The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: The Downfall of the G.o.d Musicians

The Tian Mo Qin, that had become incomparably eye-catching in the s.p.a.ce of inheritance, has become a dark, rotten wood at this moment.

Oh, a little better than rotten wood.

The Qin’s body has become slick and smooth, and the snapped strings have reconnected by themselves.

Furthermore, there’s a very curious thing – the left corner of the Qin has her name engraved on it – Jun Muyan.

These three characters are very small and the carving isn’t very clear. They can’t be seen without looking closely.

The zither that Muyan is currently holding would give others the impression of an unremarkable and commonplace seven-stringed qin. But it will not gather belittling looks from others, they won’t think of it as trash.

However, Muyan had seen the brilliance and glamour of the real Tian Mo Qin!

How could she be reconciled? She says in dismay, “What’s going on? It was definitely pretty just now, why did it become worn-out?”

Xiao Bao sees that Niangqin is really alright. Her vitality it getting better and better, and even her complexion is becoming ruddy. He relaxes.

He pushes the Tian Mo Qin aside and nestles into Muyan’s hug. He says in a m.u.f.fled voice, “Xiao Bao only needs niangqin, not the Qin.”

Muyan immediately cuddles her baby and smiles: “Nn, niangqin also doesn’t want the Qin, just Xiao Bao.”

The ignored world treasure, Tian Mo Qin: …this new owner just can’t tell what’s good!

“*cough* … Tian Mo Qin just hasn’t returned to its original state. It is just because it was sealed, and the seal needs to be lifted.” When Muyan and Xiao Bao are hugging each other, the mild female voice can’t help but speak up: “Congratulations on becoming the master of Tian Mo Qin, as well as being the sole heir of the Shen Musicians.”

“I would also like to congratulate myself. A thousand years, I have waited here for a thousand years. I have waited for this day to finally arrive. After everything, my Shen Musician inheritance will not be thoroughly broken.”

Muyan lets go of Xiao Bao and stares into the void, frowning, “Can you tell me who you are now? And, you say that I’m the heir to your G.o.d Musicians’ inheritance, won’t you show yourself?”

After she says that, a woman’s silhouette slowly appears a little ways in front of her.

The woman is dressed in white; she has refined features and a sublime temperament. Her age appears to be in the early twenties, but those eyes contain the reflection of blue seas turning into mulberry fields*. (*great changes)

“My name is Baili Yinlou, a Shen Musician, the last one of the G.o.d Musicians.”

The woman slowly asks with a gently voice: “Do you know of the Shen Musicians?”

Muyan shakes her head, “I’ve only heard of musicians.”

“That’s right, how could you possibly know of the Shen Musicians?” Baili Yinlou reveals a distressed expression, “That’s precisely their purpose… to rid the world of Shen Musicians, to make it so no one knows we ever existed. Otherwise, if those people knew that the legacy of the G.o.d Musician is still preserved, I am afraid that they won’t have a restful sleep!”

“Are G.o.d Musicians very powerful?”

“Haha… you’re asking me if Shen Musicians are powerful?” Baili Yinlou reveals a taunting smile, “It used to be the most formidable existence in the world, but precisely because it was too strong, it gave rise to fear and anxiousness to others. Then, those despicable people banded together to scheme against us, and destroy the entire G.o.d Musician’s Hall.”

“My father and my husband have exhausted their hearts’ blood just to send me to this Yanwu Continent, hoping to save the last bloodline of G.o.d Musicians. But those people still refused to give up. After a chase of thousands of miles, I still died in their hands.”

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