quickly moved the sword in her hands. She blocked all the arrows without letting a single one hit her.

Souta picked up his sword and looked at the red woman with a frown. It was really hard to fight without using a magic spell. He only has [Dash] and [Stab] that he could use in this fight. The other spells were crossed out in his mind as he doesn't have any mana left in his body.

It seems that he needs to work out some of the combat arts that don't use mana. He already planned to get it in the institute but he didn't expect that he would fight an opponent like this when getting the [Vajra Sword Saya]. This quest greatly exceeding his expectation and the difficulty was higher. If he went to get it before becoming a Rank 1 Mage then he wouldn't be able to finish this quest.

It seems that he needed to prepare himself when getting his other equipments. The difficulty of getting those universal treasure was higher than this one. Also, he would postpone his plan to get the other pair of the [Soul Blood Earring].

Souta shook his head and focused his attention on the red woman.

The red woman was walking while staggering. She clearly doesn't have any strength left in her. It will not be long before she collapses on the ground.

"She's tired..."

Souta turned his head and saw Jack walked beside him. He nodded his head in response to Jack's words.




Another load of arrows fire through the air and went straight to the red woman.

"Graa!!" The red woman roared loudly and quickly cut those arrows but unlike before some of the arrows managed to get passed her defense and hit her limbs.

"Let's go Souta, let's finish it!" Jack said to Souta before he started running towards the red woman with a double-handed sword in her hands.

Souta smiled while looking at Jack's figure. He then also dashed towards the red woman.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Jack swung his sword horizontally but the red woman stepped back avoiding the sword. She then quickly zoom in the distance between them and slashed Jack.

A large cut appeared in the left part of Jack's chest and blood spurted out of it. He ignored his wounds and let the sword in his hands fell on the ground.


He gritted his teeth and grabbed the wrist of the woman. He opened his mouth and shouted, "Now, Souta finish her!!"

The red woman was about to turn her head to look back when a sword pierced her chest.


"Good, now you can die!!" Souta grinned and he swung his sword down cutting the red woman in half.

The red woman looked at him even though she doesn't have any eyes Souta knew that she was looking at him.


"Graaa!!" The red woman roared loudly as her body slowly dissipated into thin air leaving only the sword with a crimson blade.

Souta, Jack, and the rest of the adventurers sighed in relief when they saw the red woman faded away.

At the same time, Souta heard a prompt inside his head.


[Congratulations on completing the Elimination quest!]

[You've received 15,000 exp, 5 free attribute points, and 2 skill points!]

Although the fight was hard the reward was great. It gave him another 2 skill points and with this, he could learn the [Shadow Blend] spell in his skill tree. But he wouldn't do so.

He already achieved the first requirements to become a Rank 2 Mage. Learning 3 skills of his specialty "Darkness" was the first requirement. The other one was leveling up one of the three spells to level 10 and once he completed that he would become a Rank 2 Mage. His [Shadow Bind] spell was already level 5 and he just needed to level it up to ten.

Souta looked around and saw Jack sat down on the ground while grabbing the cut on his chest. In that last attack, Jack didn't dodge the attack of the red woman even though he could do so. He chooses to receive it so that he could grab the red woman.

Souta then noticed that he didn't receive any prompt or exp from killing that red woman. He checked his system once again and confirmed his thought. He really didn't receive anything from killing the red woman. If that's really the case then she was still alive.

Souta turned his head and looked at the [Vajra Sword Saya]. It looks like that red woman was the incarnation of the will of the Vajra Sword. The will of Vajra Sword was connected to the skill [Possession] of the sword.

Back in the game, when he used the [Possession] skill the will of the sword was taking his body but that's really not the case as he was still the one controlling his body. It was only written in the description that the Vajra Sword would possessed him. His stats would only increase in the game when using the skill but he doesn't know what will happen right now that everything became real.

He should avoid using the [Possession] skill of the sword for the time being. It will become troublesome if the Vajra Sword really possessed him.

Souta walked forward and grabbed the handle of the Vajra Sword.

"At last, my dark grade equipment..." Souta muttered as he traced the crimson blade of the sword. It was really a beautiful blade.

He hung the [Vajra Sword Saya] on his waist before he turned to look at Jack.

"We should go up now!" He said to Jack and Jack nodded in response.

"We will go first to see if there are people here in this place." The scout said to the two.


The scout turned around and said, "Let's go, guys!" They went upstairs to see if there were other people here in this place.

Souta walked at the girl and carry her on his back. She was still unconscious and it will take one or two days before she wakes up. She was the host of the Vajra Sword so she took more mental damage than the rest of the people. She was also the first one to become an abnormal person.

"Let's go up!"

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