The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 8 - Quitting the Team (1)

Chapter 8: Quitting the Team (1)

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It was not necessary for Mo Chu to stay in the hospital with this illness. As long as she paid attention to her diet in the future, there would not be any similar problems.

On the other hand, Shen Yi was very interested in Mo Chu’s physical condition. He wanted nothing more than to drag her into the medical center to have a good study. However, he was scared off by Mo Yang’s dark face.

The two of them had just walked out of the Medical Research Institute when Mo Chu was stunned by the scene in front of her. Although she knew that it was no longer the 21st century, it was only now that she was in touch with her new reality.

Under the vast space, light and shadows scattered, and many illusory lights flashed past. She could vaguely see the shadow of a car.

“This is the Drive Machine,” Mo Yang saw her surprise and explained considerately, “You just need to set the coordinates of the destination. The Drive Machine will connect to your Personal Terminal and automatically choose the best driving plan. It’s very convenient.”

“Personal Terminal?” It was another new term.

“Ah, I almost forgot!” As he said that, Mo Yang took out an exquisite blue watch band from somewhere and carefully wrapped it around Mo Chu’s left wrist. Miraculously, the watch band automatically melted into the skin as soon as it came into contact with it. At first glance, no one would be able to tell it was there.

“This is the latest Personal Terminal. Once it’s bound, unless the person personally unbinds it, it will automatically activate the destruction mode. In the future, if you have anything you don’t understand, you can directly go to the terminal to inquire.”

“Okay.” Mo Chu looked at the Personal Terminal on her wrist and nodded obediently.

This obedient look made Mo Yang’s heart soften. He could not help but reach out to rub her soft and fine hair.

“Then let’s go.” Mo Yang took out a palm-sized chip from his terminal. With a flick of his finger, the chip turned into a Drive Machine. It had a streamlined design and a low-key silver-gray color, it was even more cool and cool than a 21st century sports car!

Mo Chu got a new toy. She sat in the car and started fiddling with it with great interest. She pressed the middle of her Personal Terminal lightly and a virtual interface popped up.

Her personal information was on the front page.

[Mo Chu, female]

[Age: 15. Blood type: O]

[Blood pressure normal, body temperature normal]

[Body condition evaluation: B (suggested to replenish energy)]

Seeing the red recommendation on the terminal, Mo Chu’s eyes could not help but darken.

The speed of the Drive Machine was shockingly fast. The 40-kilometer journey had not even taken 20 minutes.

“Little Chu, wait for me here for a while. I will be back soon.” Seeing Hu Qing’s actions, Mo Yang was determined to leave the team!

“Alright.” Mo Chu nodded with a faint smile.

“Oh right, I’ve already shared my Personal Terminal’s Unionpay with you. If you want to buy anything, you can go directly to the Starnet and take a look!”

“Okay!” Mo Chu replied happily.

However, when he saw the money on her big brother’s Personal Terminal, Mo Chu could not help but open her mouth wide. Her eyes were filled with stars — 360,000 Federation Coins!

This was definitely a rich man! So many zeros almost blinded her eyes!

However, thinking about it carefully, it made sense. As the 3rd team of the District 12 of the Federation, the Wild Wolf Team would obtain valuable treasures every time they went on a mission. Furthermore, Mo Yang had a tier 5 lightning attribute ability, so the items allocated to him were naturally not bad.

Since that was the case, she did not need to go easy on him!

Mo Chu happily opened up the Starnet and decisively found the food section. Although she could only drink clear milk now, she could at least amuse herself by looking at the different options!

She had never expected to see such lacking content on the food section! Furthermore, ranking first in taste was actually clear milk!

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