The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 24 - Rank 1 Mage

Chapter 24 - Rank 1 Mage

Souta finished choosing the spellbooks. He picked the spell that's suitable for the current him.

The silver-haired girl picked random spellbooks after they finished picking their own spellbooks. She wasn't that excited like the other people. More like, she doesn't show her emotion.

"Okay, now that you've chosen your own spellbooks it's time to measure your body for the uniform," Bargan said. He turned his head and added, "Don't worry you don't have to pay anything."

The group walked out of the room as they followed Bargan.

"Hello, since we're all in the mage course I hope I got along with everyone." A boy wearing a simple white shirt and black pants said. He has short spiky black hair and some strands of his hair fell on his forehead. He has pitch-black eyes and his build was average, not too thin and also not too bulky.

"I will start with myself. I'm Bryan Dagruel, I hope we got along." The boy introduced himself as Bryan Dagruel.

"I'm Joshua, I've been living here in Ladros city ever since I was born."

"I'm George, it's really my dream to enter the Institute."

The other two introduced themselves. George was a beast folk specifically, a rabbit people. Joshua has dark brown skin and he was also not a human. He was a wood elf.

There were many types of elves in the whole continent. The high elf, wood elf, sea elf, mountain elf, dark elf, etc. They were very proficient in controlling their mana and have a high mana pool.

Souta then turned his head to the silver-haired girl. He saw that she was staying silent. He sighed and opened his mouth, "I'm Souta, I just arrived here in the city last week."

Then, the silver-haired girl opened her mouth and said, "I'm Alice."

"That's good, I hope we all get along," Bryan said with a smile.

"We're here!" Bargan's voice sounded.

The group arrived in front of the two rooms. One for the girls and one for the boys.

"You can go inside the room and someone will assist you there. You will get your uniform next week and you will start attending in class." Bargan said to them.

Souta, Bryan, and the rest nodded and went inside the room designated for boys. While Alice went to the room beside it. It was the room for the girls.

In the room, they could choose whether the uniform could enhance their mana or a defensive uniform.

Souta has chosen the one that could enhance his mana.

After half an hour, all of them finished measuring their size. They come back in a week to get their uniform and start their class.

"Okay, you can go now don't forget to come back next week," Bargan said to them.

"Yes, sir Bargan," Bryan said enthusiastically.

Souta, Alice, and the other just nodded their head.

"Good." Bargan nodded and left.

Bryan looked at them and asked, "Do you want to eat something? We can use this chance for us to know each other."

"I have another plan for today," Alice said before she turned around and left.

"Sorry, I also have something to do." Souta smiled wryly at Bryan.

"I understand..." Bryan nodded and looked at the other two. "How about the two of you?"

George and Joshua looked at each other before they nodded at Bryan.

"That's good." Bryan smiled widely.


Before coming back to the inn, Souta didn't forget to buy Yuko the food and fruits that she likes so much.

He gave the fruit and meat to Yuko before he went to his room.

He closed the door and took out the three spellbooks he got from the Institute.

"Okay, I will start." Saying this, he opened the spellbooks and he heard system prompts inside his head.


[Do you want to learn Agility Boost spell for 2 skill points? Yes/No?]

[Do you want to learn Strength Boost spell for 2 skill points? Yes/No?]

[Do you want to learn Mud Slide spell for 2 skill points? Yes/No?]

'Yes.' He said mentally and used six skill points for learning the three spells.


[You've learned Agility Boost!]

[You've learned Strength Boost!]

[You've learned Mud Slide!]

The knowledge about the three spells was poured in his head. About the structure and composition of each spell.

Other people would need to read and studies the content of the book before they could understand its spell structure. Understanding the spell structure didn't mean that they could cast the spell. They still need to build it in their mind for them to cast it.

But Souta was different, just using skill points he would understand all the content of the book and even cast it without a problem. But getting skill points was hard. Apart from leveling up, he could only get it from the quest he received. In the latest version of the game, the level cap there was level 80 and it means that a player only gets 80 skill points from leveling up.

Soon, another system prompt pop in his head.

[You've reached the requirements for Mage Class!]

[Do you want to become a Mage? Yes/No?]

