The Evil Villainess' Sweet Love Story

Chapter 295 - Give Me a good beating  

Chapter 295: Chapter 295: Give Me a good beating

In order to be in a hurry, Xu Wanwan did not ask the driver to send her to school. Instead, she drove herself to school.

She was too anxious. When she parked the car, she spent a lot of effort. After getting out of the car, she rushed to the exam room.

She had only taken two steps when a group of girls suddenly appeared on both sides, blocking her way.

“Senior, isn’t this the little slut who seduced doctor song?”

“Oh, it’s really her.”The person who was addressed as senior sister was a famous campus Belle in a university. Her name was Wu Mingyue.

“It’s fate that we can meet here, right? Why don’t we go up and meet her?”

The corners of Wu Mingyue’s lips curled up slightly. She seemed to be smiling innocently, but there was a hint of coldness hidden in her eyes.

The few followers behind her nodded repeatedly. “Yes! A freshman dares to snatch a man from senior sister. I wonder who gave her the courage.”

“That’s right. Who doesn’t know that senior likes Doctor Song? That Little B * tch even brushed your face in front of so many people.”

“Senior, let’s teach her a lesson, Alright?”

As they spoke, they took the opportunity to walk in front of Xu Wanwan, completely blocking her way.

“Hey! Why aren’t you greeting our senior when you see her? What are you standing there for?”

Xu Wanwan was as anxious as an ant on a hot pan. She raised her wrist and looked at the time. The exam had been going on for more than half an hour. If she didn’t hurry into the exam room, she would fail this semester’s exam.

“I don’t know you. Please move aside.”Even though she was very anxious, Xu Wanwan still answered politely.

Wu mingyue chuckled and slowly walked up to her. Her beautiful peach blossom eyes narrowed slightly. “You don’t know me, but I know you.”

Xu Wanwan frowned slightly. “Sorry, I’m very busy right now. If you’re looking for me, can we talk next time?”

“I see.”Wu Mingyue’s tone was gentle. “Since you’re very busy, then I’ll have to keep you here even more.”

A gentle knife could be fatal.

Only then did Xu Wanwan cautiously look at Wu Mingyue. Realizing that she wasn’t looking for her out of kindness, her tone became cold. “What exactly do you want to do?”

The corners of Wu Mingyue’s lips curled up slightly. “Nothing.”

“I heard that your freshman has the final exam today. You’re in such a hurry. You should be rushing to the exam hall, right?”

“But how can you be so careless? You even forgot the time of the exam. Since you’ve forgotten, why don’t you accompany us to chat? Anyway, even if you go to the exam hall now, you’ll be chased out by the Proctor.”

Xu Wanwan felt that she was a little bored, so she didn’t have time to waste here. She turned sideways and was about to leave.

“Where are you going?”Wu Mingyue’s voice immediately turned cold. She reached out and grabbed Xu Wanwan’s arm, forcefully pushing her back. “Little Junior Sister, you don’t seem to put me in your eyes?”

The little follower beside her answered repeatedly, “Yes, senior sister, she just doesn’t put you in her eyes. If she knew how to respect you, she wouldn’t have seduced doctor song before.”

Wu Mingyue’s anger was ignited by these words.

She snorted and signaled to the people behind her, “Take her to the grove.”

Xu Wanwan looked at the people warily. She felt something was wrong and wanted to run away subconsciously.

“You still want to run!”A short-haired girl rushed forward and pulled Xu Wanwan’s hair. She said unhappily, “Let me tell you, no one in this school dares to defy our Senior’s orders. You’d better behave yourself!”

“What on Earth are you trying to do?”Xu Wanwan was completely angry. She tried her best to throw her arms away, but there were too many people confining her. Her strength alone could not defeat so many people.., in the end, she was tightly controlled by them.

The few of them dragged Xu Wanwan to the flower bed at the back of the school while cursing.

Wu Mingyue sat on the stone in the middle of the flower bed. She played with her hair in boredom and said casually, “Little Junior, I heard that you also like Doctor Song?”

Xu Wanwan was controlled by the few of them. Although she could not move her hands and feet, her eyes were filled with strong dissatisfaction.

“What does it have to do with you? You’d better let me go, or I’ll tell the principal.”

Wu Mingyue laughed out loud. “Principal? Do you know what kind of person the principal is to me? Let me tell you this. In this school, no one dares not to listen to what I say.”

“You’re bragging.”Xu Wanwan snorted coldly and exposed her mercilessly. “Even if the principal is your biological father, he won’t sit by and do nothing.”

“Then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed.”

Wu Mingyue laughed. “Although the principal isn’t my biological father, my family donates so much money to the school every year. He can’t do anything to me.”

“This is your reason for being arrogant?”There was no trace of fear and fear in Xu Wanwan’s eyes because she had no reason to be afraid. “My family also donates money to the school. According to what you said, does the principal have to listen to me?”

“HMPH, donating a few thousand Yuan is also called donating money?”

The little sidekick very appropriately shouted, “You’re dying of laughter. To think that you have the nerve to say such words. Do you know how much money our senior sister donates to the school every year? It’s millions. Think about how many men you have to seduce to be able to seduce so much money?”

Xu Wanwan took a deep breath. Her patience had already dropped to the limit.

She held back her impatience. “I’m warning you for the last time. Let Me Go.”

“Do you know who you’re talking to?”

Wu Mingyue’s expression turned cold and gloomy. “You dare to seduce the man I like. Are you tired of living?”

Xu Wanwan looked at her calmly. She probably knew that this woman had misunderstood something.

“You like Dr. Song, Right?”She asked calmly.

“Senior sister, I told you. This little B * Tch obviously knew that you liked doctor song, but she insisted on going against you. She even seduced doctor song behind your back and ruined your reputation in front of so many medical students. You must teach her a good lesson!”

Wu mingyue gritted her teeth. “Little Junior sister, do you think I should punish you for acting like you know what you’re doing?”

“You’re thinking too much,”Xu Wanwan said impatiently. “I have a boyfriend. Who Wants to snatch your man?”

“Besides, I remember that Dr. Song doesn’t like you. Why do you think you’re infatuated? You’re not his girlfriend, so what right do you have to care so much?”

If she had not helped Lin Jiannan pursue Dr. Song in private, she would not have known so much.

But this person just had to bump into the muzzle of her gun.

In addition, she was late for the exam, so she was already in a bad mood. Her tone was also impatient.

“You!”Wu Mingyue was so angry that she took a deep breath and was extremely displeased. “I think you really don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth.”

She was hit in the sore spot and immediately roared at the people behind her angrily, “Beat them up!”

A glimmer of light lit up in the eyes of the Little Sisters. They rolled up their sleeves one after another and walked forward with excited faces.

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