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46 Chapter 47 Health

46 Chapter 47 “Health“

After Li Shi Ying finished making a plan in her mind she began to create several short-term plan for temporary. Li Shi Ying felt that her body was much weaker than normal person even though her fever had cooled down.

Li Shi Ying thought that she had to ate several medicines to made her body at least as strong as a normal people who couldn’t cultivate. Well...actually 90% human in this world could cultivate even though they’re not talented.

The rest 10% who couldn’t cultivate was the one born with a crippled meridian/dantian or crippled leg/hand. Other was the one like her. Born with ability to cultivate but later her cultivation was destroyed.

But, those people who was similar like her could be healed. They only need to repair their meridian and dantian. After that they could cultivate from the bottom again.

In Li Shi Ying case, she also want to be able to cultivate again so aside from her health problem, she will search for a way to repair her broken meridian and dantian.

After all people who couldn’t cultivate were regarded very lowly in this world. Wether they live or die, no one care about it.

Li Shi Ying knew that her body was very very weak. Even though she could move easily but she couldn’t do any martial art moves including karate technique.

Her body felt powerless and so Li Shi Ying determined that she absolutely had do cure it. Li Shi Ying thought that the reason of her weak body was because the meridian and dantian was destroyed.

Little did she knew that the reason of her weak physique was because of the super rare slow-acting poison in her body. This type of poison was hard to be detected.

Even Jiu Wei who was skillful only found out about the poison when the poison accidentaly actived when Li Shi Ying body was filled with divine energy.

In short only divine energy could detect the poison and also could suppress the poison from spreading its effect temporary.

Li Shi Ying right know still didn’t know that a terrible storm which would turned her life completely was waiting for her silently.

When Li Shi Ying just finished her plan, Mao Mao entered the cave. He was asked by Jiu Wei to monitor Shi Ying health condition. After all she was the dragon prince wife so they should take a very good care of her.

Jiu Wei himself was going to hold a meeting with other divine beasts in grave forest for the purpose of searching a right ’bodyguard’ for Li Shi Ying.

Before Long Ao Zhen depart, he already ordered Jiu Wei to protect Li Shi Ying. Jiu Wei knew that a crippled weak girl like Shi Ying wouldn’t survive at all without his protection.

Just to be more carefull, Jiu Wei decided to added a lot of divine beasts and a few high ranked beast to follow Li Shi Ying till her life span end. Even if Li Shi Ying couldn’t contracted them, Jiu Wei already have a plan to make them follow her voluntary.

Actually Li Shi Ying had the possibility to contracted as many beasts as she wanted with a little bit of divine energy in her body but for now she still didn’t know that she had divine energy. Moreover she didn’t know how to use it yet.

When Mao Mao saw Li Shi Ying who was already awake, sitting calmly on the bed, he burst in tears.

"S-shi Ying! Y-you’re awake!!" Mao Mao couldn’t hold back his excitement and went off to hug Shi Ying body.

But only for a second later did he remember that Li Shi Ying wasn’t only his friend but also the dragon prince’s wife! Now he couldn’t just hug her as he wanted.

So Mao Mao quickly released his hug and scratched his head awkwardly.

Li Shi Ying couldn’t help but chuckled faintly seeing Mao Mao cute action. "Yes i’m awake. Thank you for your help Mao Mao"

Li Shi Ying smile sweetly toward Mao Mao as she really felt grateful toward this cute big panda in front of her.

Mao Mao was embarassed by Li Shi Ying show of gratitude. "I-it alright...i-i am your friend right..."

Li Shi Ying nodded her head with seriousness on her eyes. She did regard Mao Mao as her first friend in this world. Without Mao Mao maybe she won’t survive till today.

Li Shi Ying really love a panda in her previous world so she had a very good impression toward Mao Mao who was also a panda. Moreover a big giant panda with height over than 2 meters.

Li Shi Ying had a dream to hug panda and sleep on it but the panda in her previous world, earth, wasn’t as big as Mao Mao. Furthermore panda was a protected animal which belonged to China and one couldn’t just casually touch it except being their caretaker.

Li Shi Ying also couldn’t go to China due to her study so she could only watch a bunch of panda video on her sosial media.

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