The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 335 - Battle at the Moon Tower: It's important for them to gain experience

Chapter 335 - Battle at the Moon Tower: It's important for them to gain experience

Lynn opened her eyes after a while and said, "Yes, I'm familiar with this mana. I'm sure that the lingering mana came from Lumilia."

"I see... Then, these marks were left by her. We should follow them quickly." Souta said to his group.

Lynn and Alice didn't have any objection to him so all of them followed the marks.


The group easily went to the third floor and the third floor was a maze too just like the second floor. The only difference was that there were golems roaming around the floor trying to ambush the people that invaded the tower.

The golems this time were stronger than the golems outside the tower but they still couldn't stop Souta's group from advancing towards the top floor.

They easily passed this floor too. The fourth floor was different. It was a wide space filled with hundreds of gigantic golems. The golems this time were as strong as a C-rank powerhouse. They were growing stronger each floor.

Still... C-rank powerhouses wouldn't stand a chance against a group of B-rank. Even among B-ranks Souta and Alice were exceptional. They could easily defeat a normal B-rank in a one-on-one battle.

On the fifth floor, Souta's group finally found Lumilia and Yujin. The two were hiding at the corner while watching a fifteen-meter tall golem in the center of the room.

"Mila! Yujin!" Lynn called the two.

The two turned around when they heard someone calling them. They sighed in relief when they saw that it was Lynn, Alice, Souta, and Yuko.

"You're finally here," Lumilia said to them.

"So... Did you find anything?" Souta asked the two.

Yujin shook his head in response indicating that they didn't find anything. Their investigation was futile. The Moon Tower was guarded tightly, and they only managed to enter because of the chaos brought by the earthquake and changes of the tower.

"We're on the fifth floor and the golem here is just one but its strength is definitely above than the golems on the floor below," Lumilia said as she glanced at the fifteen-meter tall golem.

"We should finish this as soon as-" Souta didn't even manage to finish his sentence as the whole tower trembled heavily. It was followed by a huge outburst of concentrated mana.


Lynn, Alice, Lumilia, and Yujin were alarmed. They didn't know what's happening above. The more they thought about it the more they worry about Cl.u.s.ter's condition.


"Above!" Lynn shouted as she felt a foreign presence above them. Since she could sense the mana signature, she knew that it was a different person.

A silhouette on the ceiling flashed towards their direction at high speed.


Souta quickly reacted as he pushed Lumilia and Lynn away. Alice also jumped away leaving Yuko and Yujin at the center.

Yuko just turned her head upward and looked at the figure heading down in their direction.

Yujin brandished his twin swords and clad it with his own mana. He raised his swords above his head and swung it downwards.

[Thousand Slicing Blade]!

Energy blades shot out from his swords.


The figure didn't stop and collided with the energy blade causing a loud explosion.

This explosion gathered the attention of the fifteen-meter tall golem at the center. The golem slowly turned its head and lifted its hand. Suddenly, its hand blurred as it threw a punch towards Souta's direction.

Souta didn't expect that the giant golem possessed incredible speed that could rival his own.

The fist of the golem was one foot away from him and he knew that he could dodge it. He could only block it at this distance.

Souta quickly gripped the handle of the vajra sword and pulled it out of its sheath.


Sparks flew out as the gigantic fist of the golem landed on the sword.

'So strong!' Souta said inwardly as the floor beneath his feet formed a spider-web crack.

Then, a crimson color aura seeped out of the blade of the sword.

[Crimson Moon]!


The ground shook heavily as smoke and dust filled the area. The cracks on the ground spread out.

Souta's figure jumped out of the smoke and he examined the golem. He was surprised to find that his [Crimson Moon] skill couldn't put a scratch on the fist of the golem.

Lumilia gathered her mana and casted the [Water Bomb] spell.


After that, Alice appeared on the head of the golem and thrust her spear forward.


The following attacked that they launched was powerful that it could easily take down B-rank powerhouse but the result was different... The giant golem was still standing before their eyes.

"It's tough... It will take a lot of time before we could destroy this golem with tough defense." Souta said as he clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"This golem... I have a feeling that a person is inside of it..." Lynn muttered.

"What?!" Souta, Lumilia, and Alice were shocked when they heard Lynn's words.

"Um... I'm not sure as my senses couldn't penetrate the golem's body so I'm having a hard time sensing its core. I could only say that every part of the golem is filled with mana." Lynn said to them.

"I see... If what you said is right then... someone is controlling this golem from inside." Souta nodded.

"That's must be the reason why this golem's movement is different from the golem on the floor below," Lumilia said.


Souta turned his head and saw that it was Yujin.

"You can leave this to me. You should go upstairs and rescue Cl.u.s.ter as soon as possible." Yujin said without looking at him. His attention was entirely focused on the person before him.

The person before him was exuding an aura that's greater than his own. That person was five feet tall and was wearing a black pants and silver-colored light armor. There's a black mask on his face and his long black hair was tied in a ponytail behind his head. On his hand, there were two long swords.


Souta observed Yujin's opponent and felt the energy level of a B-rank coming from him. He guessed that this one must be one of the executives of the Moon Tower.

"You can leave this one to me! Just go and rescue Cl.u.s.ter!" Yujin said to them.

"...but it's better if we fight together," Lynn said.

Souta patted Lynn's shoulder and said, "Let him do it. He wanted to fight so let him fight."

"Why...? It's less risky if we fight together." Lynn replied to him with a confused expression.

"Well... Leave him be... I'll answer your question later." Souta said as he turned to Yujin and added, "I'll leave Yuko here to handle the golem. I'm sure that you wouldn't complain about her fighting the other one."

"Sure, I'm not against it," Yujin replied to him.

"Good." Souta nodded and he said, "Let's go!" He dashed towards the stairs along with Alice, Lumilia, and Lynn.

The golem turned to them but Yuko opened her mouth and a flame burst out of it.


Yuko received an order from her master to defeat this giant pile of rocks so she will destroy it without holding back.


'Is it really okay to leave the two to those two enemies? I agree with Lynn. The risk will be less if all of you fight those two at the same time.' Saya asked him.

'Yup, we could defeat them easily if we fought together but... it will take us five minutes or more to defeat them. It's better to leave those two to Yujin and Yuko while we move upstairs. Plus, they will gain experience from fighting an opponent that's as strong as them.' Souta paused for a moment before he added, 'A life and death battle is needed to make them stronger. Yuko hasn't fought someone as strong as her for a long time.'

'Well, if you say so. Yuko continued to grow stronger but her experience in fighting is less than yours.' Saya paused before she asked seriously, 'but what if she got defeated and died in the battle?'

'Did you forget that I have a [Pet Resonance] skill that Teacher Bargan taught to me? I could instantly know what she's doing.' Souta replied to her. Also, the system registered Yuko as his pet so he could see her health points.

Lynn was still worried about leaving Yujin and Yuko to those to powerful enemies.

Alice noticed her and said, "Don't worry about them. Yujin is not an ordinary person. If he used the full potential of his spirit then his strength would surpass even Souta."

Souta heard her evaluation of the spirit power and smiled. "Well, that's true." That's true if he didn't have a dark grade and universal grade artifacts. Unfortunately, he had [Vajra Sword Saya] and [Soul Blood Earring].

"For now, we should worry about Cl.u.s.ter. We don't know what those people are doing to Cl.u.s.ter." Lumilia said to her.

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