The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Defended Her

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“Brother, are you kicking me out again?” She looked at Li Jingran resentfully. Her small face was wrinkled, and she complained in a nasal voice, “I don’t know anyone else. If I really have other family members, why haven’t they come to me after I’ve lived here for so long?”

“Brother, you obviously ate my food, but you still want to kick me out…”

“Alright, don’t cry. I didn’t say I wanted to chase you away.”

Li Jingran gave in without any hesitation.

In fact, he regretted the moment he said it.

Xu Wanwan was silly. She didn’t seem to be wary of others. It would be strange if she didn’t get bullied to death by those people when she returned to the Xu family with the results of the provincial championship. If she didn’t watch from the sidelines, her results might really be snatched away.

Forget it. It was not like he could not afford it.

“Since you want to stay, let’s make a pact.”

Li Jingran thought for a moment, he said, “I’m not at home usually. You can stay on the first floor. If you want to see the entertainment room and private cinema, you can ask the butler to open it for you. If you have nothing to do, don’t come to the second floor. Unless I’m here, you’re not allowed to go near the study room.”

“Don’t worry, Brother! I’ll be obedient!”

When Xu Wanwan heard this, she knew that she could stay. She was so happy. Whatever Li Jingran said, she would do. She wanted to write a guarantee.

“There’s one more thing…”

Li Jingran paused, and a hint of hesitation flashed in his eyes. “I didn’t lie to you before. Your family has indeed been found. You can stay, but at least tell them in person. Otherwise, people will think that I detained you.”

He still wanted her to see the Xu Family?

Xu Wanwan subconsciously pursed her lips, and an uneasiness unconsciously appeared on her face.

“I’ll listen to my brother.” She thought for a moment and asked carefully, “But I really don’t remember which family I have. I’m not sure. Can Brother accompany me?”

With the son of Fate present, even if she were to encounter Xu Yue, it shouldn’t be too serious, right?

“Sure.” Li Jingran nodded.

Early the next morning, three guests arrived at the Li family villa.

“Sister! Where have you been these past few days? Mother and Father are worried sick about you!”

As soon as Xu Wanwan went downstairs, a sweet sobbing voice sounded in the living room. Xu Wanwan was tying the bow behind her skirt when she was caught off guard by someone holding her arm, giving her goosebumps.

Xu Yue’s gaze swept over the new dress she was wearing. It was a custom-made dress from a top Italian clothing brand. Previously, she could only look at it from afar. She was so greedy that she did not dare to ask her mother for it because it was too expensive!

Now, it was actually worn by this country bumpkin.

A trace of jealousy flashed across her eyes, but she said aggrievedly, “Sister, don’t be angry. At the birthday party, it was all my friends who spouted nonsense. I have already taught them a good lesson. They are not allowed to bully you!”

She pretended to be considerate and said, “Even if Mother and Father tell the public that you’re an adopted daughter, I’ll still treat you as my biological sister! We can even apply to the same university. I’ll take care of you!”

Biological sister?

Xu Wanwan thought it was funny. She stole her things and still acted so righteously. As expected of the heroine, she was really shameless!

“Do you see how sensible Yueyue is? I really don’t know what you’re making a fuss about.” Mother Xu followed behind. She saw that her adopted daughter, whom she had raised for more than ten years, was extremely nice. Instead, she looked at her biological daughter and did not like anything about her.

Father Xu also nodded.

Li Jingran looked at the family coldly and could not help but frown.

Although he had expected it, he was still slightly displeased when he saw that the Xu family treated a fake as their treasure. Instead, with just a few words, it had all become Xu Wanwan’s fault.

“This is really an eye-opener for me.”

He said coldly with a sarcastic smile on the corner of his mouth, “You brought a bunch of scoundrels and gossiped at other people’s birthday parties. In the end, you angered the main character and left. Now, you don’t even apologize?”

“Don’t tell me you think you didn’t do anything wrong?”

Xu Yue’s expression froze, and a hint of humiliation appeared on her face.

Before she came, her parents had repeatedly told her that CEO Li’s identity was so special that she had to be polite and try to leave a good impression on others. She didn’t expect that she would be dissed by him right away.

What should she do?

