The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 276 - Settling Scores

Chapter 276: Settling Scores

“Don’t just stand there. Go move the bodies away!” Prime Minister Cang snapped as he strode over. He looked tall and erect, with his black hair tamed, in a perfectly-tailored dark blue finery. Compressing his lips with a piercing glare in his eyes, he projected himself as an awe-inspiring man.

“Yes!” The guards came to themselves and did as told. When they moved the bodies, they frowned at the smell of the stinky blood.

With more bodies moved away, Cang Susu revealed in the piles of bodies. She looked beyond awkward, curling herself up like a shrimp on the bed, with blood all over her face, arms, hair and nightgown.

“My lady!” At the sight of Cang Susu, the maid standing at the door immediately rushed to the bed. She grabbed a dress, covered it on Cang Susu and helped her up.

Cang Susu, the daughter of a distinguished family, only used tricks and ordered her guards to kill people. It frightened her terribly being in such a bloody scene full of bleeding bodies and resentful eyes, which she had never been in.

She could even still feel the way she felt with piles of bodies on top of her, which were heavy and sticky. She felt like she had been to the hell. The thick smell of blood sent chills down her spine and almost made her heart stop beating. Her face turned deathly pale and her body couldn’t help but trembled slightly.

Prime Minister Cang waved the guards away and strode to the bed. He said to her daughter condescendingly, “Who did you offend?”

As was known to him, those dead people were the top-notch guards of the Prime Minister Mansion and their martial arts were beyond ordinary guards. But the top-notch guards had been killed in such a tragic way, so it must be done by some superior guards. The one who could raise these superior guards must be very tough.

On the other hand, the mansion was heavily guarded with guards patrolling around all day long. But those superior guards managed to sneak into the mansion carrying the bodies and even throw them onto Cang Susu. That was rampant.

“I’m not sure who she is…” Cang Susu told the story between she and Murong Xue to her father. As Prime Minister Cang listened to his daughter, he narrowed his eyes slightly. “She stayed in a suburban mansion? So she’s not from the capital. She’s from elsewhere!”

Cang Susu nodded, “I think so.”

Since Murong Xue was not from the capital, no one would investigate the case if she was killed. However, it never occurred to Cang Susu that Murong Xue was protected by skilled guards who killed all the assassins sent by Cang Susu, moved their bodies to the Prime Minister’s Mansion and cast the bodies onto Cang Susu to insult her.

“She’s really something. You’re no match for her. Just stay out of this. I’ll handle it for you,” Prime Minister Cang said in a low voice with a piercing glare. It humiliated him that his men were killed by those who sneaked into his mansion and insulted his daughter. No way would he ever spare them.

“Okay.” Cang Susu nodded, with a horrible look. She had confidence in it that her father was bound to catch that girl who had the guts to insult Cang Susu. Cang Susu swore that she would tear Murong Xue into pieces!

In the suburban mansion.

In a spacious room, a luminous pearl gave out faint yellow light which filled the room with coziness. In some corner, a wisp of smoke curled up from the incense burner and refreshed the room in no time.

Murong Xue came out of the screen slowly, wiping her wet hair with a towel.

As she wiped her hair with her eyes as deep as an abyss, she said inwardly, “Hope that can stop her from being so rampant to send guards to kill people.” Murong Xue just wanted to make Cang Susu aware that misdeeds came with prices, by means of giving her a small lesson, having dead bodies thrown at her.

As a white robe came into view, Murong Xue was startled and looked up, only to see a young man reclining on the light blue bed carved with patterns. He looked effortlessly noble and charming, and his flawless face was set out in the faint pearl light.

At the sight of his face, Murong Xue pulled a long face. “Ouyang Shaochen, what are you doing here?” Before she could realize, Ouyang Shaochen had sneaked into her room and lain on her bed. Fortunately, she had the habit of wearing a nightgown after taking a shower. Otherwise, if she just came out of bathroom with a belly cover, she would be taken advantage of by him.

Murong Xue’s cheek became red and her dark eyes twinkled, which made her more charming yet innocent.

Seeing this, Ouyang Shaochen lowered his eyelids slightly with his heart beating violently. He got out of bed slowly, walked over to Murong Xue and took the towel in her hand. As he gently wiped her dark hair with the towel, he said, “Let’s decide what our next move is.”

“What?” Murong Xue asked, still puzzled.

There was a flicker of uneasiness in Ouyang Shaochen’s eyes as he answered, “Cang Susu Is the daughter of Prime Minister. Since you have thrown dead bodies at her, she must bear a grudge against you and won’t let you off the hook.”

Murong Xue said carelessly, “It doesn’t matter. If that’s what it is, that’s what it is. I’m not afraid of her.”

“That’s not the point. It is just that Cang Susu is the daughter of Prime Minister. As you deal with Cang Susu, you are against Prime Minister. Prime Minister is the head of the civilian government and well-connected in the capital of Nanjiang. He is very powerful with strong support. It’s not easy for us to cope with him,” Ouyang Shaochen said worriedly.

Murong Xue raised her eyebrows. “Cang Susu caused trouble first. It was not my fault. Prime Minister would know the truth after further investigation. As the prime minister of Nanjiang, would he spare no efforts to deal with a powerless girl like me?”

“From Cang Qiong’s and Cang Susu’s personalities, you should generally know the characters of Prime Minister. Will he be a person that is selfless and can be reasoned with?” Ouyang Shaochen caught a glimpse of Murong Xue with mockery.

Murong Xue frowned. Cang Qiong and Cang Susu were just like their father in many ways. The three of them proved the proverb that the apple did not fall far from the tree. It seemed that she needed to take precautions in advance.

Suddenly, as Murong Xue was immersed in her thoughts, Ouyang Shaochen held her in his arms.

Murong Xue was startled and stared at Ouyang Shaochen fiercely, “What are you doing?”

“It’s late at night so let’s rest first!” Ouyang Shaochen said casually, walking towards the bed.

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