The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Crazed Cruelty

MuYan just realized that Xiao Bao is nowhere to be seen so she immediately gives chase.

The visibility within Fog Forest is too low, so she spends a lot of time wandering around without finding her son.

What she finds instead is Lin Sitong lying on the ground, on death’s door.

When she saw Lin Sitong’s miserable condition, vivisected from her chest to her abdomen, the normally indifferent MuYan feels pity well up in her heart.

The silver needles flicker at her fingertips and she quickly inserts them into Lin Sitong’s major acupuncture points.

But she had lost too much blood, and her whole Dantian is completely shattered. It can be said that there is simply no hope of survival.

Under the stimulation of the silver needles however, Lin Sitong slowly opens her eyes.

MuYan quickly asks: “Have you seen a four-year-old child pa.s.s by, carrying a long-haired rabbit?”

Lin Sitong’s eyesight is blurry, dazed at first. Soon after, she points to a direction, “He…he has fled in that direction. You-you should quickly save him, Gong… Gong Qianxue wants to kill him!”

“What?! Who did you say?!” MuYan’s pupils instantly shrinks.

“Gong Qianxue… she has… because I formed a contract with the holy beast… she dug out my… internal Blood Contract bead.”

Gong Qianxue! It was really Gong Qianxue!

Hehe, that’s right, only she is capable of such crazed cruelty!

To dig out the blood contract bead from inside the Dantian of a living person!

Lin Sitong’s eyes are now gradually losing focus, her breathing slowly grows weaker.

However, tears still roll down from the corners of her eyes, “Yichen… brother… I had… promised to be his… his bride…we both agreed to… get married next year…if Yichen-brother knows that I died, probably… break his heart a… I’m so sorry…Yichen brother, Sitong can’t… can’t stay with you…”

MuYan’s heart fills with sadness. Her hatred against Gong Qianxue further intensifies, and she worries about Xiao Bao.

Although she very much sympathizes with Lin Sitong, she must now find Xiao Bao as soon as possible.

However, Lin Sitong suddenly grabs her hand and places a jade bracelet in it: “Girl… beg you to help me… give this to Yichen brother… tell him not to… feel sad… ”

“Wait, which sect is your Yichen brother from? What’s the full name?”

However, after those last words, Lin Sitong completely closes her eyes and breathes her last.

MuYan looks at the dark-green jade bracelet in her hands, red blood staining it. She frowns and accepts it in her mind.

In any case, the most important issue right now is Xiao Bao.

She will never let Gong Qianxue harm Xiao Bao again.

Xiao Bao carries the rabbit as he runs in Fog Forest, lightning fast.

For a short period of time, Gong Qianxue and her subordinates are really unable to catch him.

But Xiao Bao is after all, just a four-year-old child that could get tired.

At last, he is cornered by a few people to the edge of a steep cliff.

The fog in this place isn’t as dense. Looking down from the cliff, below is still within the area of the Fog Forest.

But from the height where he’s standing, there’s at least a hundred meters drop to the forest below.*

Jumping down, even if one is a Precelestial expert, one will directly fall to his death.

Within the fog, not far from where he is, Gong Qianxue’s cold and murderous voice is heard, “Why don’t you keep running! I’d like to see whether or not can escape my clutches!”

Xiao Bao hugs rabbit, coldly watching Gong Qianxue.

A guard at Gong Qianxue’s side wants to get some credits. Without warning, he pounces while gathering Mysterious Energy in his hand, wanting to knock Xiao Bao down.

*T/N: I have considered the thing about reaching terminal velocity, normal humans surviving as long as they fall right, and decided to completely ignore how a Precelestial would fare ? hahaha…

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