The Evil Prince and his Precious Wife: The Sly Lady

Chapter 22

Chapter 22 – Bullying Murong Ruo

“This Wu’an Marquis Mansion looks quite grand. It shouldn’t be lacking in money right…”

“Who knows? Maybe they really do not have enough money. Or maybe they have money but do not want to give and is prepared to default on the payment…”

“The character of people in this Wu’an Marquis Household is really quite bad…”

“Who says it isn’t…”

Everyone’s criticisms travelling into all ears. Song Qingyan’s beautiful small face turned red – so what if she takes things from Zhuyu Court? That’s she aunt’s dowry shop. No matter how much she takes, she didn’t destroy these peoples’ interest. Why are they so indignant?

Slight fury appeared beneath her eyes. She was just prepared to teach everyone a lesson when a middle-aged man rang first, “I am Jingxiu Silk Warehouse’s staff. Wu’an Marquis Household had been buying 10 years of silk cloth from our warehouse without payment. When I collect payment at the beginning of each month, they also use all sorts of excuses. Today, I have met Zhuyu Court’s staff who are in the same boat. Sigh… I shall also read out of the list to everyone…”

“On XX year, X month, X day, Wu’an Marquis’ lady bought 2 batches of Shu brocade, 2 batches of Yun brocade, 2 batches of Su embroidered brocade, worth 10,000 taels. On XX year, XX month, XX day, Wu’an Marquis’ lady brought…”

“Me too, me too. I am from the antique goods shop. Wu’an Marquis’ lady have also been taking quite a bit from the antique goods shop over these ten years. And similarly has not paid a single cent. Every time I ask for payment, they will make excuses. I have brought the list along now and shall read to everyone as well…”

Six shopkeepers representing six shops stood in front of the main entrance of the Wu’an Marquis Mansion in a line each holding a long list and loudly and clearly reading out the list in measured cadence. The large amount of each item sent people into hysterics.

“Wu’an Marquis Household really spend so much. Each time they buy almost close to 10,000 taels worth…”

“I would be willing to buy as much clothing, jewelry and antiques as possible if I could only record my debt and not payment anything…”

“If you don’t have money then don’t buy so many thing. How can one take things without paying… Wu’an Marquis Household really is… like street thugs and gangsters…”

“If someone owed me that much money and refuses to pay, but continues to take antiques and paintings from my shop, I would have sued them in court…”

Ridicule and disdainful criticisms came from all sides, scolding Song Qingyan until she daren’t look up. Face red, she urgently instructed, “Mei’er, Mei’er, hurry and go inform my mother…” The situation has gotten big and she couldn’t handle it on her own.

“Yes!” The maid Mei’er nodded and turned around to go into the Mansion when she saw Murong Ruo accompanied by a group of maids hurriedly walking over.

Her hair was raised high, revealing a beautiful small face that was well-taken care of. Her elegant robe was grand and colorful, making her look more elegant and noble. Her red lips were pursed tightly and her cold gaze swept across the line of 6 shopkeepers. Her beautiful brows tightly frowned, “What is going on?”

The 6 shopkeepers looked at each other. The staff from Zhuyu Court stepped out and bowed deeply towards Murong Ruo, “Lady Song, we have come to settle the debts!”

“If you want to settle the accounts, go and look for the butler, why are you making a ruckus here?” Murong Ruo snapped. After standing in front of the Wu’an Marquis Mansion entrance and reading out that long list of accounts, the people of the Capital will all know that Wu’an Marquis household likes to take things without paying and even owe up to ten years. By then, the household’s face will be all lost.

“Lady Song, when we looked for the butler previously, the butler always made excuses and delay the settlement. This delays has been going on for ten years. We really have no other choice that why we are doing it this way.” Zhuyu Court’s staff explained bitterly.

“That’s right, Lady Song. Because we cannot collect these debts, our shops cannot turn around and is almost going to cease operations. I beg you to settle the accounts.” The shopkeeper of Jingxiu Silk Warehouse continued, loudly begging.

“Yes, Lady Song, I beg you. We have elderly and young dependent on us. If the shop closes, we have no way to feed our family…”

The 6 shopkeepers stood in front of the entrance begging and crying, looking extremely pitiful!

The surrounding crowd shook their heads and sighed, “Isn’t the saying – the creditors are the bosses and debtors are the dogs? How come it’s the opposite here? The debtors are the bosses and creditors become the dogs.”

“Who ask them to be owed to by Wu’an Marquis household? The common people cannot fight with the officials – even if they do fight they cannot win…”

“I heard that Shuntian Magistrate Court’s Official Lin is an upright official. If you sue them there, you should be able to seek justice…”

“Official Lin’s rank is entirely not Wu’an Marquis’ level. Even if you go to court, it is hard to say…”

“That’s true. If the official’s rank is high, it can crush people. If Wu’an Marquis puts pressure on Official Lin’s judgment… Sigh…”

Ridicule poured in and attacked them. Murong Ruo’s face turned scarily dark, and her cold gaze fell on to those 6 shopkeepers. She controlled her temper and gave a false smile with much difficulty, “Any accounts with the shops have been managed by the butler. I don’t know anything about it…”

Since the issues has exploded, the reputation of Wu’an Marquis’ household has been damaged. Her mother-in-law and husband will definitely be furious. She needs to take herself out of the equation and can definitely not carry much a bad accusation.

Everyone were not convinced. Murong Ruo holds the reins to Wu’an Marquis’ household’s internal affairs. Every month she will check the expenses of the household. She makes so many silk batches, jewelry from the shops but her butler is not paying them – shouldn’t she be able to see?

Even if she didn’t notice, it is forgivable if it’s once or twice. But over ten years, she would have checked the accounts 120 times and didn’t notice till now… Hehe… Even the blind are not as dumb as her…

The antique goods store’s staff walked up and quietly said, “Lady Song, we do not want to dispute over the debt issue anymore. All we want now is to collect the payment. Please fulfill our wish!”

Whoever wants to carry the charges of damaging the reputation of the Wu’an Marquis household can do so. That has nothing to do with them. Their objective of coming here today is just to collect the debt!

Murong Xue’s eyes flashed sinisterly and then returned to normal. She smiled lightly and said, “The 6 of you need not worry. Our household has always seen our reputation as important. The debt that we owe your shops will be returned without a cent missing to all 6 of you.” The crowd was very agitated. If she dared to say a word of rejection, she would drown in their accusations.

The 6 shopkeepers immediately smiled widely and their eyes shone as they looked at Murong Ruo, “That’s fantastic. Would Lady Song be paying in cheque or cash?”

“We don’t have many cheques in the Mansion but we do have a lot of cash. However, ten years of accounts is quite a lot. Given your weak bodies, I just afraid that you are able to carry that much…” Murong Ruo said smiling, her eyes flashed with sharp coldness. She will first make a promise to replay and disperse the crowd then she will harshly teach these six incompetent bastards a lesson…

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