The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 299 - the confidence I gave her

Chapter 299: Chapter 299 the confidence I gave her

A sarcastic smile flashed across Lin Jiannan’s lips. Just as she was about to speak, she heard a familiar deep voice behind her

“The confidence I gave her!”

Father Lin rushed over with a travel-worn face. The moment he saw Lin Jiannan, he immediately confirmed whether she was injured or not.

“Dad!”Lin Jiannan was delighted and grabbed her father’s arm. Now that her backer had come, she felt even more confident.

Father Wu looked at Father Lin unhappily. He also felt that the man in front of him was somewhat familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere before.

After thinking for a while, he finally remembered that Lin Jiannan’s father owned the LIN Group.

The only time he met Father Lin was at a banquet. He planned to discuss a collaboration with Father Lin, but he was delayed due to other matters.

Father Wu’s eyes rolled a little, and the way he looked at Lin Jiannan was no longer so hateful. “Since your father is here, I’ll talk to your father.”

“What exactly is going on?”Father Lin could not help but ask when he saw the group of girls in the office all bruised and swollen.

Then, his gaze fixed on Xu Wanwan’s face. He was slightly startled and quickly asked, “Miss Xu, are you okay?”

This was Li Jingran’s man. If anyone dared to provoke Xu Wanwan, they would probably be in trouble.

Xu Wanwan shook her head and said politely, “Hello, Uncle Lin. I’m fine.”

Father Lin nodded and turned to look at Lin Jiannan. “Tell me yourself. What exactly is going on?”

The vice principal stood to the side and stared at Lin Jiannan with a straight face.

Wasn’t she still very arrogant in front of him just now?

He wanted to see how this girl would explain this matter to his father.

Lin Jiannan pouted the corner of her lips and held father Lin’s arm a few times. “Dad, who told those people to Bully Wanwan? If I don’t teach them a lesson, they will get their way.”

“Little girl, are you confusing right and wrong by talking like this?”Father Wu said coldly, “Look at our Mingyue’s face. How can you say that you were bullied? Everyone was injured, but you were the least injured.”

Lin Jiannan shrugged nonchalantly. “It’s their fault for not being able to beat me. Is It My Fault?”

“You!”Father Wu was furious. He turned his head away and did not say another word.

The vice-principal saw this and walked forward. He cleared his throat and said, “Lin Jiannan’s parents, your child has indeed hurt so many people. You should apologize to the rest. It’s best to write a guarantee letter. As for the medical fees, you can settle it privately.”

Father Lin glanced at his daughter. Although Lin Jiannan was not as severely injured as the others, there were still scratches on her face.

As a father, there was no way he could ignore this situation.

“According to my understanding, our Jiannan has never been an unreasonable girl. If it weren’t for what the others did, she wouldn’t have made a move.”

The vice principal said unhappily, “She was the one who hit her. As her parent, shouldn’t you teach her a good lesson instead of indulging her like this!”

Wu Mingyue was very proud of herself when she heard this.

As expected, the vice principal was just like the principal, favoring her side from the bottom of her heart.

“It won’t take more than one slap!”Father Lin said seriously, “If our Jiannan has a problem, your problem is also very big!”

Father Wu choked. Just as he was about to refute, he heard father Lin say, “I remember you talking to me at the banquet before. The advertising company under your name has always been doing well, and I have the intention to cooperate with you.”

“But –”

Father Lin snorted before he could finish his sentence. “The two children have caused such a ruckus, and both of them are at fault. You Don’t have to expect my children to apologize first.”

These few words had involved the interests of the business world.

Compared to the short-term reputation and long-term development, he would still choose to settle the matter peacefully. Only then would he be able to take this opportunity to cooperate with the LIN Group.

Father Wu cleared his throat. “You’re right. The two children didn’t have any deep enmity before. After they’ve reconciled, our two families can also discuss the matter of cooperation.”

Father Lin didn’t say anything on the surface, but in his heart, he felt that this was a smart person.

Wu mingyue grumbled unhappily, “Father, what are you saying? My face has already become like this, how can you not care?”

“Mingyue, be more obedient. That girl who hit you is indeed hateful, but her father is the person in charge of the Lin Corporation. We will bear with it for a while. In the future, I will give you all the profits from the collaboration with the Lin family.”

When she heard that she would be able to get money, Wu Mingyue’s expression turned slightly better.

She looked at Lin Jiannan with a look of dissatisfaction and said with a smile, “Jiannan, we can be considered to have known each other since we didn’t fight. Since uncle Lin and my father have known each other for a long time, why don’t we be friends in the future?”

Father Wu nodded with a smile in relief.

Lin Jiannan raised her eyes and glanced at her. She said arrogantly, “Ha, who wants to be friends with you?”

The people around Wu Mingyue were called friends in a nice way, but in a bad way, they were just followers who had been following her.

“Jiannan, don’t be angry anymore. We are even now.”In order to get the money, Wu Mingyue didn’t care about her face anymore.

Lin Jiannan could not be bothered with her. She rolled her eyes at her. The disgust on her face could not be hidden.

Wu Mingyue was asking for it. The resentment in her heart suddenly rose again.

She turned around and glanced at Xu Wanwan. A trace of coldness flashed in her eyes.

Humph, she could not offend Lin Jiannan. Would she be afraid of an orphan who had no parents and no one to take care of her?

“Junior sister, you hurt me so badly that your parents didn’t come. You should at least apologize to me, right?”

At this moment, Father Wu’s attention was also shifted to Xu Wanwan. He quickly said, “Yes! No matter what, you should apologize to Mingyue. It’s fine if it’s just a small fight, but you hurt her so badly. What’s the point of not apologizing!”

They used Lin Jiannan to vent their anger on Xu Wanwan.

“I’m not the one who did the wrong thing. Why should I apologize?”Xu Wanwan chuckled. The Emotions in her eyes were still as cold as ever.

She had no intention of apologizing at all. Even if these people said it out loud, it would be useless.

“If you don’t apologize, then we can’t do anything to you. After all, you’re a pitiful child without parents.”Wu Mingyue’s father pretended to compromise and continued, “But you have to pay for the medical expenses of so many people here.”

A simple apology wouldn’t solve any problems, but if Xu Wanwan took out a large sum of money at once, it was a good deal.

“I can pay for the medical expenses.”Xu Wanwan touched the spot on her forehead and sighed lightly. “But I’m also injured. Shouldn’t you guys pay for the medical expenses?”

“If we pay, we’ll pay!”Father Wu agreed immediately.

How much money did Xu Wanwan get for the medical expenses alone? But there were so many people in the ward, so she should pay for it alone.

When the time came, she could use some tricks. was she afraid that she would not be able to extort her?

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