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Chapter 43 - You Two Are Not Suitable

Chapter 43: Chapter 43: You Two Are Not Suitable

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Li Jingran knew his parents’ temperaments. They probably came back to China this time for his marriage.

That was why he brought Xu Wanwan over, so he could use this as an excuse to shrug it off.

Mother Li coughed lightly and started putting on airs. “Let me get straight to the point. Xiaolin is back from abroad. I’ll bring her to your house some other day. You should prepare well.”

“Which Xiaolin?” Li Jingran asked indifferently, without a trace of excitement in his tone.

“It’s Zhou Xiaolin who played with you since she was young,” Mother Li looked at Xu Wanwan deliberated and said, “She happened to be moving back from abroad this year. She just graduated from a famous university. The Zhou family is a family friend of ours, and because of our relationship, you must go and meet her.”

Despite knowing the answer, Li Jingran asked, “Why do you want me to meet her?”

Father Li said in a low voice, “You’re not young anymore. Why aren’t you worried about your marriage? She’s such an outstanding girl. She can help you with your work in the future.”

“No need.” Li Jingran’s expression did not change. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Xu Wanwan’s waist. His gaze softened a little as he said in a low voice, “I have Wanwan. That’s enough.”

Xu Wanwan had her head lowered the entire time. When she felt the man’s palm leaning against her waist, her heart froze, and she raised her head in a daze.

What… was he trying to do?

Li Jingran raised his eyebrows at her and said in an ambiguous tone, “As you can see, my relationship with Wanwan is not ordinary.”

Xu Wanwan furrowed her brows tightly and looked baffled.

What was not ordinary?

How was it unusual?

Li Jingran stared at the girl’s blank face for a few seconds. There was a hint in his eyes, and the hand on her waist tightened a little.

Xu Wanwan finally realized what was going on.

Was he trying to make her act along with him?

Xu Wanwan sighed in her heart and decided to help him.

She immediately smiled and looked at Father Li and Mother Li. “Uncle, Auntie, Jingran and I are actually…”

Actually, she was not very good at lying, especially when faced with Father Li and Mother Li’s serious expressions. Her heart was even more flustered.

She pinched herself lightly and forced herself to be calm. “Actually, I’ve been living in the Li family home. Our relationship is indeed not ordinary.”

Xu Wanwan did not dare to look at the two elders’ expressions anymore after saying those words. She instantly lowered her head to hide the awkwardness in her eyes.

She felt goosebumps all over her body when she finished speaking.

If it were not for helping him, she would not have said that even if she was beaten to death…

Mother Li’s expression was extremely subdued. She glared at Li Jingran. “You’re really outrageous! You didn’t even tell us about such a big matter. Do you still have us in your eyes?”

Father Li also said, “Li Jingran, our Li family has always followed the rules. If you want to make an exception, then you’re not a member of the Li family.”

“Dad, Mom, haven’t you been urging me to get married?” Li Jingran’s tone was calm, and he took the opportunity to hold Xu Wanwan’s hand. “I’ve found a girlfriend now. Shouldn’t you be happy?”

“Li. Jing. Ran.” Mother Li stressed these words syllable by syllable, and her tone was cold. “Don’t say too much.”

Mother Li knew that Li Jingran did it on purpose.

He clearly knew the Li family’s rules. Even if he wanted to get married, he had to find someone of equal status. Yet, he found a little girl who was nothing. What was going on?

Xu Wanwan sensed that the atmosphere was not right. She quickly took out the gifts in her bag and offered them to them with an eager look. “Uncle and Aunt, I’ve prepared a small gift for you since you’re new here. I hope you’ll like it.”

Mother Li glanced at the fluffy mittens in Xu Wan Wan’s hands and frowned slightly. “This is?”

“This is a pair of mittens that I knitted myself. It’ll definitely be very warm when you wear it in winter,” Xu Wanwan replied with a smile as she handed the mittens over with both hands.

Mother Li’s expression did not change much. She was even a little unwilling to accept it.

To give a pair of mittens on their first meeting, one could see that this girl’s family background was very ordinary.

Xu Wanwan did not notice the subtle expression on Mother Li’s face. She handed a scroll painting to Father Li. “Uncle, this is a painting I drew. It’s for you.”

She had a sincere look on her face as if she had given away all the best things in the world.

But Father Li did not even look at it. He took it and put it aside, then said in a deep voice, “I have a lot of famous paintings in my collection. Don’t waste your energy next time.”

Xu Wanwan pursed her lips. Seeing that Father Li didn’t care at all, she felt very wronged. She lowered her head and didn’t say anything else.

Li Jingran saw that the girl was like a child who had done something wrong. He pulled her to his side and said calmly, “Forget it if they don’t have the taste to appreciate it. I’ll take it away when the time comes.”

Father Li’s face gradually darkened. “Brat, what are you talking about?”

“The girl was kind enough to give you a gift. Since you don’t appreciate her kindness, I’ll take it away,” Li Jingran replied unhappily.

When Father Li was about to get angry, Mother Li pulled him back and shook her head.

She couldn’t help but look at Xu Wanwan a few more times.

It seemed that this girl had some skills. She could actually make his son willingly protect someone.

She was rather patient and asked, “Wanwan, where is your home? What does your family do? How old are you this year? Which school did you graduate from?”

She had to find out the background of the people around Li Jingran, or she would not be at ease otherwise.

Xu Wanwan obediently sat next to Li Jingran and answered truthfully, “Auntie, I’m eighteen this year. I just came from the countryside. I’ll be going to university when school starts.”

When Mother Li heard this, she could no longer maintain the last trace of a smile on her face.

She originally thought that no matter how bad Xu Wanwan was, she would still be a girl from a middle-class family. After all, she still knew how to be polite.

But she never expected this girl to have come from the countryside. She did not even go to university. The distance between her and Li Jingran was like thousands of miles.

Mother Li sighed lightly, and her tone was no longer as polite as before. “Wanwan, I know you’re a good girl, but not everyone can enter the Li family. To put it simply, you and Li Jingran are not suitable for each other.”

Xu Wanwan was stunned for a moment, but she did not feel sad. She nodded obediently. “Yes, Auntie.”

After all, she did not really like Li Jingran. It did not matter if they were not suitable for each other.

Seeing her calm expression, Mother Li couldn’t remain calm. “Good girl, we’ll give you whatever you want. Don’t pester Jingran. It’s not right.”

“Auntie, I won’t pester him.” Xu Wanwan winked at Mother Li. “I just want to live in the Li family home, but he’s free. He can marry someone else.”

Mother Li pondered for a long time before she finally came to her senses.

No wonder Li Jingran said that this girl was picked up. Maybe she was an orphan who was abandoned by her family and was brought home by Li Jingran.

“If you can keep your word and don’t interfere with Jingran’s feelings, you can still continue to live in the Li residence.”

Xu Wanwan nodded directly. “Okay.”

The two seemed to have reached an agreement, and the atmosphere became harmonious again.

However, Li Jingran’s face had become darker and darker.. He was extremely displeased as he thought of how Xu Wanwan had agreed so readily.

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