The Evolution of a Goblin to the Peak

Chapter 21 - Registration in Ladro Institute

Chapter 21 - Registration in Ladro Institute

"Souta, don't forget what I taught you. This is what you will need in the near future." A faint image with a male voice spoke.

"I understand, grandpa," Souta answered. Then, he noticed a large machine shaped circle. It's white and has a transparent glass surface.

"What is this?" Souta asked.

"It's called Virtual Capsule, you play and be number one in this game."

"All right..."

"You will understand everything someday."


Souta woke up just before sunrise. He looked around and saw that he was in his rented room.

He stood up and did some warm up exercise before going to the bathroom to wash his face.

After he washed his face he went down for breakfast.

"Good morning!" Souta greeted the owner when he saw her. He first orders food before sitting in the vacant chair.

A few minutes later, the meal was served by the waitress at the top of his table.

"Thanks for the food!"

He didn't even have a second thought before he ate it. The cooked food was very different from what he ate when he was in the Undead Sanctuary.

What he ate there were kobolds and goblins flesh. When he thought about it, he did cannibalism. He was a goblin and he ate goblin flesh. He had nothing to say about it as he had to eat anything to survive.

He had finished his breakfast a few minutes later. He drank water and thanked the food.

Then, he got up and paid for the food before he came out. He went to Yuko and fed her.

"Just be here Yuko. I'll be back later, too." Souta said before leaving.

Yuko just stared at her back.


Today is the day Souta will register with the Ladro Institute. He must register before getting the entrance examination.

"It's better than what it is in the game!" Souta said as he gazed in front of a large building.

This building was the Ladro Institute. The best and most popular school in the city of Ladros. Many have completed their studies here which have become popular throughout the country. Some of them became the city lord and the leader of the royal guard.

Souta is in front of a large gate with the inscription "Welcome to the Ladro Institute".

He no longer hesitated and he quickly entered the Ladro Institute. There were many students inside the school. Different breeds of creatures can be found here. The beast, the human, and even the elves were here.

He went around the place before finding the place where he would register.

Souta walked over and stopped in front of a man. The man was wearing a dark blue colored coat and it has a white pattern on its end. He had blue hair at shoulder's length.

Souta approached the man before he said, "Sir, I will register here to get the entrance exam."

"Just ask the lady over there at the counter." said the man.

Souta nodded and said "thanks" before looking at the counter. He saw a beautiful woman with brown hair and brown eyes.

He approached the woman and repeated what he had said to the man earlier.

The woman understood what he was saying so she took a piece of paper and placed it in front of him.

"Please, fill this up first." said the woman to Souta.

Souta nodded before taking the pen and writing his information on the paper that the woman had given him. After he wrote his info he handed over the paper to the woman.

The woman glanced at the paper before looking at Souta. She opened her mouth and spoke. "Sir, you have to pay 100 gold coins for the entrance examination."

Souta put his hand inside his pocket and took out his purse. He counted the coins before he placed the coins on the desk.

"Thank you for registration sir, you can come back in a week for the entrance examination." The woman smiled after giving her the money. He gave Souta a role. "That's the stab, don't lose it because you need it in the examination."

"Thank you!"

Souta first toured the institute before leaving. He had one week to do what he needs. The test will cover the history of the city and the country. He wasn't worried about it cause he knew the history of this country. For other people, a week was a time given to them to prepare for the exam but for Souta, it's his chance to raise his rank as an adventurer.


Souta went to the store first and bought the meat and fruit that Yuko likes. Yuko didn't really eat the fruit. She just kept it like a treasure. Even he doesn't know why she likes keeping fruits.

"I'm back!"

Yuko yanked Souta and the two of them fell to the floor. He patted Yuko's head so she stopped.

Sniff! Sniff!

Yuko turned her attention to the bag that Souta was carrying. She quickly opened it and picked up the fruit inside the bag. She picked up the fruits and hid them before returning to Souta.

"Hahaha, do you like it?" Souta laughed at what Yuko had done. He even thought that Yuko wouldn't hesitate to exchange for some fruits.


Souta heard Yuko's gentle voice. It was a little girl's voice.

"Is 'master' the only word that you know?" Souta said as he patted Yuko's head.

"Master ..."

Yuko stuck out her tongue and licked his cheek.

He had already given the food he had bought to Yuko. He sat down to the side and watched Yuko eat.

He confirmed something since the first time he meets a person in this world. The people here in this world were not bound by any computers. They were not artificial intelligence that has limited actions. The talks and laughs between Jimmy and the Gale Group were the proof of it. An artificial intelligence wouldn't be able to do that.

Their conversation. It's not scripted like in the game. They have their own thoughts and intentions that do not belong to artificial intelligence. If so, then this world will run into a future he does not know. Being a game, all moves of the NPC were limited. They just do what they were program to.

It looks like he needs to be careful about his next step. He will understand and observe what will happen before he made a move. Well, it's not that those powerful people will notice him as he was too weak right now.

First, he will enter the Ladro Institute to become a Mage. His ability will be greatly enhanced when he became a Mage. It's not just the increase in stats. He will also have a specialty and the Mage's skill tree will open up for him. That's why it's important to have a class.

Also, now was the right time for the second evolution. He contemplated the next evolution of the High End Goblin. His first evolution was focused on strength attribute. After a few minutes, he thought of the path that he will take.

"This will be good for my next evolution." Souta couldn't help but smile.

Level 20 was the level where the difficulty in leveling up was starting to increase. The exp required to level up were more than fifty thousand. There's also a change after a player reached level 20. The next evolution wasn't level 30 but level 40. Twenty levels are needed before he can evolve again.

Level 40 was the level cap of version 2 in Battle Worlds Online. This was also the beginning of the players' ability to change the game's story started to appear. This level already has the potential to become a top rank adventurer. It's was especially to the monster type player. The change in level 40 was no small feat for the monster type player. This level was the start and they will slowly catch up with the other players. The increase in abilities was incredibly huge to those monster type players.

Before all those things, Souta needed to raise his adventurer rank first. To make that happen, he needed to complete ten Rank F quest.

"Have you finished your meal? Let's go out now, we will do some quest." Souta said to Yuko who was cleaning her red fur.

Yuko stopped what she was doing and looked at Souta. Even though she has a communicator, Souta was still having difficulty communicating with Yuko. After all, the only word that she knew was master.

Souta stood up and patted his clothes before he approached Yuko. Hee grabbed Yuko's soft fur and repeated his words.

"Let's go now, Yuko. I know you want to get out of this place, right?"

Yuko stared at Souta's face. After a few seconds, she stuck out her tongue and licked Souta's face.

"Stop! Stop doing that! I will always tell you that I don't like it!"


Both of them went to the Adventurers Guild and took a quest.

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