The Entire Mankind is Acting As Me, I Shall Secretly Build a Battleship and Shock the World

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: Is This Truly For Science?

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Antonio Ian’s voice fell.

The meeting room fell silent.

The old men did not say anything right away.

They were in a bit of a dilemma.

They were pure scholars.

An unprecedented genius had appeared in their field.

That was of course, extremely exciting.

They never wanted to see fellow geniuses fall and go crazy.


They were only scientists. At most, they had contributed a lot to some fields.

But who were the people who controlled the power of the world?

It was those extremely rich people.

It was those financial groups!

They controlled the world’s economic lifeline, and they could do anything in the world.

They could even change the powers that be!

In front of them, his identity as a scientist was nothing more than a joke.

How could these financial groups allow them to save him?

After a long while, an old man lit a cigarette and said slowly, “Let’s try to negotiate.”

His attitude was clear.


Antonio Ian got his assistant to find the contact information of an assistant director of the program team of ‘Humans On Camera.’

A call was made.

The other party quickly picked up. “Hello, who is this?”

“This is Antonio Ian from the Academy of Aeronautics.”

“Oh, Professor Ian! You specifically called. Is there something you need?”

The assistant director knew this name.

In the entire United States, almost nobody did not know this name.

Antonio Ian went straight to the point.

On the other end of the phone, the assistant director was silent for a moment before saying, “Professor Ian, I can’t make the decision on this matter. I need to ask my higher-ups.”

The phone was hung up.

The meeting room fell into silence once again.

Not long after, the assistant director called.

“Professor Ian, it’s very difficult for us to fulfill your request. Replacing a person requires a lot of money and time. Moreover, with the popularity of the program now, it’s almost impossible to find a suitable person.

Therefore, I’m very sorry.”

Antonio Ian looked disappointed.

In the end, there was still no way to save that genius.


The assistant director’s voice changed, and Antonio Ian’s face softened. There was still a chance for things to turn around?

“However, we also feel that if this person really went crazy, it might greatly impact the follow-up of the show. After all, a considerable portion of the popularity of the show now comes from Raymond.

“So, we plan to use a method.”

“What method?”

Antonio Ian subconsciously asked.

“Arrange another plane crash! Such a huge collision would shock Raymond back to lucidity.

“Of course, the cost of this plane crash will be paid by you. In addition, you will also need to sponsor our program team with 10 million US dollars.

“At the end of the day, Raymond has nothing to do with you, so you don’t have to do anything for him. So for the time to come, please seriously consider it. After you have considered it, you can tell us your decision.”

The call was hung up again.

There was another long silence.


The few old men looked at each other and vaguely saw the fire in each other’s eyes. It seemed to be a ray of hope!

“For Science.”

“For Science!”


30 minutes later.

In the international live broadcast room.

Maggie suddenly announced, “Currently, contestant Raymond’s mental state is not stable. The program team will carry out a rescue mission for humanitarian reasons. The program team has already arranged for another passenger plane to crash near Raymond and hope the loud noise jolts him back to sanity.”

As soon as she finished her sentence.

The whole world was in an uproar.

No one would have thought that the program team would pay such a price to save Raymond.

“Wow, as expected of the top ten financial groups. They are so generous.”

“Is this the world of the rich? I don’t even dare waste bacon like how they’re wasting airplanes!”

“However, it’s unfair for the other contestants. The program team is personally interfering the events of one contestant. Anyhow, the program team’s humanitarian spirit is indeed worthy of respect.”

“For crying out loud! What’s there to save for a lowly person from a slum? Why don’t you save me instead of Park Hyun-yo oppa!”

Baka! Our country’s Miyoshi Yamada also needs saving!”

“I’m laughing. Yamada the godly fapper is still asleep. He’s in his recovery process. There’s no need for the program team to save him. Haha.”


“I hope that contestant Raymond is already immersed in his own world. No noise is going to bring his mind back. Only then will it be interesting.”

There were all sorts of comments on the bullet screen.

Those who were biased against Raymond and gloated over his misfortune were still the majority.

America, slums.

“These rich people are planning to save Raymond who is about to go crazy? Are you serious? Would the rich be so kind-hearted?”

The bearded man’s face was full of disbelief.

The moment Maggie’s voice fell, he almost thought he was hearing things.

Why would the rich deliberately save a person from the slums?

What a joke!

“Impossible. Some forces out there must have come to understand the value of Raymond. Those people don’t want to see him go crazy and have negotiated with the program team.

“They must have paid a heavy price.”

The old man guessed.

“He’s not alone…”

Afternoon, 4 pm.

In the library.

Raymond had already finished reading all the knowledge and materials in the mathematics field.

The mathematical knowledge in his mind was numerous but not chaotic. It had been segmented and organized.

Now, in the current world, no one in the mathematics field knew more than Raymond.

This was naturally the help of the Ultimate Learning State.

It allowed him to learn knowledge that most people would never be able to learn in a lifetime.

Just as Raymond was about to move on to physics.

There was an explosion.

It came from not far away.

Raymond subconsciously turned his head and looked at the source of the sound.

His vision was once blocked by a huge French window.

But then, even this French window was covered with dense cracks.



The French window shattered.

His field of vision became clear.

Not far away, flames rose and thick smoke billowed.

Raymond stood up and walked over.

In the outside world, some scientists could not help but smile when they saw this scene.

He was finally awakened. As long as he woke up, it would be fine.

Some people who did not want to see Raymond wake up were flustered and exasperated. They vented their dissatisfaction on the bullet screens in the international live broadcast room and on the international forums.

Another plane crash!

Raymond saw clearly what had exploded not far away. His was a little dazed.

This plane crash was closer than the one in the morning. If it was any closer, it could affect his learning process.

There were so many uncertain factors everywhere!

Who knows when he might die.

However, unless he hid dozens of meters underground, the probability of being hit by a falling plane was about the same.


For now, it was better to continue studying.

Raymond returned to the computer and turned on the -Ultimate Learning State again. He went back to the Physics entry and began to study.

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