The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 297 - gave you a chance

Chapter 297: Chapter 297 gave you a chance

Xu Wanwan could not be bothered to look at her. She rubbed her sore wrist and said coldly, “I don’t care about your apology.”

Wu Mingyue was stunned. She could not vent the anger in her heart.

She had never lowered her head to apologize to anyone in her life. She apologized to her so sincerely, yet she did not appreciate it?

“Since Wanwan is not satisfied, it means that your attitude is not sincere enough,”Lin Jiannan said unhappily. “If you don’t apologize properly, I won’t be able to control the knife in my hand.”

Wu Mingyue swallowed her saliva and clenched her fingers tightly. She stared at Xu Wanwan again. “I was wrong. I really know that I was wrong. Can you give me another chance?”

“You like Doctor Song. I promise not to say anything more in the future. You should advise your friend not to let her get angry. If you really hurt me, this will be a demerit.”

Lin Jingran used a little strength with the knife in her hand, “So what if I get a demerit? Do you think you’re the only one who has anything to do with the principal? You Don’t know yet, right? Wanwan is Li Jingran’s person. If you offend her, you’ll suffer.”

“Jingran.”Xu Wanwan didn’t want to be too calculative with those people. She sighed lightly. “Forget it, let’s go.”

When Wu Mingyue heard that they were leaving, a cold light flashed in her eyes.

HMPH, they were still Li Jingran’s people. Why didn’t she say that she could fly?

Everyone in the outside world knew that Li Jingran was the CEO of the Li Corporation. He had power and influence. It was really rare for him to take a fancy to a little vixen who only had a few looks.

After listening to Xu Wanwan’s words, Lin Jiannan threw the knife on the ground. “Wanwan, are you okay?”

“I’m fine.”Xu Wanwan’s lips twitched slightly, and she forced a smile. “Fortunately, you came in time.”

If Lin Jiannan had not appeared in time, she would have been in a dangerous situation just now.

“Sigh, it’s a pity that you still missed the exam.”Lin Jiannan sighed lightly. “I came out as soon as I finished the exam. I called you but no one answered. I happened to pass by here. Fortunately, I found you.”

“But as long as you’re not injured, you’re lucky.”

“Okay!”Xu Wanwan grabbed Lin Jiannan’s arm. “Come with me to the counselor’s office. I want to report this situation to her.”

“Yes!”After being reminded, Lin Jiannan turned her eyes and glanced at those people coldly. “We will tell the teacher everything that happened today. Just you wait.”

At this moment, Wu Mingyue had her head lowered. It was impossible to tell how she was feeling on the surface.

However, as soon as Lin Jiannan and Xu Wanwan turned around, she instantly raised her eyes and glanced at her little sisters. “Get her back for me.”

After saying that, she bent down and picked up the knife on the ground.

It was a pity that even the only sharp weapon that threatened her was thrown to the ground.

She wanted to see how these two little B * tches would be arrogant this time.

She could not stand this anger if she did not take revenge.

The group of girls also wanted to vent their anger. They rushed forward as if they were on stimulants. They grabbed Xu Wanwan’s arm and were about to raise their hands to hit her.

Lin Jiannan narrowed her eyes unhappily. She quickly stretched out her leg and gave that person a fierce kick.

“Okay, you guys are playing dirty. Then don’t blame me for being merciless.”

As soon as Lin Jiannan finished her sentence, she beat up the few people in front of her with lightning speed.

She had learned taekwondo for a period of time when she was young. Ever since she was a black belt, she stopped learning it. However, she still had her basic skills, so it was more than enough to deal with these few people.

The few girls’hair was pulled into a mess. Some fell to the ground, some covered their stomachs, and some rolled on the ground due to the pain.

Wu Mingyue was the only one left.

However, Lin Jiannan couldn’t fight against so many people alone, so she was naturally injured. During the fight, Xu Wanwan was punched at the corner of her eye, and now it was swollen.

Lin Jiannan couldn’t care less. At this moment, her eyes were on Wu Mingyue, and the coldness in her eyes didn’t come out.

“You, you… Don’t come over.”

Wu Mingyue was so scared that she kept stepping back. “Let me tell you, my father and the principal are very close. If you go too far, the principal will not let you off easily.”

“Stop talking nonsense.”Lin Jiannan found her long-winded and annoying. She went forward and pulled out her hair, giving her fair face a few crisp slaps, “Aren’t you very capable? I gave you a chance. You are useless. You deserve to be beaten now.”

Wu Mingyue had never suffered such a grievance. Moreover, her face had been well protected since she was young. She had never been treated like this since she was young. This time, the pain was not only on her face, but also on her heart.

“Ah! I’ll fight it out with you!”She suddenly pounced towards Lin Jiannan and used her sharp nails to continuously scratch Lin Jiannan’s face.

“You’re really tough. I’ll beat you to death.”Lin Jiannan was completely furious. She raised her fist and smashed it towards Wu Mingyue’s face.

“AH –”

A tragic scream echoed in the entire flower bed.

Lin Jiannan felt inexplicably happy when she saw her painful look.

Anyway, no matter how painful that woman was, she was just asking for trouble.

Since she didn’t want face, then don’t blame her for being ruthless.

Wu Mingyue held her face tightly. She was in so much pain that she broke down. “You dare to hit my face? ! I Won’t Let You Go!”

“You still have the strength to go against me. I think you still haven’t had enough.”Lin Jiannan subconsciously rolled up her sleeves and rushed towards the woman again.

But this time, before her fist could land, she was stopped by a loud berating sound

“Stop! What are you doing!”

Not far away, the vice principal of the school rushed over.

Wu Mingyue’s eyes suddenly lit up. She simply covered her face and fell to the ground. “It hurts… Sob Sob Sob.”

Xu Wanwan sighed deeply when she saw that the vice principal was here. She felt helpless.

What a day.

In the Vice Principal’s office.

A row of people stood in a row. The vice principal walked in front and paced around. Suddenly, he shouted, “This is outrageous!”

“All of you are university students. Instead of being role models for your classmates, you are fighting each other in the school. What kind of talk is this?”

“All of you listen to me. The impact this time is very serious. All of you, Call Your Parents!”

Xu Wanwan only felt pain at the corner of her eyes. She lowered her head and gently pressed down. It was so painful that she let out a soft hiss.

The vice-principal looked at her. “Now you know how painful it is? Why didn’t you think about the consequences when you were fighting?”

“They were the ones who attacked first.”Xu Wanwan already felt innocent. She clenched her fists and retorted, “If you want to teach them a lesson, you should teach them a lesson.”

“One slap won’t make a difference! Did they hit you for no reason?”

Xu Wanwan was so angry that her face turned red. “Teacher, are you saying that the victim is guilty? You Don’t even understand what happened. Why are you so sure that we were wrong?”

“You guys participated in this fight. This is the biggest mistake!”

“What kind of fight is this? It was clearly self-defense.”Lin Jiannan curled the corners of her lips and interrupted.

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