The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 9

Chapter 9 the Cold-faced Xiao Bao and the Enchanting Mother

A small face that is incomparably exquisite, too cute that it could make people want to scream.

However, that adorably beautiful face does not have any expression at all.

Raising his little head up, a pair of pure and splendid dark blue eyes calmly stare at the black bear.

The black bear seems to see disdain and provocation from those eyes.

“ROAR ~~~” the majesty of the forest’s overlord cannot be questioned.

The bear discards the food to lift its large black claws, aiming a strike towards the boy.

The Bear’s paw brings forth a powerful hurricane, relentlessly shaking the surrounding trees.

In an instant, it could be seen that the bear’s paw is on the boy, yet he did not turn into meat paste.

In the next moment however, the black bear’s paw did not land, but its entire stout body is lifted up.

The bear’s big eyes turn into spirals.

Once it looks down, it suddenly opened its eyes wide.

No matter how low the intelligence of the bear is, it could still show an incredulous astonishment at this very moment.

Because its immense form that is at least a few hundred pounds, it was actually lifted up by the Little Bean Sprout.

The Little Bean Sprout is still expressionless as his short chubby hand spins the black bear in the air, and then he lets go.

Boom – ! With a loud bang, the whole forest quakes, the birds and beasts flee all over the place.

After a quarter of an hour.

A small boy drags four strung-together bear paws before a cave.

He builds a fire, and with neat and orderly actions, quickly processes the bear paws. Afterwards he roasts them on the fire.

The fragrance of meat permeates in the air.

At that moment, a pleasingly carefree and lazy voice of a woman comes from within the dwelling, “Smells good, Xiao Bao, what kind of food did you hunt and bring back?”

The little boy turns and looks toward the cave entrance. The pretty little face is still without an expression.

But those deep blue eyes sparkle, as if stars shine within them.

Soon, a figure of a girl in white emerges from the opening of the cave.

It’s a teenage girl who is only 18 or 19 years old, wearing simple white clothes that serve to flatter her flesh of ice and bones of jade[ref][1][/ref]. With that delicate and peerless appearance, it could make people open their eyes and widen their perspectives.

That appearance cannot be said to be capable of causing the downfall of a nation, but she comes with a temperament like an illusory immortal. Like a celestial that had fallen from the Ninth Heaven and strayed into the mundane world, it could make people desire to touch, but at the same time cannot bear to profane.

The boy’s eyes are bright, and he only needed a moment to jump up to the girl, as if he can’t wait to plaster himself to her.

Even if the little face is still taut and rigid, it could still be seen how much he loves the girl, how attached he is.

“I say little lady-killer, if you look at me so much like this, I could only fall in love with you!”

When the young girl opens her mouth to speak, the celestial temperament disappears without a trace.

She raises her hand to the little boy’s chin, her fingers feeling the smooth skin beneath them. She lowers her head and lays a loud smooch on the soft and tender cheeks; her smiling face has a particularly languid charm.

The little boy turns his head expressionlessly; he flips the bear paw above the fire, and said, “Niangqin, you can eat this.”

Jun MuYan tilts her head with her palm under her chin; she beams at her handsome and exceptional son, truly more and more pleasing to the eye. The more she looks, the more outstanding he seems.

In a blink of an eye, the mother and son have lived within the mountains for four years.

When they entered this cave four years ago, MuYan’s heart was still filled with hatred and darkness. But now, she can’t thank the heavens enough.

Thank the Heavens that gifted Xiao Bao[2] to her.

Of course, she wants to avenge the hatred, but the most important thing in MuYan’s mind is not revenge, but Xiao Bao.

[1]Elegant – it is used to describe manner and appearance.

[2]not his real name, just means little baby/treasure.

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