The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: Failure Means Death

The wood on it has deteriorated; it doesn’t have any feeling of might or internal force. Some of the qin’s strings have even snapped. What part of it does her Xiao Bao perceive as strong?

Hearing Muyan’s question, Xiao Bao himself is confused and can only say, “Xiao Bao just knows it. It’s – very strong.”

Muyan holds Xiao Bao in one hand, while her other hand carries the broken and worn-out qin. She can’t help but sigh ruefully.

She’s afraid that those who have died in the second place of inheritance would want to kill themselves if they knew – that the reputed extraordinary top-notch inherited instrument of the Shen (G.o.d) Musician… is this derelict qin.

“This isn’t just a broken zither, it is what has previously moved unhindered along the three realms, and all under the heavens must bend the knee in surrender, the most valuable treasure throughout the skies and the earth – Tian Mo Qin (Demonic Zither)!”

In response to Muyans doubts, the familiar female voice speaks once again.

This time however, this woman’s voice is no longer gentle, but is filled with deep and suffocating oppression that stems from experiencing the various vicissitudes of life.

Muyan speechlessly looks down at the broken zither in her hands.

Although she’s never heard of the Tian Mo Qin, the name just sounds so cool and imposing. Especially the part about “moving unhindered along the three realms and all under the heavens must bend the knee in surrender”.

Yet the zither in her hands is in serious disrepair no matter how you look at it. A little grazing from her fingers would result in bits of rotten wood falling off.

This is really the most valuable treasure throughout the skies and earth, the thing that those people desperately wanted to obtain?

Muyan is seriously skeptical.

Anyway, she doesn’t let herself brood over the Tian Mo Qin. Instead, she narrows her eyes and asks, “Who are you? What is this place?”

The female voice unhurriedly answers, “This is the third place of inheritance of the G.o.dly Musician. If you want to know my ident.i.ty, then you must pa.s.s the third trial! Succeed, and I will tell you who I am; Fail, I will obliterate you and the body of the Immortal spirit beside you. Now, are you ready?”

“Hold on!” Muyan’s face immediately changes once she heard that failure would lead to her son’s death, “I never said that I want to accept the inheritance.”

“Hehe, since you have entered and have chosen the Tian Mo Qin, everything is no longer within your control. G.o.d Musician’s Inheritance, the third trial begins…”

As soon as the voice fades, Muyan only feels as if the world is spinning. Everything around her disappears without a trace then she arrives at a strange s.p.a.ce.

She can’t see any doors or windows around. There is only endless darkness in every direction.

A little ways in front of her, she could see a bright glow, like a flame on a candle.

However, when Muyan tries to get closer to the light, she would find herself getting farther from it.

Muyan furrows her brows, she feels that this is a dangerous situation.

Right from the start, she has determined that the inheritance of this Shen Musician is very formidable.

In Yanwu Continent, who can bend s.p.a.ce to their will, and who can use their mysterious energy to toy with these Yanwu experts and kill them easily?


In her past life, Muyan had already reached the peak of the Precelestial realm, and she had almost survived the thunder tribulations to achieve the forged body.

At that time, she was already aware that there is a much greater world above the Yanwu Continent.

Gong Qianxue had made all kinds of plans so that after ascending to that world, she could still call the winds and summon the rain.

Mu Yan also knows that people in that world are not martial pract.i.tioners, but true cultivators who are capable of roaming the heavens and the earth.

Then, is the master of this inheritance a cultivator from the higher realm?

As she is contemplating, the candle flame in front of Muyan suddenly flares.

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