The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 574 - Something Big Had Happened!

Chapter 574: Something Big Had Happened!

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There was no way to hide such important news, and it quickly spread…

The reaction of the netizens from the Federation was the biggest. All of them had indignant expressions on their faces. They wished that they could take advantage of the night to wrap up a few gunny sacks and give Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s people a good beating!

Damn it! They had never seen such a shameless person!

It was one thing for them to be stupid, but they had even tried every possible means to pull Mo Chu along. They were deliberately trying to smear dirt onto Little Chu’s name, right?!

This was simply intolerable!

Hence, the netizens erupted one after another.

“What the Hell did you say? My Little Chu is from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Galaxy. Hmph! How is this possible?”

“Let me tell you, this isn’t how you guys came up with the idea of trying to sow discord! I’m the first one to not believe it, alright?!”

“Hehehe… Stop joking around, how can humans and ugly hunters be the same species!”

“Hurry up and scram! Otherwise, I’ll beat you up every time I see you guys!”

In the face of this matter, the netizens of the Federation had unanimously shown their exclusivity towards outsiders!

Regardless of whether they were Mo Chu’s fans or not, they could not help but bombard Wisdom Cloud Galaxy at this moment. Furthermore, the angle and range of the bombardment had all increased by a whole new level!

One had to know that this interstellar collaboration had encompassed Wisdom Cloud Galaxy and Dark Ocean Galaxy, a series of Galaxy Giants. It had already attracted the attention of many people.

Therefore, after the people of the Federation found out about this news, people from other galaxies also found out about it one after another.

Among them, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s People’s feelings were the most complicated.

To be honest, they really did not have much feelings towards Mo Chu. After all, because of this lass, they had lost a lot of benefits!

However, if they were to ask themselves, they could not deny Mo Chu’s astonishing talent and unique charisma!

Most importantly, Mo Chu was the first woman in the entire galaxy to become pregnant. Just this point alone was enough to make them unable to resist…

The people from the other galaxies mostly felt the same way about this matter.

They were either envious of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy or lamenting the Federation. However, the majority of them still maintained an attitude of watching the show and did not mind the bigger picture…

Unknowingly, this matter had already become the focus of attention of the entire galaxy!

At this moment, at the Ning Family’s old residence.

Ning Yiyuan was the first to receive the news. No matter how mentally prepared he was, he never expected Wisdom Cloud Galaxy to have such a trump card in her hands!

Little Chu’s mother was actually a branch of the Federation’s Gu Family!

“This matter… is it true?”

Qin Yue, Song Qingsong, and the others had also rushed over upon hearing the news. At this moment, they were staring at Mo Yang with burning eyes.

“… I’m not too sure either.” Mo Yang frowned and shook his head slightly.

Ever since he could remember, his family had always lived in the Federation. His mother’s gentle smile and his father’s broad chest were the most vivid images in his mind.

Even if there was an accident later on, only he and Little Chu were left. Mo Yang had never thought that they would actually be related to the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy Galaxy…

Therefore, when this news was exposed, Mo Yang was also shocked. He was completely unprepared!

“Then Little Chu, she…”

Qin Yue could not help but turn his head to look at Mo Chu’s room. After being pregnant, Little Chu had become extremely sleepy. At this moment, she was catching up on sleep in her room. She should not be aware of this matter!

“I don’t know.” Mo Yang shook his head and lowered his voice. “Little Chu is even more clueless.”

After all, Little Chu was only a baby when the accident happened. What could she know?

“Then this matter… might be made up by Wisdom Cloud Galaxy herself!” Qin Yue came to a firm conclusion!

After all, everyone knew how shameless Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was. These people were like scheming devils. Maybe they saw the huge benefits of Little Chu’s pregnancy and took the risk to make such a thing happen!

Ning Yiyuan sat at the side, his expression slightly gloomy. After a long while, he shook his head. “… That’s not very likely.”

As long as the relationship between them was determined, the results would naturally be clear! And in the territory of their Federation, it was a little too whimsical for Wisdom Cloud Galaxy to want to play tricks!

Therefore, they definitely had the confidence to say such things!

“There’s an 80 percent to 90 percent chance that this is true.”

Ning Yiyuan never spoke nonsense. On the contrary, 90 percent of what came out of his mouth was the truth.

