The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Sleeping In The Same Bed

Murong Xue was looking pale and sick. The cold breeze made her shiver under the blanket.

Ouyang ShaoChen hesitated, he then took off his shoes and lay down beside Murong Xue. He held her in his arm, and then he pressed his palm against her back, transferring internal force to her slowly.

The internal force that entered her body slowly converted to warmth and flowed in her vein, sweeping off the chill that engulfed her body. Murong Xue finally was looking fine.

Ouyang ShaoChen smiled as he looked at the girl who is sleeping silently in his arms. He snapped his finger and a strong wind blew out the light. Holding Murong Xue closest to him, he went to sleep.

The silver moonlight shined into the room, the scene of the couple holding on together was looking sweet.

Murong Xue heard a sound of breathing through the mist of sleep, a muscular arm surrounded around her waist. She was shocked and opened her eye immediately.

What she saw was a white and flawless chest in front of her, what she heard was a strong heartbeat sound that echoed in her ears. She dropped her jaw and pushed Ouyang ShaoChen away from her, she then sat up straight.

The blanket slipped down from her body, revealing her in a beige tube top. She was frightened and grabbed the blanket to cover her promptly. She was relieved when she realized that she was not hurt and nothing actually happened between Ouyang ShaoChen and her.

Ouyang ShaoChen was looking at her all the while, he then sniggered as he sat up slowly. “So you’re awake!” said Ouyang ShaoChen.

“Where is this?” Murong Xue moved herself away from Ouyang ShaoChen, trying to keep a distance with him. She glared at him as she noticed that everything in the room is strange to her, this is definitely not her room.

“XiaoYao’s House… My room!” Ouyang ShaoChen then said gently, “You had dropped into a doze after consuming the Fire Lotus Seed yesterday. If I were to send you back to your house, it will definitely ruin your reputation. Besides, I feel uneasy to leave you alone in the guest room, so the only way was to bring you here with me.”

Every time after Murong Xue consume Fire Lotus Seed, she will feel dizzy and fall asleep after a moment. After she consumed the medicine, she planned to sustain until Marian I come to bring her back to the house. However, she was too weak and fainted after a few minutes.

Ouyang ShaoChen was right to bring her to his house, but… “There are a mattress and a single bed in the room, we can sleep separately. Why must you sleep in the same bed with me?”

This was the very first time for her to sleep in the same bed with a man, the feeling was weird.

Ouyang ShaoChen glanced at her and said “Yesterday you were shivering even after I covered your body with a blanket. I’m afraid that you’ll be sick, so I decided to sleep with you, and used my internal force to sweep the cold away from your body…”

Every time when Murong Xue suffered from poison attack, she will need a thick blanket to cover all over her body to remove the cold in her body. Ouyang ShaoChen only gave her a thin sheet of the blanket, it was certain that she will tremble badly.

However, Ouyang ShaoChen was not a servant who takes care of her, it was not his fault that he did not know she require a more blanket…

Looking at her annoyed face, Ouyang ShaoChen giggled “You and I sleeping in the same bed, this will absolutely ruin your reputation. No worries, I will take responsibility of it!”

Responsible? They were just sleeping in the same bed for a night and nothing actually happened, what is meant by the responsible?

Murong Xue smiled uneasily and said “It’s just a small matter, no worries.”

Ouyang ShaoChen became serious suddenly and stared straight into her eyes, “You don’t need me to take responsibility, seriously?”

Murong Xue nodded “Of course, I’m serious.” Ouyang ShaoChen had saved her life, she should show gratitude to him and not to blame him.

Ouyang ShaoChen was looking a bit disappointed, he walked toward his wardrobe as he unbuttoned his shirt.

“Ouyang ShaoChen, What are you doing?!” Murong Xue exclaimed.

“I’m just changing clothes!” Ouyang ShaoChen did not look at her as he answered.

Murong Xue frowned “Can you just take your clothes together with you and change it behind the screen?”

Ouyang ShaoChen looked at her and said “This is my room.” He was correct, it is his right to change in his room.

Murong Xue curled her lips, she knew this is his room, but she was obviously sitting on his bed. She is a girl, he should have gone to change at somewhere else.

Ouyang ShaoChen unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, revealing his perfect body. Murong Xue turned away to face the wall instantly. He doesn’t feel shy to take his shirt off in front of another woman, but she does not like to see another man taking off his shirt!

Suddenly, a hand tapped on her shoulder. She turned around and saw OuYang ShaoChen was already dressed in a long white robe. His robe was embroidered exquisitely and the fact that his sleeves were embellished with mysterious wave-and-cloud-like patterns made him even more marvelous and awe-looking.

In his hand, he held a pale green dress robe. He delivered it to Murong Xue and said, “This is for you!”

Murong Xue’s blue dress robe was immersed in hot spring water and even though it had been thoroughly dried up, it became a wrinkled mess and was currently sitting on the footstool at the end of the bed. It was unwearable and she thought that OuYang ShaoChen’s dress robe was very much a great help to her. But then-

“Why do you own a girl’s dress robe?”

OuYang ShaoChen’s handsome complexion darkened. He lifted her small hand and shoved the dress robe onto it.

“This was just bought.” He replied, enunciating each word emphatically.

The pale green dress robe was cool and silky to touch. This robe was of high quality.

Murong Xue pouted and thought: If it is new? What is he even mad about?

The faint smell of bamboo ink emitted by OuYang ShaoChen encircled her. Annoyed, she looked up and stared directly at OuYang ShaoChen.

“OuYang your highness, I’m going to change my clothes,”

“I know,” He replied nodding.

Then why doesn’t he leave me with my privacy? There should be a clear boundary between males and females! I don’t want to change my clothes in front of him!

“You don’t have to cautious around me. I’m not interested in childish, immature girls!”

His clear, crisp voice bore into her ears and her face blackened upon hearing it. She grabbed the pillow beside her and tossed it at OuYang ShaoChen.

“I am not childish!”

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