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Chapter 1403 - 90 Xi Xue love story

Chapter 1403 - 90 Xi Xue love story

"Worried?" Xi Xue couldn’t help but ask. He misunderstood Qi Tou, thinking that he’s worried about his friends turning into a possible enemy.

"Yes, worried. I’m worried about you guys. Won’t you disappear behind the typhoon if this continues? You will go to the magic world...* Qi Tou spoke a long speech for the first time in his life.

The lazy snake who never bothered with anything was finally disturbed.

"I don’t want to lose you guys. The majority of our 9 guardians are westernised beasts. Won’t we lose a lot?" Qi Tou questioned in a solemn face.

He knew how severe this matter was.

"Yes, that’s right." Xi Xue nodded. "The 9 guardians might only be 3 or 4 guardians."

At least half of the guardians will disappear.

"That’s why..." Qi Tou was about to speak when Xi Xue beat him to it. The man looked at Ye Sí with determined eyes.

"But your majesty, is there a need to return us? We don’t harm anyone brutally, and if the western beasts are all gone, the ecosystem might be disturbed."

Ye Sí didn’t deny Xi Xue’s words. He nodded, yet he shook his head the next second.

"I’m sorry. This is not within my authority. God already decided this. All the western beasts will be returned to the magic world."

Ye Sí’s face was sour as he spoke the truth.

In the first place, God of this world borrowed animal-like beasts from another world because of the beasts shortage.

Now that there are already a lot of eastern beasts, surely it won’t be a problem to return the descendants of the western creatures.

That’s what the two Gods think.

"But, your majesty...I don’t think it’s good for us and this world. Imagine. We will suddenly be sent to another world full of magic when all this time we used cultivation..."

Xi Xue tried to move Ye Sí’s mind. It’s not that Ye Sí couldn’t meet God, right?

"I don’t think that we, the western beasts, can survive in the new world. Aside from that, a lot of territories will be empty! And the mythological beasts race have some western-type race, right?"

Just like the Pegasus and the unicorn race.

"The balance in this world will collapse, your majesty. Even the balance of the magic world will be disturbed. Imagine, so many beasts suddenly appear. We might be a danger to that new world."

Ye Sí did his best to convince the emperor. He didn’t want to be separated from his wife and friends. In the first place, why should the beasts get tangled in God’s matter?

We have been born in this world. No one cares if we actually don’t belong to this world. We don’t bring danger either because there is no dimension hole around this world.

"I think that if all the western beasts are gone, including the sacred creatures like us, it will trigger the dimension hole instead..." Xi Xue added.

He believed that the emperor was wise enough to foresee this.

Ye Sí fell silent at Xi Xue’s words. He too had been thinking of a way to prevent this large scale change, but he didn’t think as far as Xi Xue.

He has thought of meeting God, but couldn’t make lid reasoning to convince both Gods.

"Ha...I didn’t think you were this good, Xi Xue. You are always making trouble, so..." Ye Sí chuckled. He slowly put down his foot and stood up.

"Alright. I’ll try to convince God one more time. If it works, I’ll inform you." Ye Sí suddenly floated in the air as he left the hall.

The Emperor was in a rush to see Mao Mao and arranged a schedule to meet God. No one could easily meet God as that being rarely descent. Only his sister, Long An Lie could freely meet God.

And that’s because she’s favoured despite not being the main pillar of the world.

Seeing Ye Sí left in a hurry, Xi Xue and the others slowly sigh in relief. Xi Xue even wobbled and slowly rested his head on Bíng Huo’s chest.

"....let’s hope for the best." Xi Xue muttered.

"Mn. I believe his majesty can convince our God." Bíng Huo stroked Xi Xue’s hair with eyes full of affection. She just knew that the emperor of the dragon race could meet the creator of this world, but yeah...

Her worry about this matter was bigger than her shock.

"While waiting, I think we need to rest." Xi Xue lifted his head and brought Bíng Huo to his chest. The man then looked around his friends, who also had a slightly relaxed face.

Their legs were shaking before because the matter was crucial, but now....

They could take a breather.

That day, Ye Sí asked for an audience with God. Thankfully, God agreed to do that thanks to Long An Lie, God’s favourite child whom he treated as his own granddaughter.

Long An Lie is really the kingdom’s blessing for receiving God’s favour. To be honest, Ye Sí couldn’t understand why his sister was favoured despite acting like a bandit with her personality.

But thanks to her, he could deliver what Xi Xue said to God, and eventually, both God considered what Ye Sí suggested.

In the end, they agreed to send only a few low-ranked western beasts and a few middle-ranked western beasts to another world. It’s to maintain balance.

Thus, thanks to Xi Xue’s interference, the matter is solved beautifully without shedding tears or blood.

From that day on, Bíng Huo lived in the higher realm with his husband while Xi Xue occasionally brought his wife on his scouting mission.

Their adventure had just begun.

-The end-

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