The Enchantress of Medicine, with the Heaven Defying Child, and the Black Belly Father

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: A Painting of a Beauty in See-through, Flimsy Clothes?

If an ordinary man sees such a beauty, he would have long thrown himself over to get close to her.

However, Lou Beiyu didn’t even put her in his eyes. Instead, with a drawing tool on hand, he is seriously drawing on paper.

After sketching for a while however, Lou Beiyu suddenly bursts in frustration, throws his pen and shouts, “Get out, get out! Quickly get out of my sight!”

The beautiful girl is startled into crying, but she didn’t dare to say anything and hastily leaves.

“Your Highness Third Prince, what’s the matter? This girl is the number one beauty in Xia’an City. It can’t be that even she is unable to give inspiration to Your Highness?”

Lou Beiyu says angrily: “What first beauty, she’s just commonplace doll in rouge and powder!”

The subordinate wears a troubled look, and before he could ask more, someone suddenly opens the curtain and says: “You Highness, Li-daren requests an audience. He said that he has found a peerless great beauty for Your Highness.”

“Peerless great beauty? Is he not fooling me again?” Lou Beiyu says in disdain, “What cat or dog is he calling a peerless great beauty this time? Whatever, tell him to let her enter.”

Receiving Lou Beiyu’s command, the subordinate immediately goes to do as ordered.

After a moment, the beautiful woman does not enter but is brought in.

Lou Beiyu watches in suspicion until he clearly sees the appearance of the woman in white. For a while, he turns silly and just stares blankly fixated.

“There is a bewitching enchantress, vacillating along the Xiang riverbank. A glimpse is the quintessence of piquancy, a gesture the definition of grace.” Lou Beiyu murmurs, and wanting to touch the girl’s face, stretches out his hand but nervously retracts it right back.

“Beautiful… truly the summit of beauty. The beauty’s charm is in her grace, it is deep in her bones, not just the surface of the skin. For such an enchantress, how could those rouged, powdered commoners even compare? Quick, give her a change of clothes, this prince is now inspired. I believe that this time, I will be able to create the most delightful painting of a beauty.”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Several maids heed the command and step forward, intending to take the girl’s clothes off.

At that moment, the girl in white flutters her eyelashes and opens her eyes.

Those eyes are so clear and lively, they look like the undulations of autumn ripples.

Lou Beiyu became silly with just the sight of it; his jaws slacken unconsciously and drool appears at the side of his mouth.

Jun MuYan yawns unscrupulously, lazily stretching her waist. Her voice is languid, laced with a hint of sensual huskiness. “Oh, that was a really good nap! Xiao Bao, hungry or not, we should go look for a meal.”

She turns her head but finds that Xiao Bao is absent from her side, and there is a man salivating in front of her.

But Jun MuYan is not alarmed at all, she is calm and unruffled as she asks with a smile: “Excuse me, this mister is?”

Lou Beiyu rubs off his drool and says: “This humble one is Lu Beiyu, the Third Prince of Chi Yan Country. Because I admired Miss’s unmatched magnificence, I asked Miss to come over. Hope Miss can help this one’s request?”

“Oh? Why don’t you go ahead and say it, what is it?”

Lou Beiyu picks up clothing so thin, it is practically transparent, and holds it up to Jun MuYan to see, “Please miss, put on this dress and let this prince draw a beautiful painting of you.”

“Wear this dress and let you draw?” the corner of Jun MuYan’s mouth twitches, “Are you sure this is clothing?”

If one puts it on, this cloth that will let people see what they shouldn’t, can you still say it’s a dress?

Lou Beiyu repeatedly nods, “Miss wearing this dress will definitely be a G.o.ddess-like beauty, and exude a charm that ordinary people can’t withstand.”

Jun MuYan snips in, light as a feather, “If I don’t agree?”

“Hmph, our Third Prince painting you is your honor. You shouldn’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit!” The maid derisively says, contempt and jealousy flashing in her eyes.

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