The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – A Thrashing

The Marquis Household is a noble family, not lacking in gold and silver. They don’t really care about Prince Jing’s bride price, but now, when the bride price is given, not only did Prince Jing not personally come, the amount is much less than what is normal. Prince Jing obviously does not respect his sister. If he accepts the bride price without a word, his sister will definitely become a laughingstock.

Listening to his reproach, Seneschal Wang showed disbelief, “His Highness had already announced to the Capital that he will be marrying Miss Murong as concubine. Your Honor did not know?”

Murong Rong was startled, surprised and angry, “When did this happened?”

“Just at the welcome feast earlier. All the court officials had heard it. Your Honor actually have not heard of it? Did you not attend the feast?” Seneschal Wang softly said teasingly.

Murong Ye gave an uncomfortable light cough. He had not been back to the Mansion for a few days. Although he knew that Ye Chenyi had returned to the Capital victorious from the war, he did not know that the welcome feast was today…

“His Highness is forced to follow with this poorer plan to achieve peace between Qingyan and Mobei. Miss Murong has suffered because of it but I hope your Honor can be magnanimous enough to forgive.” The Prince’s Seneschal bowed deeply and respectfully towards Murong Ye apologetically.

Murong Ye stared at Seneschal Wang, a complicated expression flitted pass his face. It was after a while before he said, “Well, since your Prince does not like my sister, then let’s annul the engagement. There’s no need to act so falsely and humiliate my sister.”

Seneschal Wang froze, a look of surprise appeared. He didn’t think that this useless playboy will also suggest annulling the engagement after hearing his sister get demoted to concubine level…

“My sister is the Marquis’ Household wife-born daughter. Although both our parents have passed and she is sick and weakly, but she is still of noble status. Any noble gentleman in the Capital will be willing to take her as his first wife. She has no need to lower her status and become someone’s concubine.”

Murong Ye’s determinated and strong voice travelled into his ears. Seneschal Wang smiled faintly. It seems that the Murong family has a strong backbone. It’s too bad their opponent is Prince Jing, “Your Honor, his Highness is also in a difficult position…”

Murong Ye waved his hand and interrupted his speech, looking coldly at him, “Ye Yichen is well-versed in the art of war. If he really likes my sister and wishes to marry her as first wife, he would have fought so hard that Mobei would have taken the initiative to surrender without daring to mention a single condition. Demoting my sister as concubine for the sake of peace between both countries? You dare to give me such a cursory excuse? Do you think I am three years old?”

After being idle for so many years, he is still able to evaluate the situation clearly, hitting all the key points – Murong Ye is an exceptionally smart person. However, the marriage to Murong Xue is very important to the Prince. The Prince will definitely not allow Murong Ye to break it off.

“Your Honor, I am only obeying the Prince’s orders to give the bride price. Please do not make things difficult for us,” Seneschal Wang said softly, giving a look to the servants carrying the trunks.

The servants understood his signal and carried the trunks towards the front door of the Marquis’ Mansion; so quickly that the others could not react in time.

By the time Murong Ye realized, the first few servants of the possession had already carried the bride price into the Marquis’ Mansion. “What are you all doing?” Murong Ye was angry and agitated, and thundered. He ran quickly into the Mansion and fiercely kicked the trunks over.

The servants carrying the trunks did not expect that and the trunks between them flipped over onto the ground, spilling over the countless gold and silver jewelry, antiques and paintings, and silk satin. Every one of those items were extremely valuable and blinded everyone’s eyes.

But Murong Ye did not even notice. He glared angrily that the servant and snapped, “This is the Marquis’ Mansion, not your Prince Jing Mansion. You all dare to force your way in? Who gave you the courage?”

The servant lowered their heads, silent, but whether intentionally, their eyes casted glances to the side!

Murong Ye followed the direction of their glances and saw Seneschal Wang. The fury in his eyes burned like fire. Seneschal Wang is Ye Yichen’s closest aide. If he had asked the servants to force their way into the Marquis’ Mansion, then it must be based upon Ye Yichen’s instruction.

“I had initially thought that Ye Yichen is an upright man and a great hero. Even if we do not become related, we could still be friends. I never imagined that he is such a despicable person. Failing to abide by the marriage agreement, and even worse, using his power to try and force my sister into being his concubine. How very shameless!”

“Although my Household is not as noble as Prince Jing’s, but we will not allow others to trample over us wantonly. Seneschal Wang, go back and tell Ye Yichen. The Murong Family no longer cares for him. Even if he wants to take my sister has his first wife now, we will no longer be interested. We want to annul the engagement!”

Even before the marriage, he had insulted his sister such. After marriage, he will definitely be worse. If his sister marries into Prince Jing’s Household, it would be like marrying into a den of monsters; she might lose her life at any time.

Everyone looked at him shocked. He dared to call Prince Jing despicable? How audacious!

Murong Ye did not bother to notice and he sharply ordered, “Throw these dirty things out!”

“Yes, sir!” The guards of the Marquis Mansion hurriedly walked up, as though they had just woken up from a dream, picked up Prince Jing’s servants and the bride price those servants had brought and mercilessly threw them out.

Murong Ye watched the chaos and cries of Prince Jing’s people, his fury gradually calming. He walked up and took Murong Xue’s hand, striding towards the Marquis Mansion, “Let’s go in, lest these filthy people offend our eyes!”

“Alright!” Murong Xue nodded happily.

Ye Yichen had disregarded her wishes and forcibly tried to give the bride price in order to take her as concubine. She, too, was disgusted and had been ready to harshly teach Seneschal Wang and his gang a lesson. She never expected Murong Ye to action first and mercilessly push back against the arrogance of the people from Prince Jing’s Household. He swept Prince Jing’s face to the ground and defended her. There’s no need for her to make any move; she’ll just sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Watching Murong Ye and Murong Xue step into the Mansion and walking further away, Seneschal Wang narrowed his sharp eyes. He had delivered the bride price, but Murong Ye did not accept it; he had completed the Prince’s task. However, he did have another thing to notify Murong Ye about, “Your Honor, the Prince will be here three days later to take Miss Murong as concubine…”

‘Crack!’ A piece of wood flew and hit Seneschal Wang in the mouth, making him swallow his words.

Seneschal Wang turned livid, and coldly looked towards the dedicate figure in front of him. He spat out a mouthful of blood; two white teeth were mixed in with the blood, making it particularly noticeable.

The chaotic crowd froze and looked at each other. Who was so audacious as to slap Seneschal Wang on the mouth? They quietly looked up only to see Murong Xue silently standing a few meters away on the bluestone road, back-facing them. Her cold voice travelled with the wind into everyone’s ears, “Who dares to cause trouble in front of the Marquis Mansion’s front door? All guards of the Marquis Mansion, listen to my orders – anyone who tries to force their way into the Mansion, or speak nonsense in front of the Mansion’s main doors, chase them out with your swords regardless of their lives.”

“Yes, ma’am!” The guards answered, and enthusiastically started chasing away the people from Prince Jing’s Household. Chaos in the front of the Mansion ensued.

Murong Ye ignore all that and looked at Murong Xue in surprise, “Sister, where did you learn martial arts from? Just by picking up a piece of wood and throwing it strongly, you had knocked off two of Seneschal Wang teeth. Seneschal Wang is known for being a martial arts expert, and he didn’t even manage to avoid your thrashing. When did you become so powerful?”

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