The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 49 - : Gambling!

Chapter 49: Gambling!

At that moment, Gayle Gadot had been completely led by Raymond’s nose.

She had studied psychology previously, but none of it was working here.

Moreover, she could not refute Raymond’s words.

After all, Raymond had been led to believe there were only the two of them in this world.

If the two of them did not play their part in preserving the human race, who would?

This was a completely closed-loop problem.

“B*stard! B*stard Raymond, come out and face your death!”

The international live broadcast room exploded again.

Raymond’s reason was sound, it was for the continuation of humanity.

Even so, every man understood it.

He had just implied to Gayle that ‘I want to have sex with you.’

“I actually can’t argue with that! Excellent!”

“Excellent! Really f*cking excellent! For this reason alone, I’m sold!”

“Look, that’s how you do it! And look at Japan, tsk tsk…”

“That’s Yamada’s individual behavior. Don’t drag Japan into it!”

“Anyway, it’s almost the same…”

“F*ck you, don’t say another word!”

“And what if I do? Are you going to hack my computer over the internet! A trash nation!”

“Just you wait!”

“I envy Gayle Gadot. If possible, I want to replace her!”

“Eh… I remember your username. Didn’t you say that Raymond is trash? Didn’t you say that Raymond is from the slums and is uneducated? How did you just go 180 degrees now!”

“I was deceived! I was just influenced by those trash bullet screens!”

“Tsk, you dare to do it but dare not admit it. Despicable!”

“I’m really looking forward to the battle between Raymond and Gayle Gadot!”

“HMM… I can see it but I can’t touch it. What’s there to look forward to? On the contrary, I’m looking forward to the cooperation between Raymond and the three-person group the most.”

“Livestock Group, have you prepared the funds? Do you need to crowdfund it?”

“+ 100”

“+ 10,086”

“The three-person group still needs crowdfunding? They have a financial group behind them. All they know is to masturbate and laze about every day!”

“Then I can be rest assured! Higher-ups, are you jealous that I can masturbate all the time? Horny goats!”

At that moment, some changes appeared in the screen, and the bullet screen gradually decreased.

Gayle Gadot was here on a mission.

The higher-ups requested that if she could hypnotize Raymond, she would hypnotize him.

If she could not, she would use her body to control him.

In any case, she would do anything.

Those were the mission parameters.

Right now, she needed to know Raymond’s plan.

“Raymond, did you build all these robots?”


“Why did you build robots?”

“To help build spaceships, yes, now I have a new idea, I plan to build spaceships!”

“Ah… But why are you doing all this?!”

“Gayle, think about it, humans disappeared overnight, such an event is definitely beyond our understanding…”

Gayle Gadot looked at the serious Raymond, she couldn’t help but complain in her heart, your actions are also beyond our understanding, don’t you know that?!

The disappearance of humans pales in comparison to whatever you’ve been up to!

“I am a firm materialist. I do not believe in the works of spirits and demons. The only explanation for such an event would be aliens.”

“Even though I don’t know what they want to do with the other humans, it can’t be good. Hence, I have to prepare for the worst!”

Gayle Gadot opened her mouth to respond.

“But Raymond, it literally takes rocket science to build spaceships, can you do it?”

“As long as the materials are sufficient, I have the confidence to build it.”


Gayle Gadot pretended to be curious and asked.

“I know you don’t believe me. In the next few days, I will build the rocket engine. When the time comes, you will believe me!”

“Then… can we stop the reproduction plan?”

Gayle Gadot asked a question that was related to her own interests.

Even though Raymond was very powerful, he did things that many scholars could not do, causing many universities to scramble to hire him as a professor.

Moreover, Raymond’s appearance was very impressive. Sex with him was not out of the question.


Raymond was from the slums.

Gayle Gadot had been taught that since the beginning.

It was hard to change her thoughts on it for the time being.

Moreover, they had only known each other for a few hours.

“No! The reproduction plan can not be stopped!”

“This… Why?”

“If we encounter aliens, with my current technology, I have no confidence that we can survive.” Raymond paused. “Our race must continue, we can’t be lost in the river of time.”

“I understand!”

At that point, Gayle Gadot had no way of turning it down.

If she continued to refute, it would only arouse Raymond’s suspicions.

It would take her time to regain his trust.

“Alright, it’s getting late. Over at the industrial park…”

“Well, I’ve brought all the ingredients over. Let’s fill our stomachs first!”

Ignoring Raymond’s follow-up words, Gayle Gadot went to cook by herself.

Raymond did not react strangely to that.

He muttered to himself as he walked.

“Should we make a spaceship or a battleship?”

“Let’s make a battleship! But if it’s a battleship, we need to make a keel.”

“As for the creation of a keel, we can’t do it with the current resources.”

“More learning is required!”

Raymond’s words were transmitted into the live broadcast room without missing a single word.

At the same time, Maggie expressed her opinion.

“Actually, Raymond isn’t wrong! The disappearance of the entire human race in one night can only be done by aliens. So, let’s look forward to Raymond’s new work!”

“At the same time, a gamble had started in Raymond’s live broadcast room.”

“Those who are interested can look at the introduction in the live broadcast room carefully, but only adults can participate in it!”

[When Raymond and Gayle Gadot first do it]

Within 1:72 hours (odds: 1:1.32)

After 2:72 hours (odds: 1:5.31)

Within 3:24 hours (odds: 1:11.23)

4: Don’t do it (Odds: 1:108)

Judging from the odds of the live broadcast, the program team had already made a rough estimation.

It was very likely that the two of them would copulate their first encounter within a day or three days.

Moreover, the odds were floating.

No matter how they calculated it, the program team would not lose anything, and they would also make a huge profit.

“This is interesting! I bet four that they won’t do it, because Gayle is mine!”

“You’re such a bully! I bet three. When you meet a goddess like Gayle, even a man would not be able to control himself. I’m already very impressed by Raymond for being able to endure such a long time without doing anything dirty!”

“What are you betting on? Betting on a dog dying a horrible death?! Can’t you save the money for your parents?”

“F*ck your parents! They gamble even more ferociously than I do, you know nothing!”

“Oof, go apply water to that burn!”

“What are you all focusing on! Shouldn’t the main point be the space battleship?”

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