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Chapter 266 - crying after being bullied  

Chapter 266: Chapter 266 crying after being bullied

These cooperation orders were all provided by those big shots.

She needed to sort out and select a few that were meaningful to cooperate with for further negotiation.

Xu Wanwan had a lot of things on her hands. She was busy for most of the day and did not notice what was happening outside the office at all.

The group of people did not think about work at all. They each stayed at their own jobs. They were either chatting and playing on their phones or discussing the disadvantages of this company.

When Li Jingran rushed to the company, the group of people were talking enthusiastically. The atmosphere of the company was messy and disorderly.

He frowned slightly. From a distance, he coldly glanced at the few people who had nothing to do and said in a deep voice, “Chatting at Work? Is this your attitude at work?”

This cold and stern voice completely stunned them.

The few people turned their heads one after another and bumped into Li Jingran’s deep and cold eyes. They were so scared that they didn’t dare to make a sound.

The man’s aura was too strong. Whether it was from his outer appearance or his inner aura, it was not something they could afford to offend.

Some people with discerning eyes had already recognized Li Jingran. Their shocked voice was slightly trembling. “Isn’t… isn’t this director Li?”

“What? ! Director Li is really here?”

“Are you sure? is he really the director Li of the Li Corporation?”

“How could I be wrong? You Didn’t see the aura he emitted from the inside out. How could an ordinary person possess it?”

“This…”everyone was stunned for a long time. For a moment, they didn’t know how to react.

Their young director Xu actually knew the president of the Li Corporation. This was really unbelievable!

The outside world said that director Li didn’t get close to women, and he was even more cold and ruthless in the business world. Xu Wanwan was so young, yet she could make director Li think highly of her. How did she do it?

Li Jingran’s face darkened. Seeing that the group of people hadn’t gone to work yet, he strode over, looked around, and said unhappily, “I hired you guys to come here because I didn’t want you to waste your time.”

“If you want to stay, then go to work. If you don’t want to stay, then get lost.”

He had been in charge of the Li Corporation for so many years, but he had never seen such an unruly employee.

Just because Xu Wanwan was young, he wanted to bully her?

The group of people trembled at the roar. They could not help but be intimidated by the imposing manner.

The people among them were all short of jobs. It was not easy for a company to hire them with a high salary, and they were more than happy.

However, Xu Wanwan did not look like a person who could manage the company well, so their attitude naturally became lax.

However, Li Jingran was different. He just stood there, and the aura around him made people feel afraid.

If they wanted to stay here and work, they really could not offend Li Jingran.

The group of people looked at each other. No one dared to say anything more and quickly returned to their jobs.

The coldness in Li Jingran’s eyes did not disappear. He walked around the entire office and finally stood in front. “Since you’re staying, you have to show your worth.”

“The company will conduct an employee assessment every three months. If you can’t pass the assessment, you can leave on your own.”

The group of people lowered their heads. Some turned on their computers, and some drew design drafts. Their Hearts were all jumbled up and down as they listened to Li Jingran’s attitude.

“Your President Xu is one of my people. If anyone dares to be disrespectful to her again, they will bear the consequences if I find out about it.”

His seemingly calm words contained absolute suppression.

They naturally believed that Li Jingran had the ability, and no one dared to go against him.

Losing their jobs was a small matter. If they really offended Li Jingran, it would be the same as offending the Li Corporation. In the future, if they were to look for a job, they would have to look at others’faces.

After Li Jingran finished his instructions, he turned around and left with big strides, walking towards Xu Wanwan’s office.

Even if he left, the employees did not dare to discuss matters that had nothing to do with work. They buried their heads and started working seriously.

Li Jingran pushed open the office door, walked in softly, and looked around.

The office was neither big nor small. It was decorated in a warm white, simple manner. Other than a desk and chair, there was nothing else in the room.

Xu Wanwan placed her hands in front of the desk and tilted her head to look at a document in her hand. The girl’s expression was serious and her pink lips were slightly pursed. She was so quiet that she could not bear to be disturbed.

Li Jingran walked over with his brows tightly knitted. He was only discovered when he stood beside the girl.

Xu Wanwan saw a familiar figure in her eyes. She raised her eyes in shock. The moment she saw Li Jingran, a burst of surprise emerged in her eyes.

“Why are you here?”

The corners of her lips curved into a smile as she stood up. When she looked at Li Jingran, she felt inexplicably embarrassed.

She had been so busy just now that she didn’t know that he had come in. She also didn’t know how long he had been by her side.

The coldness in Li Jingran’s eyes was restrained. When he looked at Xu Wanwan with his long, narrow and cold eyes, they were full of love and tenderness. “If I hadn’t come, would you have been bullied and cried?”

Xu Wanwan frowned slightly. “Who said that? I’m just… competent on the first day. I didn’t handle some parts well, so I won’t cry.”

Li Jingran chuckled. With one glance, he saw through the girl’s stubbornness that she was trying to hide.

Xu Wanwan saw that he was smiling and thought that he was mocking her. She sighed gloomily.

“CEO Gao must have said something to you,”she explained seriously with a straight face, “Actually, things are not as bad as you think. It’s just that some of the employees have doubts in their hearts, and it’s my fault for not explaining it clearly to them.”

“They work for you, so what right do they have to doubt you?”Li Jingran’s expression darkened a little, and his tone was serious.

Xu Wanwan was stunned. “But since they chose my company, they have the right to know the true strength of the company. What if –”

“Since you can start this company, it proves your strength,”Li Jingran interrupted her and pulled out a chair to sit on. He raised his head slightly and fixed his burning gaze on the girl, “If you want to manage a company well, you naturally can’t be influenced by other people’s words, and you also can’t change your plans just because of other people.”

These few words instantly hit the crux of the problem.

Xu Wanwan calmed down and looked at the man seriously, as if she was also thinking quietly.

Seeing that she had listened to him, Li Jingran continued to guide her, “Do you still remember what you came to the company today for?”

Xu Wanwan thought for a moment, “I originally wanted to introduce myself to everyone and then organize a meeting to assign tasks to everyone.”

“That’s a good idea,”Li Jingran said in a low voice, but he looked at her with a hint of scrutiny. “Did you do it?”

At this point, Xu Wanwan lowered her head like a child who had done something wrong. She said gloomily, “No.”

Not only did she not do it, but she was also ridiculed by those people.

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