The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 566 - A Family of Three Sleeping Together

Chapter 566 – A Family of Three Sleeping Together

He looked at Gong Qianxue seeming to want to say something, but he finally hesitated for a long time before swallowing it back.

No…it’s impossible right?

That Jun Mu Yan couldn’t be the same person from back then, right?

The girl who he diagnosed with pregnancy, who carried the immortal fetus. She could not be alive, could she?

Maybe…maybe it’s just the same name. Maybe it’s just a homonym.

Qian Qing resisted the urge to vocalize his guess.

He couldn’t wait to see what Jun Muyan looked like.

“Princess, don’t worry, let this subordinate handle this matter for you. Your subordinate promises that the doctors of the entire Yanwu continent will become the princess’s possessions. That Jun Mu Yan will never be able to escape Your Highness’s palms. .”

Gong Qianxue sneered and nodded.

Neither of them noticed that in a small gap at the top of the underground palace, a pair of eyes were looking at it all.

Bai Yichen raised his head, growing slightly. A look of worry flashed through his eyes.

He must find a way to inform Mu Yan and warn her to be careful of Qian Qing.


After solving the Golden Silkworm Gu, Mu Yan didn’t do anything. Instead, she hugged Xiao Bao and lay down next to Di Ming Jue, sleeping peacefully.

Next morning when she opened her eyes, the man’s handsome face was just at hand’s length.

(T/N: I assume the author wanted to say arm’s length but they used the word hand instead of arm. So, I’m using it as it is.)

His expression was so serene and peaceful that Mu Yan got startled for a while, unable to return to her senses.

After a long while, Xiao Bao’s soft voice woke her up from her reverie, “Niangqin…”

Mu Yan regained her senses, smiled and lowered her head to kiss her baby son’s cheek.

Since the last time the Tian Mo Qin was repaired, in addition to the mountains and rivers, a pool of spring water was also added in her space.

Although the spring water was shallow and had no special functions, Mu Yan and Xiao Bao were still very happy. They can live more comfortably in the space.

For example, they can wash now.

Turning her head to look at the pink jade milk-doll, Mu Yan became playful. She couldn’t help but reach out and poke Xiao Bao’s cute cheeks.

Xiao Bao’s small mouth immediately spewed out water.

As the sprayed dirty water touched the ground, it immediately disappeared without a trace.

The ability of this space to purify itself is very powerful, and even the herbs pulled by the rabbit, if not deliberately collected, will be immediately absorbed.

Xiao Bao glanced at Mu Yan helplessly before he finished washing and obediently dried his face.

He also reached out and wiped her fingers.

His appearance like a little adult taking care of people melted Mu Yan’s heart.

She smiled and picked up Xiao Bao and kissed him several times on his soft and tender cheek before turning around and walking into the tower.

This time, the dangers in the battle were all around, and the power of the Seven Sword Spirits was very short term

It made Mu Yan realize how important it was for her spiritual power to grow to use the full potential of Shen Musician’s godly inheritance.

However, the Yanwu Continent had no spiritual power at all, so naturally there were no related techniques.

And she didn’t even know what her spiritual level was right now.

At this time, Di Ming Jue was not there, and Han Ye was particularly unreliable—he understood spiritual power, but because he was born in the Xiuxian Continent he immediately started as a spiritual cultivator. He didn’t understand the cultivation method at the early stage of spiritual root formation at all.

In desperation, Mu Yan remembered the books of the tower in the space.

There were all kinds of books in it, some useless, but some were very useful.

So she intended to spend more time to find out if there were any basic books on spirituality in this tower.

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