She looked at her mother beside her, feeling wronged. She braced herself and explained, “I, I didn’t…”

“Didn’t what? You didn’t think you were wrong? Then you now know you were wrong?” Li Jingran glanced at her and said indifferently, “Since you know you were wrong, why aren’t you apologizing? What are you waiting for?”

Xu Yue bit her lips and refused to make a sound.

“President Li, Yueyue is still a child. She’s a little timid.” Mother Xu saw this and couldn’t help but smooth things over. She complained to Xu Wanwan, “Forget it. You really want Yueyue to apologize to you? You’re sisters!”

This was the original host’s biological mother, whom she had been yearning for so much. Even though Xu Wanwan had given up long ago, she still could not help but feel sad at this moment.

“I don’t have a sister.” Xu Wanwan’s voice was dry.

Although she was used to seeing her parents being biased, she still… could not change her mood so quickly.

“Wanwan, don’t be so insensible!” Father Xu was also a little unhappy.

Li Jingran could not help but click his tongue.

This girl, when she was pestering him in the hospital, wasn’t she quite talkative? Why didn’t she know how to retaliate now that she was being scolded?

He raised his hand and pulled her behind him, using a completely protective posture to block in front of Xu Wanwan.

“Since you think she’s insensible, she’ll stay with me for the time being. Please leave.”


Xu Yue’s heart skipped a beat as she sharply objected.

She glared fiercely at Xu Wanwan, feeling extremely jealous.

Xu Wanwan was a country bumpkin. Not only did she want to steal her identity, how could she have any connections with the Li family!

“Director Li, this child, she…” Mother Xu waved her hands repeatedly, trying to explain.

She could not stand Xu Wanwan’s rustic ways, but she was still her child, so she could not give up on her!

Li Jingran said casually, “Why not? Isn’t she the adopted daughter of the Xu family? Since she is adopted anyway, why not let her be my sister?”

If the Xu family dared to say that their biological daughter was adopted, he would dare to snatch her away.

Since they were planning to keep Xu Wanwan, they might as well be straightforward and save the Xu family from scheming.

Li Jingran did not even leave any room for discussion. After saying that, he raised his chin and asked someone to send the guests off.

“No! Wait!”

Xu Wanwan’s parents were really anxious.

Not only was Xu Wanwan their biological daughter, but she was also the provincial champion this year! If she went to another family, what would Yueyue do?

She and her husband had already discussed it. They would exchange their grades. Since Xu Wanwan’s grades were good, which university wouldn’t she be able to go to? But Xu Yue couldn’t. She was raised delicately. If she couldn’t go to a good university, she would definitely be sad!

“Wanwan, Father and Mother may have made you angry in some ways, but we didn’t do it on purpose. After all, family members have to get used to each other. Come home with us first. If there’s any misunderstanding, let’s have a good chat.”

Mother Xu wiped the corners of her eyes and said earnestly, “You’re a piece of meat that fell from my body. How can I not feel sorry for you? Good child, I know you’ve been wronged. Come home with me. I’ll definitely treat you well in the future, okay?”

She knew her daughter well. Although she was petty, she was especially soft-hearted and easy to coax. In the past, as long as she said a coaxing word, she would be happy for a long time.

However, Xu Wanwan looked at Mother Xu without any expression on her face.

Li Jingran did not interrupt and looked at the mother and daughter coldly.

He was willing to spend some effort to make Xu Wanwan stay, but if she did not learn her lesson and was coaxed back to the Xu family with just a few words…

He would not interfere a second time.

“I’m sorry, Auntie, I don’t know you.”

Xu Wanwan waited patiently for mother Xu to finish speaking and shook her head resolutely. “I don’t remember having any parents. I only have my Brother now. I’m not going with you guys.”

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Mother Xu’s face suddenly darkened.

As expected of a heartless thing, she actually cursed them!

When Mother Xu thought about the results, she forcefully suppressed her anger and forced a smile. “Wanwan, you’re joking again, I…”

“I’m not joking.”

Xu Wanwan blinked and said resolutely, “Even if what you said is true, I’m just an adopted daughter. It doesn’t matter who takes care of me. I want to follow my brother.”

She was smart.

Li Jingran couldn’t help but chuckle.

“What nonsense are you talking about!” Father Xu was furious.

“Who do you think brought you here from the countryside, you ingrate!”

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