'Yes.' Souta said without hesitation.


[Processing information...]

[Getting the class Mage...]


[You've successfully become a Mage!]

[Strength, Agility, Dexterity, and Vitality attributes have increased by 10 points!]

[Intelligence attributes have increased by 20 points!]

[Mana pool increased by 50!]

[Magical damage increased by 100%]

[Magical resistance increased by 100%]

[Mana recovery increased by 10!]

Souta sighed when he read all the system prompts. His magical damage was much more stronger now. Before his spells couldn't damage the examiner but now he was sure that he could damage him.

But this wasn't all the benefits he received in getting a class. There's also the skill tree of Mage class. With him becoming a Mage, he would be able to unlock its skill tree.


[Please choose your attribute!]







[Choose one of the elements and you would be able to use its skill tree!]

Souta didn't hesitate and select the [Darkness].

[You've unlocked Darkness Element Skill Tree!]

A skill tree appeared in front of his vision. Various spells were still locked but he would be able to unlock it with enough skill points.

Looking at this familiar skill tree, a smile appeared on his face.

He could see a single spell from the lowest part of the screen.

It was the [Shadow Bind] spell. Above it were three more spells that were still dark. The requirements to unlocked it was leveling the [Shadow Bind] to level 5 spell.

[Shadow Bind] was a spell that could restraint and slow down his target. It uses the target's shadow to bind them.

He tapped the [Shadow Bind] spell and a prompt appeared.


[Do you want to learn Shadow Bind spell for 2 skill points? Yes/No?]



[You've learned Shadow Bind spell!]

He once again tapped the [Shadow Bind] spell.

[Do you want to level up Shadow Bind spell for 2 skill points? Yes/No?]

Leveling up a skill to level 2 needs 2 skill points and leveling it up to 3 needs 3 skill points. That was the pattern of leveling up a Tier 1 spell.

He used all of his skill points to level up the [Shadow Bind] spell to level 5 and unlocked the three spells above it. Unfortunately, he doesn't have any skill points to learn it.

Ever since he came here in this world, he earned a total of 31 skill points. He used 8 for his first three spells and one skill. Last week he used 1 skill point for learning Nurman Language. Lastly, today he used the remaining skill points to learn four spells and leveling one spell to five.

He earned most of his skill points in leveling up and the quest to conquer the dungeon. Rank F and E quest in the Adventurers Guild could give him more exp than the quest in conquering the dungeon but it doesn't give him skill points.

Although the exp rewards in conquering a dungeon were 100, it still has a skill point as a reward so it's better. It only if he was conquering low-level dungeon. If it's about conquering a mid-level dungeon then the reward he would get was higher. 5,000 exp was the minimum reward plus the skill points and free attribute points. After all, the bosses in low-level dungeons were just ordinary monsters in mid-level dungeons.

Souta shook his head once he became a Rank D adventure, this thing will not be a problem for him. The reward has at least one skill point. It's better than nothing.

He checked his stats.

Name: Souta Ieshi

Race: High End Goblin

Level: 17

Class: Rank 1 Mage - Darkness

Health: 246/246

Stamina: 148/148

Mana: 260/260

Strength: 138 (128+10)[+]

Agility: 104 (99+5)[+]

Dexterity: 91 (86+5)[+]

Intelligence: 105 (95+10)[+]

Vitality: 103 (88+15)[+]

Free attribute point(s): 13

Skill(s): [Dash], [Stab], [Sword Mastery], [Mana Manipulation], [Blessing of the Great]

Spell(s): [Fireball], [Ice Shot], [Light Heal], [Agility Boost], [Strength Boost], [Mud Slide], [Shadow Bind]

Trait(s): [Extraordinary Body]

Equipment skill(s): [Harvester of the Soul. Soul collected: 162/600]

Skill point(s): 0

He was satisfied in the improvement of his status.

He was a Rank 1 Mage. He would be able to rank up by learning 3 spells of his specialty and upgrading one spell to level 10. Once he rank up, his stats would increase once again.

Every class has 3 ranks and promoting to rank 3 was a requirement to upgrade a class to a higher class.

Well, he doesn't need to worry about this for now. The institute gave him another one week so he would use this time to complete some quest.

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