The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 576 - He Was Not Stupid!

Chapter 576: He Was Not Stupid!

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Looking at Ning Yiyuan’s gloomy expression, Elder Qin lowered his head and sigh… Actually, he had also voted against this matter at that time, but his opinion alone could not influence the overall situation!

Not to mention other things, just in terms of military strength, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was at the top of the entire galaxy. What was worse was that in the entire matter, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was the one who was in the right!

The results of the blood relation test had already come out. Mo Chu’s mother was indeed from the Gu family of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy. Therefore, logically speaking, the nationality of Mo Chu and Mo Yang should have fallen to Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s side. As for the two children in Mo Chu’s stomach, they were no exception!

In other words, if Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s attitude were to harden and they were determined to bring Mo Chu and the others back, then the Federation would not be able to hold their ground. However, would they let Mo Chu go so easily? Clearly, that was impossible!

With that, a huge battle would be unstoppable…

Currently, the galaxies were mostly in a state of chaos, and it was rare for a formal war to occur. This was because once a large-scale battle occurred, the casualties would definitely be heavy. No one was willing to see such a situation!

Hence, if this matter could be resolved peacefully, that would be the best outcome.

Wisdom Cloud Galaxy had grasped this point and had taken the initiative to make concessions, lowering the conditions to the lowest level in exchange for temporary peace between the two sides.

After careful consideration, the Federation also agreed to this condition.

Therefore, regardless of whether it was in the business world or the battlefield, there were no eternal enemies or eternal friends. The principle of putting interests first was something that everyone would adhere to.

As for the Federation’s decision this time, Elder Qin could understand it from the perspective of the overall situation, but he was unable to accept it!

He had personally seen these two little fellows walk step by step to where they were today. It was not easy for them to come this far, and they had a pair of surprising twins. In the end, if they were to let one of them out, it would be tantamount to digging out their flesh!

Elder Qin felt that even he could not accept this, much less Ning Yiyuan himself!

Therefore, he was unable to open his mouth to console them, nor did he know what to say to console them.

As a result, the room was left with only silence…

After a long while, Ning Yiyuan stood up and bowed slightly at Elder Qin. “Grandpa Qin, thank you for today’s matter. I still have something to do, so I’ll be leaving first!”

Looking at Ning Yiyuan’s resolute back view, Elder Qin could not help but feel apprehensive. It seemed that their Federation would have a huge storm this time…

On the other side.

As soon as Ning Yiyuan walked out of the Qin Family and sat on the chair, he immediately started thinking. He was very clear that since the higher-ups of the Federation had already reached an agreement with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, it would not be easy to change it!

However, it was absolutely impossible to take him away from his hands!

Ning Yiyuan’s eyes darkened…

After thinking for a moment, he immediately took action.

First, he used an encrypted account to contact Zhong Wen and issued an order, “Zhong Wen, immediately contact the people in charge of the various Military Districts and have them gather immediately. I will hold a meeting with them later.”

“Boss, wait, are you…” from Ning Yiyuan’s tone, Zhong Wen quickly discerned the terror of a storm brewing. He could not help but ask, “Did something happen again?”

“I will explain to you later.” Ning Yiyuan did not waste his breath. “Now you only need to listen to the order and carry it out immediately!”

“Yes!” Hearing the serious tone in his Boss’s voice, Zhong Wen did not dare to ask any more questions and immediately contacted the lower levels.

After all, the Ning Family occupied almost two-thirds of the Federation’s military power, and Ning Yiyuan himself had a powerful rallying power in the army! When he gathered this power together, the power gathered was extremely terrifying!

Even if Wisdom Cloud Galaxy wanted to snatch his child away, he would have to see if they had the ability to do so!

With a cold snort, Ning Yiyuan immediately contacted Zuo Lin and said in a deep voice, “Zuo Lin, I need you to immediately monitor and investigate the movements of the Federation and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, especially the communication between the two high-ranking officials. You have to pay close attention to it! Tell me the news at any time!”

Zuo Lin, who was on the other end of the terminal, was dumbfounded when he heard that. Did Boss say something wrong? “Monitor… monitor the higher-ups of the Federation? Immediately?”

Holy shit! Was Boss preparing to rebel? It was too… F*cking cool!

Ning Yiyuan raised his eyebrows. “Why, can’t you do it?”

“How is that possible?!” When it came to his own professional field, Zuo Lin immediately became extremely confident. He promised confidently, “Don’t worry, Boss. I’ll immediately take action. I’ll definitely do it perfectly!”

