The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Cutting out the Child

MuYan went cold. In the past life, she only came to consciousness the moment they cut her belly open.

But in this life, she woke up earlier because of the sudden pain in her abdomen.

Hence, she unexpectedly overhears this exchange.

“Remember to cut out her entire womb for me, that unborn child should not have the slightest damage.”

“Daren, please rest a.s.sured that we will absolutely make sure to hand over the fresh and living child to you. Hehe, we’ve heard that women could eat a seven-month-old swaddling infant, that it’s the most nutritious…”

The man’s voice suddenly turns severe, “Don’t say what you must not say: the more you know, the sooner you die!”

Great Aunt Su immediately replies with fear and meekness, “Yes, yes, I spoke too much! I lack awareness!”

“Before the third hour of wushi(11am-1pm), deliver the child to our appointed teahouse. I will wait for you at the usual place. Remember, that child must not have any damage!”

Outside the room, Great Aunt Su’s happy and fawning voice slowly drifts away, probably sending the man out.

MuYan immediately came to herself, only to find that she had bitten her own lips open, the fresh blood coats the tip of her tongue. It is fishy but sweet.

She remembers that when her child had been taken away at that time, Great Aunt Su happily placed him in a food container and left.

No one took the slightest interest at her lying in the bed, only waiting for all the blood to drain out of her body.

Just when MuYan was deep in despair, Gong Qianxue appeared.

She saved her, and gave her hope in order to live.

MuYan never expected that the mastermind of all this was Gong Qianxue.

The man must have been sent by Gong Qianxue, otherwise, what are the chances for her to save MuYan?

Thinking of this, MuYan’s eyes rippled with terrifying coldness and decisiveness.

The previous her had been manipulated into blindness, to the point where she treated her enemy as a benefactor.

Since the Heavens had given her a chance to be reborn, she would never allow anyone to harm her child.

Her gaze lands on the swell of her belly, and MuYan’s expression turned incredibly gentle, “Baby, this new life is thanks to you helping mommy, right?”

It is the pain from the baby’s energetic kick that caused her to wake up earlier, giving her the time to gather herself.

“Baby, you can rest a.s.sured that in this life, mommy will certainly protect you!”

The bound hands begin to struggle violently, the rough twine rubbing against her delicate skin, making them instantly b.l.o.o.d.y.

But as if MuYan can’t feel the slightest pain, her struggling becomes more and more intense and resolute.

The first hand breaks free!

The second hand breaks free!

As she is about to get up and untie her feet, the sound of disorderly footsteps could be heard nearing the door.

MuYan’s expression sinks and she hesitates for a moment. She immediately lies back in place and makes herself look as if she’s still bound.

A creaking sound, the door of the room opens.

MuYan looks at the side and finds that in addition to the Great Aunt Su, her two female cousins Su Jinzhu and Su Baozhu; there’s also the male cousin Su Zhiyong and his wife, Chen Yu Lan.

“Ma, this smelly girl woke up!”

Hearing her daughter Su Jinzhu’s, words, Su-shi quickly looks at Jun MuYan on the bed.

She originally thought that Jun MuYan would cry and beg for mercy, but who knew that she would instead see a pair of chilling bright eyes.

“Ah-!” that look in her eyes frightens Su-shi to retreat; she almost falls down to the floor on her a.s.s

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