The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Pranking Rich Playboys

In the cage was a small dog. Its fur matted with dirt, making it difficult to discern whether it was white or grey. Its small head rested on this front paw, eyes closed. Its body was half the size of its neighbor, and both its ear were drooping, seemingly lethargic.

Murong Xue’s eyes flashed and pointed towards the small dog, “That’s the one!”

Murong Xue initial optimism faded and his heart sank. He knew it. His sister is a kind-hearted, sympathetic good girl, but, “This is a colosseum. If you choose a dog that’s so sickly and close to death to fight, you will definitely lose. Choose another!”

“No need to choose again. This dog is good enough,” Murong Xue said softly, and personally opened the cage.

The small dog heard the noise and slowly opened its eyes, looking at Murong Xue warm smile. Its black eyes glinted with brightness, and it slowly stood up and leisurely walked out of the cage towards the arena; its thin and small body seemed like it would fall with a single gust of wind.

Murong Ye was speechless – this can be considered not bad? After entering the arena, there is no need to even fight, that fierce hound’s aura is enough to frighten it to death. Such a lousy dog! It was definitely caught to make up the numbers. Anyone with eyes will never choose it!

Xu Tianan leaned against the fence, watching his ‘General Yellow’ strut into the arena, arrogantly walking to the front of the small dog and looking down upon it. Its big body shadowed the small dog’s closely, like a strict elder arrogantly looking down on a misbehaving child.

He sneered internally. Usually when one fights dogs, even if one doesn’t know how to choose, one would also choose a large and intimidating hound. Murong Xue actually bought such a small and skinny dog for the fight! What an utter idiot! After at most a few rounds, this dog will be torn to pieces by his ‘General Yellow’. When that happens, he will teach Murong Xue a hard lesson. Let’s see if she still dares to show off in front of him.

‘Dang!’ The bell to signal the start of the fight rang. ‘General Yellow’s’ aura immediately sharpened and it howled towards the sky, pouncing ferociously towards the small dog!

In contrast, the small dog stood there quietly, not moving. His black eyes looking as the ‘General Yellow’ came closer and closer. It is unsure whether the small dog did not know how to react, or whether it was stunned. But with such a vast contrast, it is obvious that the small dog would come to a terrible end. Murong Xue closed his eyes as he couldn’t bear to watch.

‘Crack’ a dull sound travelled into everyone’s ears, and the wild howling stopped suddenly. Murong Ye’s heart dropped to pit bottom. Just one move and the small dog has been bitten to death. How utterly useless!

He had already said earlier that she can’t buy that sick dog but she still did not believe him. Great! Now that the dog is dead, and his sister had lost miserably, his one finger will soon be chopped off…

“How can this be? How is it that ‘General Yellow’ is the one that’s dead?” Xu Tianan’s shocked exclamation, full of disbelief, travelled into his ears. Murong Ye stopped. What? The ‘General Yellow’ is dead?

Looking towards the arena, he saw the mighty ‘General Yellow’ lying on the ground. Its throat ripped out and fresh blood flowing out. Its fierce eyes blank and it was not breathing; it was obviously dead.

The small and skinny dog stood in front of it, looking down upon it. It’s back straight and eyes cold like a haughty ruler.

Murong Ye’s eyes widened in surprise. It is really ‘General Yellow’ that’s dead. Such a small and skinny dog used only one move to bite the strong and ferocious ‘General Yellow’ to death. How incredible!

“Xu Tianan, you have lost! Fulfill the bet!” Murong Xue calmly stated, her voice flat.

A servant of the colosseum carried a prepared tray and quickly walked up to Xu Tianan. On the red cloth of the tray laid an unsheathed dagger. Its sharp edge reflecting coldly under the sunlight, piercing painfully through Xu Tianan’s eyes.

He had lost. He will really need to cut off one of his fingers. How can this be? He is the almighty and precious youngest son of the Minister’s Household. How can he become a handicap with missing fingers?!

Xu Tianan’s gaze turned cold and he hurried to the cage that he had bought and opened it. Dogs leaped out of the cage and ferociously pounced towards the small dog in the arena.

“Bite it to death, bite it to death!” Xu Tianan watched the chaotic arena, and wildly shouted. His eyes were red and he had only one thought in his mind – if his dogs bite Murong Xue’s dog to death then he would win and would no longer need to cut off his finger.

“Xu Tianan, what are you doing? Going back against your word?” Murong Ye was furious and ready to ask the staff of the colosseum to separate the dogs. Just then, the small dog leaped up. It’s grey silhouette moving between the group of dogs like a flash of light. ‘Crack, crack, crack’, four dull sounds rang and all the large fierce hounds had their necks torn out. They fell to the ground awkwardly, eyes wide open without life.

The small dog was unharmed. It puffed out its chest and stood proudly in the centre of the arena.

Murong Ye gaped. That was one against four, and it had won so beautifully. This dog is so powerful. It seems that dogs with a fierce physical appearance might not be fierce and strong; dogs that looks weak and sickly might not be weak when facing enemies.

Xu Tianan picked so many dogs yet all died under this small dog. It is absolute defeat and there is completely no reason to not fulfill the bet. He had been ridiculed by Xu Tianan so much previously; today, he has finally won a round. He can walk with his head high now. Hahaha, after cutting a finger off him, let’s see how arrogant he can continue to be!

He looked gloatingly towards Xu Tianan only to see him staring at the bloody arena, eyes wild with panic. All the dogs he had bought are dead. He had lost to Murong Xue. He will need to cut off his finger… How could this happen? He definitely cannot become a handicap!

His eyes hardened. Xu Tianan snatched up the dagger on the tray and rushed towards Murong Xue in a rage. She had dared to arrogantly force him to submit in public. How dare she! She wants a finger, doesn’t she? Then he’ll cut off her finger to give to her.

“Xu Tianan, you despicable coward!”

Murong Ye paled and thundered. He was just going to snatch the dagger when he saw Murong Xue turned slightly to the side to avoid the vicious attack and flipped her wrist – the dagger that was in Xu Tianan’s hand instantly transferred over to her hand. She waved her hand and the sharp dagger swept across his left hand cutting off all five fingers from the knuckles. Blood squirted and splashed onto the yellow soil on the ground; the red blood shone brilliantly against it.

Xu Tianan’s screams pierced through the air, “Ah!”

“Young Master!” A page boy standing not far exclaimed and ran hurriedly to Xu Tianan, ripped off a length of cloth from his robes, grabbed the injured hand and rapidly bandaged it.

Xu Tianan stood shakily, his face white and drained of blood. He looked at Murong Xue, eyes almost spitting fire, “Our bet was one finger. How could you cut five?” His left hand was entirely destroyed. From today, he would be considered a real useless person.

“We had initially agreed to gamble one round for one finger. You let go of five dogs; that’s five rounds, and all five rounds lost. Of course it should be five fingers cut.” Murong Xue slowly said, putting the blood-coated dagger back onto the tray.

She had planned to only cut one finger off Xu Tianan. But since he tried to attack her  despicably, then he shouldn’t blame her for not being merciful.

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