“Very good…” Ning Yiyuan nodded and narrowed his eyes. “Also, from now on, all the tasks I’ve given you and Zhong Wen will be carried out in secret. Zuo Lin, you have to clean up the mess!”

“No problem.”

After a series of instructions, Ning Yiyuan let out a light sigh.

In the past, he was the sharpest sword protecting this galaxy. As a soldier, he had been instilled with the idea of protecting this land since he was young!

But now, he wanted to turn the arrow around for the sake of his most precious person!

Ning Yiyuan originally thought that he would hesitate and be in a dilemma, but at this moment, he did not hesitate at all!

“Ha!” With a chuckle, Ning Yiyuan raised his head, his eyes clear!

Let’s fight!

At least up until now, he had never lost!

And this time, it was impossible for him to lose!

And at this moment, the usually peaceful Ning Family welcomed a group of uninvited guests.

“That… you’re Mo Yang, right? You’re really good-looking!”

On the sofa, the head of the Gu Family, Gu Lang, was beaming as he looked at the handsome young man opposite him. There was a hint of scheming in his eyes, but on the surface, he pretended to be amiable.

“Okay,” Mo Yang replied indifferently.

To be honest, he was not interested in this relative who had suddenly appeared. If it were not for them, Little Chu would not have been in such an awkward situation.

Gu Lang naturally noticed Mo Yang’s cold attitude and could not help but feel annoyed. Hmph! Speaking of which, this kid was just a junior from the side family. It was fine if he did not treat him well, but he actually dared to take advantage of him in front of him?

The smile on Gu Lang’s face paused for a moment, but he quickly recovered. His eyes inadvertently glanced around. “Where’s Little Chu? Why don’t I see her?”

“Little Chu is resting,” Mo Yang answered concisely, not wasting a single word.

“Oh, is that so…” Gu Lang did not mind getting a soft rebuke. His heart was currently burning with passion!

Taking advantage of the gaze that was sweeping all over the place, he had already briefly sized up the entire Ning Family!

He could not help but exclaim in his heart, ‘This Ning Family was indeed worthy of being one of the top aristocratic families in the Federation’s Galaxy. Just the items that were displayed in the old residence were all high-quality goods. If they were to be put up for auction, it would definitely be an astronomical figure!’

Gu Lang thought that he had concealed the greed in his eyes very well, but he did not know that this had long been seen through by Mo Yang and the others!

They had already obtained the preliminary investigation information of the Gu Family, and had also finished reading it.

To be honest, after reading it, Song Fingsong and Qin Yue felt very puzzled. After all, how could a family like the Gu Family possibly have such an outstanding descendant like Mo Yang and Mo Chu?

Could it be… That it was really a genetic mutation?

Putting aside Mo Chu’s astonishing achievements, just Mo Yang alone had a calm and decisive personality. He had made quite a name for himself in the Federation army, and his lightning attribute special ability had allowed him to firmly stand in the ranks of super-first-rate experts!

What about the Gu Family?

To put it bluntly, the Gu Family could barely be considered a third-rate aristocratic family in the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy galaxy. They had neither money nor talent!

Back then, if it was not for the fact that they had accidentally discovered that a female from the branch family that the family had expelled might be Mo Chu’s mother, an ordinary small family like this would never have had the chance to appear in everyone’s sights!

“What brings you here this time?”

Mo Yang did not want to was te time with him anymore, so he directly asked, his tone slightly impatient.

Seeing this, Gu Lang felt even more indignant in his heart.

Not to mention other things, just in terms of age, he was several generations older than this kid in front of him, yet Mo Yang did not even know the most basic respect for the elderly? As expected, he had grown up outside and did not know any etiquette!

Of course, Gu Lang would not be silly enough to show his dissatisfaction on his face.

He recognized the reality. After all, the situation was not up to them. They had to think of ways to cling to Mo Yang and Mo Chu’s thighs. Naturally, they could only throw away their face and try to please them!

“Umm,” Gu Lang rolled his hands and pretended to be simple and honest. He said softly, “No matter what, we’re still a family. So, I wanted to… take this opportunity to come and see you guys…”

Humph! You guys probably want to take this opportunity to firmly tie the Gu Family and Mo Yang and Mo Chu together!

Qin Yue snorted at the side. Although he was usually careless, he was also not stupid when it was time to be smart!

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