The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Hard Bones

Could mean firm moral character/ stubborn

“As the third prince of the dignified Chi Yan Country, is your Highness really willing to become a waste from now on?”

Lou Beiyu slowly raises his eyes and his pale cracked lips show a cold and ridiculing smile: “Didn’t I say that I don’t know where Master is? Even if I know, I won’t tell you. Kill me if you can. In any case, Gong Qian Teng will accompany me to die, and I won’t suffer any losses!”

The old man frowns and as he is about to speak, a painful crying and groaning pierces through from the side.

There is a paralyzed man on that side, reclining on a wicker chair with his whole body festering.

He has completely lost mobility on his lower body, even his urination and defecation now requires other people’s help to clean up.

The skin is has a lot of swelling, black pustules. Every time the pustules rupture, putrid mucus disperses along his body.

This man is precisely Gong Qian Teng.

Xiao Bao hit his spine and paralyzed half his body. Add poisoning on top of that, so every inch of his body feels like it’s being painfully bitten by ants.

The whole person looks neither like a man nor like a ghost, divorced from his former elegant and handsome appearance just like heaven and earth, cloud and mud.

Even if the maid waiting on his side did the best she could to endure, she still reveals an expression of fear and disgust.

“Ah–! Get lost! Go away! s.l.u.t, you dare slight benw.a.n.g, I’ll kill you!!”

Saying so, Gong Qian Teng pulls out a long sword from a guard next to him, and directly cuts off the maid’s head.

The maid wasn’t even able to make a sound, as her head falls to the ground and she dies.

Blood splatters across Gong Qian Teng’s face.

Gong Qian Teng goes crazier. His red eyes furiously glaring at Lou Beiyu, he bellows hysterically: “Beat, beat him within an inch of his life. I must let him live to want death, but not allowed to die!! Chop off his hands and feet for me!! Aaargh!!!”

The old man in yellow clothes looks at Gong Qian Teng with contemptuous eyes, but respectfully says: “The second prince can rest a.s.sured, our Master has given us orders and we shall certainly vent anger for you properly.”

Saying so, he looks towards Lou Beiyu with a vicious smile on his mouth, “Do you think it would be that easy to die after falling into our Jin Hong Men’s clutches? When we cripple the tendons on your hands and feet, and your internal force is eroded by the Tian Du Vagary Powder, you will turn into a waste that can’t muster any power to resist. Then, we will sell you to the dirtiest “Wan Ren Ku (Everyman’s Hole)” in the ghost city, where people like you with soft skin and tender flesh are the most popular, no matter male or female. Hehe, at that time, there are people in Wan Ren Ku with plenty of ways to make you obedient…”

Although Lou Beiyu is already lifeless, he suddenly raises his head after hearing this. He yells, “You dare?!! I’m Chi Yan Country’s third prince, you can kill me but you can’t dishonor me!”

“Haha… there is nothing under the skies that our Jin Hong Men wouldn’t dare to do!” says the yellow-clothed man as he raises his sword and slashes it down.

Lou Beiyu immediately produces a pained exhale as both his feet lose strength and go limp. The tendons on his feet are maimed.

“How about now, are you ready to tell us the whereabouts of that mother and child?” The old man in yellow clothes speaks slowly, “If you’re still not going to speak, then next will be both of your hands’ turn…”

Lou Beiyu clenches his teeth and refuses to say a word. But in the end, humiliated and desperate tears slipped out of his eyes.

When he thinks that the dignified third prince will be degraded in Wan Ren Ku as a slave that people can trample as they wish, he really can’t wait to die.

The old man in yellow laughs, “The bones are actually quite hard. I also want to see how long you can remain that way!”

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