Hearing this, everyone could not help but fall silent…

According to interstellar convention, if people from two galaxies intermarried, the nationality of the child would usually fall to the woman’s side. This was also to protect the rights and interests of the woman.

After all, regardless of which galaxy it was, the number of women was very small. Think about it, they could not even be satisfied with their own internal digestion, and it was actually stolen away by another galaxy. How could this be allowed?

Therefore, although there was no explicit rule, intergalactic intermarriage would generally follow such a rule…

In other words, once Mo Chu’s mother was confirmed to be from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, then Mo Chu and Mo Yang’s origin and land of ownership would also fall to Wisdom Cloud Galaxy. Naturally, Mo Chu’s child would not be an exception…

“F*ck!” Thinking of this, Qin Yue could not help but become flustered and even cursed out loud! “Then… Don’t we have any other way?”

How could they not know what kind of character Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was?

Each and every one of them was a person who prioritized profits. Once Little Chu fell into their hands, she would be eaten clean and not even a bone would be left, right?

“The Gu Family…” Ning Yiyuan stared at the video of the head of the Gu Family on the terminal. A glimmer of light flashed in his eyes as he muttered, “Perhaps, he is the key for our breakthrough!”


What did he mean?

Just as everyone was about to ask, the sound of footsteps suddenly sounded. Then, they heard Mo Chu’s incredulous voice, “Umm… When did I become a member of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy?”

Everyone looked over when they heard the voice. Mo Chu was wearing a comfortable maternity outfit. His stomach was puffed out as he stared at them with wide eyes. His round eyes were like crystal, extremely cute.

“You’re awake? Come, sit down first.”

Ning Yiyuan’s reaction was the fastest. She immediately sat up from the sofa and carefully helped Mo Chu sit down.

As she was pregnant with twins, although Mo Chu was only five months old, her stomach was already astonishingly big. It was difficult for her to even sit up normally. Fortunately, Ning Yiyuan was always by her side 24 hours a day, so there was nothing inconvenient about it.

Mo Chu was also a little confused.

She had a sweet sleep and was about to browse the Starnet to refresh herself after she woke up. However, just as she turned on the terminal, she received several messages from her fan support group. The main message was to advise her not to fall for Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s trick, she had to take good care of her body and they would always support her…

Just like that, Mo Chu was still confused.

When she logged onto the Starnet and opened the trending news, she immediately understood!

It turned out that Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was actually raising a banner and shouting that she was a member of Wisdom Cloud Galaxy! They even dragged out the head of the Gu Family. Hehe, Their skin was really thick!

Please! Her relationship with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was a toxic one. When did they become like a family again? It was all because she was pregnant!

“Brother, what’s going on?” Mo Chu frowned and turned to look at her big brother. She could not help but feel confused.

“I’m not sure either.”Mo Yang shook his head. His tone was somewhat dejected. “At that time, my parents didn’t mention this at all!”

He had never thought that the two siblings would one day have a relationship with Wisdom Cloud Galaxy!

“Then what they said… is very likely to be true?” Even though she had been pregnant for three years, Mo Chu was still not lacking in basic judgment!

She knew very well that she was now a piece of delicious bread. Anyone would want to take a bite out of it, and Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was no exception. However, the Federation was not stupid either. How could they let them succeed? Unless Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was strong enough and the evidence she presented was also valid!

However, when she thought of this, Mo Chu could not help but be furious!

She was originally fine, but when she woke up, she was labeled as ‘Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’. It was simply too disgusting. It was as if she was stuck to a pile of sh*t. she could not get rid of it and it stuck to her body, that feeling was not good…

“Don’t be anxious.” Ning Yiyuan gently held Mo Chu’s hand. His voice was gentle, but his eyes were very firm. There was even a hint of viciousness in them. “Don’t worry, Wisdom Cloud Galaxy’s plan will definitely not succeed!”

Hehe! Wisdom Cloud Galaxy wanted to snatch his wife and also wanted to snatch his children. How was this possible?! It was already good enough if he did not kill them!

Zhong Wen and Zuo Lin, who were beside him, raised their heads and saw their Boss’s cold gaze. They could not help but tremble, and their little hearts trembled as well… It was over, it was over. Wisdom Cloud Galaxy was probably in big trouble this time! He actually dared to touch Little Chu and the children. They were poking their Boss’s sore spot, right?

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