The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Choosing the Construction Site for the Spaceship!

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Amidst the people’s discussion, Raymond arrived at the library.

He opened the learning platform and found the knowledge that he wanted to learn. Then, he activated the Ultimate Learning State.

[Ultimate Learning State activated. There is still 1 hour and 39 minutes left until the alert.] The system prompted.

“Okay,” Raymond replied in his heart. Then, he stared at the computer screen and started to scroll again.

The global netizens were shocked once more.

“He’s starting again. You said that he was just putting on a show, but he deduced the third to ninth cosmic velocities consecutively. You said that he was really learning, right? I really can’t believe what he can learn from this.”

“Maybe he’s already deduced it and knows that he’s participating in a program. This time, he’s deliberately showing off in front of the whole world.”

“Or maybe he’s completely unaware of it and has been hiding it in the past. Now that all of humanity has disappeared, he’s revealing his talent unscrupulously.”

For a time, netizens around the world began to make all kinds of guesses.

In the live broadcast room, the host, Maggie received an urgent notice from the program team and said, “Contestant Raymond’s attitude and abilities are admirable. Unfortunately, the contents of his academic research will be very boring, which is not in line with the program team’s original intention.

“Therefore, the program team intends to wake the tiger up and interfere with Raymond’s behavior.”

As soon as she finished her words, there was a ton of cheering.

“Hurry up, wake that tiger up. I can’t wait to see him scared sh*tless.”

“The program team is thoughtful. As long as they take care of a majority of the audience members’ feelings, it means that they make a good program team.”

“Hurry up, hurry up.”

The program team moved very quickly.

Near the university where Raymond was, a professional carefully climbed out of the designated underground tunnel.

He went to the tranquilized tiger and injected it with a syringe.

After that, the professional took the syringe and escaped through the tunnel.

At the same time, the program team split Raymond’s live broadcast into two again.

The one on the right was Raymond, while the  one on the left was the tiger.

The audience did not have to wait for long before the tiger opened its eyes.

It got up in high spirits.

“The tiger stood up. The show is about to begin, haha.”

“They woke the tiger up. If anything happens to Raymond, it’ll be a huge loss for the entire human race. The program team is really heartless.”

“It’s useless to say all that. This is still the era of money. With money, you can do whatever you want.”

The tiger got up and looked around.

Not far away, a well-disguised staff member held a silencer and pulled the trigger on the tiger.

The empty bullet brushed past the tiger’s head.



The tiger was startled by the sudden movement, and the next moment, it roared.

Following the tiger’s roar, the audience also looked at Raymond on the left.

They wanted to see if he would be frightened.

However, at that moment, Raymond was completely immersed in his studies in the library. He was not startled by the roar.

“He wasn’t startled? F*ck, he’s doing it on purpose. It’s definitely on purpose. He’s definitely putting on a show.”

“Could he really be immersed in his studies? It can’t be, right?”

“F*ck, this person is really weird.”

The audience was discussing among themselves.

As for the program team backstage, the executive director, Wilson, was also dumbfounded.

He naturally did not believe that Raymond was studying, but why did the tiger’s roar not startle him?

Was it possible that he really knew he was participating in a program?

If that was the case, his acting skills would be too explosive.

Right then, his assistant came over with a report.

“A few psychologists have come to the conclusion that Raymond was probably too engrossed and did not notice it. The possibility is as high as 90%!”

Wilson’s expression was immediately filled with disbelief.

“Sh*t! Sh*t! Who the f*ck chose this person in the first place? Why did he choose him? Sh*t!”

His assistant quietly left the room when he saw this. He knew that the executive director had been pushed into a corner.

While the program team was thinking about what to do next, time quietly passed.

Just as the alert value was about to reach its maximum, Raymond exited the Ultimate Learning State.

Regarding the knowledge that he needed to learn, he had already grasped most of it.

However, what should he do next according to the system?

[I suggest that the host finds a nearby power station. Before building a spaceship, a stable energy supply is indispensable.

[At the same time, you can choose a suitable location to build a base for the spaceship.]

Raymond instantly understood why the system had arranged it that way.

A power station that lacked maintenance would have problems in about a week, resulting in a power outage.

There was also the issue of the location where the spaceship would be built.

It was too difficult to be born without birth. The best way was to rebuild some of the existing industrial facilities.

However, the city was too big. Searching aimlessly would only waste time.

As such, Raymond turned on the computer again.

He wanted to find a blueprint related to the city’s construction plan.

To his surprise, there actually was one. On the computer not far away from him, there was a blueprint of the city.

Raymond stood up and took the blueprint in his hand.

At this time, Maggie said, “Although the plan to let the tiger’s roar interfere with Raymond failed, Raymond still stopped browsing the website. He has found a blueprint for the city’s construction plan. What does he plan to do next?”

“It has begun. He must have felt too lonely and has started to plan for destruction. He was looking for the architectural plan to see where to start.”

“That’s reasonable and convincing. As expected of a genius. He even needs to have a clear plan for destruction.”

“Shut up, you guys. It’s too early to come to a conclusion. Don’t get slapped in the face.”

Under the watchful eye of the global audience, Raymond took the blueprint of the city and walked out as he read it.

The first thing he paid attention to was obviously the information about the power stations.

There were a total of 42 wind, hydraulic, and other types of power stations in the city.

The most suitable ones were undoubtedly the solar photovoltaic power stations and wind hydraulic power stations.

When the time came, the system could provide the relevant technology and modify them.

Next, it was time to choose a location that would act as the base for the spaceship’s construction.

Soon, Raymond’s eyes moved around, and he found an industrial park on the map: Darwin Industrial Park.

According to the blueprint, the industrial park was located on the southeastern side of the city. It was filled with solar, wind, hydraulic power stations, and other types of power stations.

This was it!

After confirming the address, Raymond immediately walked out of the library and out of the university.

However, it was also at this time that he felt hungry.

He had to find food and have a good meal first.

Raymond remembered that there was a hotel nearby. So, he turned around and headed toward the hotel.

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