The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Help Arrives

MuYan takes it with a smile and finishes the remaining Blue Treasure Fruit. Then she nonchalantly throws the core, “Well, stupid disciple, let’s go and not waste more time here.”

Lou Beiyu absentmindedly nods his head, and couldn’t help but take a second look at the Blue Treasure Fruit’s core.

Other people have the same expression and actions as him.

The famous Blue Treasure Fruit, a precious seven rank mysterious fruit, was thrown away after a few bites.

Lou Beiyu comes to a realization then, that this Master of his is apparently not simple at all.

“Wretch, we guarded the Blue Treasure Fruit for three days ah! I’ll kill you!!” The maid beside Gou Zifei roars, finally unable to hold back and swings her sword.

Seeing the coldly glinting sword nearing before his eyes, Lou Beiyu doesn’t think twice and steps in front of MuYan.

A hand wearing gold gloves stretches out and catches the attacking sword.

His Internal force surges, demonstrating the strength of an Earth grade pract.i.tioner.

There is the sound from that impact, and the sword breaks.

Lou Beiyu releases another palm, pushing out several maids with the wind pressure of his strike.

Two of them cry out and are driven to the ground.

Gou Zifei looks at Lou Beiyu in disbelief, then looks at MuYan in bitter resentment.

She never expected that for MuYan, Lou Beiyu would actually raise his hands against her people.

But she is just on the middle of Profound stage, how could she be an opponent to the Earth grade Lou Beiyu?

Could it be that she really needs to condone the woman who took her Blue Treasure Fruit?

As the two parties are confronting each other, they suddenly hear the sound of rushing horse hooves.

Everyone simultaneously pay attention to it.

They see a few horses coming in from outside of Fog Forest. In this dense fog, there’s not the slightest bit hesitation or panic from them.

The horses are clearly not your average foals.

As Gou Zifei sees the arriving people, she immediately reveals a happy expression and loudly calls out: “Second Highness!”

“Shu–” The horse walks up to their group before it finally stops.

A handsome man in bright yellow garments dismounts from his horse.

Gou Zifei hastens over to him at once, and nestles into his arms like a bird. She says while pouting playfully, “Your Highness, why are you only arriving now? I’ve been waiting for you in this thick fog for several days!”

“Haha, to have troubled Feifei to wait so long, that’s benw.a.n.g’s* sin!” The man strokes Gou Zifei’s face, he says with a smile that isn’t a smile, “Now the precious Mysterious Plant that we want to collect from the Fog Forest, the one that benw.a.n.g asked you to get, how is it?”

*That’s how some princes address themselves.

At the mention of the precious Mysterious Plant, Gou Zifei immediately remembers the Blue Treasure Fruit that had been eaten.

She grits her teeth for a moment and instantly shows a depressed expression. “Your Highess, you must act for Feifei! With great difficulty, we finally found Blue Treasure Fruit and guarded it for three days and three nights, just as we grabbed it from the mouth of a Strange beast, who would think that it would actually be stolen!”

“Blue Treasure Fruit?” the indulgent man who looks like he’s spoiling a child, couldn’t help but slightly widen his eyes after hearing the name Blue Treasure Fruit. “Where is Blue Treasure Fruit now?”

Gou Zifei points to MuYan, and hatefully says: “This woman s.n.a.t.c.hed it. I clearly said that it was something we obtained with great difficulty, but she still shamelessly took it for herself. Also, she actually ate our Blue Treasure Fruit!”

The man’s eyes follow the direction pointed by Gou Zifei.

When he sees MuYan holding Xiao Bao, his pupil involuntarily contracts.

He immediately lets go of Gou Zifei. Stepping forward, his eyes fixatedly stares at MuYan, “This girl, did you eat my Blue Treasure Fruit? Do you know who I am? If you take away what’s mine, you should pay a price!”

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