The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Chapter 8: These Should Have Belonged to You

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Xu Wanwan did not want to cause trouble for Li Jingran because of her.

At a loss, she locked herself in her room to think of a countermeasure.

In the evening, there was the sound of the butler knocking outside her door. “Miss Xu, Director Li is calling you downstairs for dinner.”

Xu Wanwan immediately stood up. “Coming!”

Before she left, she put her phone into her pocket.

Since she couldn’t make up her mind, she might as well ask Li Jingran for help.

Xu Wanwan had something on her mind, so she was absent-minded during dinner.

Although she maintained a good posture the whole time and talked to Li Jingran from time to time, there was still a hint of worry in her eyes.

Li Jingran put down his chopsticks and handed her a napkin with his slender fingers. “Something on your mind?”

Xu Wanwan raised her head slowly. Seeing that the man had seen through her thoughts, she decided not to hide it anymore. “Yes…”

“Tell me.”

Li Jingran suddenly became interested. He wanted to know what could be on this girl’s mind.

Xu Wanwan reached into her pocket, took out her phone, and found the message from Zhao Zixuan.

She carefully handed the phone over and said innocently, “I don’t know this person, but he keeps harassing me and threatening me…”

Li Jingran knew that she had lost her memory. If she said that she didn’t know Zhao Zixuan, it would definitely not arouse suspicion.

Li Jingran took the phone and looked at the chat history on the phone. The frown on his face became more and more obvious.

Zhao Zixuan.

He remembered this name.

He called the butler over and said coldly, “Go and investigate Zhao Zixuan.”

Xu Wan was slightly excited.

After a while, the butler walked over quickly and whispered something into Li Jingran’s ear.

His face became darker and darker, and his heart became more and more unhappy.

This Zhao Zixuan was actually Xu Wanwan’s fiancé.

If Xu Wanwan did not come to the Li family, she would be married off to this man soon.

Li Jingran laughed mockingly. “The Xu family has poor taste. They actually found such a good-for-nothing man to be their son-in-law.”

It was not an exaggeration to say that the people of the Xu family were blind. After all, they were capable of abandoning their own daughter.

Xu Wanwan walked to Li Jingran’s side and blinked. She asked tentatively, “Is this man my fiancé?”

Li Jingran’s tone was displeased. “He won’t be for long.”

“But he asked me to meet him… What should I do?” Xu Wanwan whispered.

Li Jingran narrowed his eyes. “Of course we have to meet.”

Xu Wanwan was stunned. She didn’t expect Li Jingran to answer like this.

“He’s such a playboy, he doesn’t have the right to break off the engagement with you,” Li Jingran sneered. “If he wants to break off the engagement, you should be the one to dump him.”

Xu Wanwan’s eyes lit up and felt relieved as she imagined the scene of Zhao Zixuan being dumped by her.

However, she didn’t show it and nodded seriously. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Li Jingran looked Xu Wanwan up and down and paused. “Come to the mall with me tomorrow.”

“Aren’t we going to meet Zhao Zixuan?” Xu Wanwan was puzzled. “Why are we going to the mall?”

Li Jingran’s gaze rested on the girl’s innocent face. “You’re a member of the Li family now. Of course, I can’t let you lose face”

He wanted her to appear in front of Zhao Zixuan in a glorious manner and then dump the scum who didn’t know any better.

The next day, Li Jingran brought Xu Wanwan to the largest shopping mall in City A.

The air in the shopping mall was very cold. Xu Wanwan was only wearing a thin short-sleeved shirt, so she couldn’t help but rub her arms as she quickly followed behind Li Jingran.

Li Jingran stopped and looked at the girl behind him. He seemed to think that she was walking too slowly, so he reached out his hand. “Hold my hand.”

Xu Wanwan hesitated for a few seconds, then slowly reached out her hand and gently pulled on the man’s sleeve.

The corners of Li Jingran’s lips curled slightly. He deliberately slowed down his pace and brought her to a high-end mobile phone store.

He asked calmly, “What brand of mobile phone do you like?”

“Ah?” Xu Wanwan didn’t react for a moment. “I don’t know…”

She had never changed her phone in her previous life. She had always used her old-fashioned mobile phone that had long been outdated.

Seeing that she was clueless, Li Jingran directly called the shop assistant. “Bring out the best cellphone in your shop.”

The shop assistant ran to get the goods. When she came back, she introduced enthusiastically, “Sir, are you buying a cellphone for your girlfriend? The one I brought for you just happens to be bright pink. It suits this beautiful lady very well.”

Xu Wanwan was embarrassed by her explanation and she quickly explained, “You misunderstood. We are not in that kind of relationship…”

Li Jingran’s eyes darkened. He was inexplicably unhappy with Xu Wanwan’s explanation.

The shop assistant was also tactful and quickly changed her words. “I’m sorry, I misunderstood. But our phone is very suitable for you.”

Li Jingran said straightforwardly, “Pack it up.”

Xu Wanwan immediately glanced at the price on the label and tugged at Li Jingran’s sleeve.

“What’s wrong?”

“I have a cellphone. I don’t need to buy one.”

Besides, she hadn’t earned any money yet. How could she afford such an expensive cellphone?

Li Jingran laughed. “How can you be so frugal when you’re the eldest daughter of the Li family?”

“Although my cellphone is a little old, it can still be used. It can be changed later on.”

“You want to save money for me so much?”

Xu Wanwan pursed her lips. “But I can’t spend your money recklessly.”

Li Jingran said patiently, “I’m not short of money.”

Xu Wanwan wanted to say something, but the shop assistant had already packed up the phone and handed it to Li Jingran.

Li Jingran took out a credit card and handed it to the shop assistant. “Swipe the card.”

After swiping the card, the shop assistant looked at Xu Wanwan and smiled. “Sir, Miss, I wish you a happy life and a better relationship.”

Xu Wanwan smiled awkwardly.

Li Jingran took the new phone and saved a number on it. He then handed it to Xu Wanwan. “This is my private number. Call me at this number in the future.”

Xu Wanwan took the phone hesitantly and looked at the three conspicuous words on the first line of the contact list with mixed feelings.

She really did not expect to meet Li Jingran in this life.

This man seemed to be much better than she had imagined.

Li Jingran could see the emotions in the girl’s eyes. He said in a low voice, “You have already left the Xu family. Don’t worry too much. Some things should have been yours.”

Xu Wanwan’s heart was suddenly touched.

In her previous life, she had been robbed of her identity. She should have enjoyed the treatment of the eldest daughter of the Xu family, but by chance, she had become an adopted daughter that everyone hated.

In this life, she met Li Jingran, and this man told her that these things should have belonged to her.

Xu Wanwan soon came to a realization. She raised her delicate chin and looked into the man’s eyes and said seriously, “I won’t give up what belongs to me anymore.”

Li Jingran’s eyes were filled with admiration.

This was what he wanted to see.

The second floor of the shopping mall was a high-end women’s clothing store. Li Jingran had informed them beforehand and had already gotten people to prepare the latest batch of new styles.

When the clothing store staff saw that Li Jingran had arrived, they immediately went up to him and said, “Director Li, when we heard that you were coming, we especially left the high-end styles that are the first to be released in the world.. I’ll go and get them for you right away.”

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