The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 562 - Ning Family Is So Lucky!

Chapter 562: Ning Family Is So Lucky!

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Boss’s gaze was way too lethal…

Zhong Wen was instantly terrified. The courage that had suddenly surged up just now had disappeared in an instant…

He could not help but curse himself in his heart — do you think you’re stupid? He knew how much his Boss cared about Little Chu, yet he still bumped into him like this… He was immediately KO’d by Boss’s ‘Death Stare’!

Meanwhile, Elder Liu, who was beside him, had already swiftly reported this news to the higher-ups. Deep down, he was extremely excited…

To be able to give birth to two normal babies from his hands, how great of an honor was this?!

At this moment, in the Federation government conference room.

A group of high-ranking officials was sitting inside. They looked at each other with solemn expressions, not saying a single word…

“Alright, the matter… has been investigated thoroughly.” The chief sitting at the top gently knocked on the table. His gaze swept across the others as he spoke in a deep voice, “You guys can all talk about it and see how this matter should be handled.”

Previously, due to the serious condition of Little Chu’s pregnancy and vomiting, Ning Yiyuan did not have the mood to deal with the Song Family’s matter. It dragged on for almost a month, torturing the Song Family’s group until they were suffocating!

One had to know that as the saying goes, ‘killing a person is only as simple as nodding one’s head’. However, the most difficult part was usually the time when the knife fell…

In addition, Ning Yiyuan had already sent people to guard the Song Family, leaving them with no way to ask for help. They could only hold it in… Only a short one to two months had passed, and they looked as if they had aged three to four years!

It was only at this moment, when they saw that Little Chu’s situation had improved, that Ning Yiyuan handed over the evidence of the Song Family selling arms.

And today’s meeting was held around this matter.

Elder Ning had the most fiery temper, and it was not a matter of a day or two before he had conflicts with the Song Family. Now, he did not avoid suspicion and said straightforwardly, “How else can we deal with it? Solve it according to the law!”

Since the Song Family had the guts to sell arms, they also had to have the guts to bear the consequences!

Elder Ning had originally come from the military, so he gritted his teeth in hatred towards those who sold arms! The high-tech and high-tech weapons that they had spent a lot of effort and money to create had actually been bought by someone else and used against their own soldiers in the Federation.

Do you think this person is hateful? Does he deserve a heavy punishment?

Indeed, in the Federation, the crime of selling firearms was very serious.

Furthermore, the Song Family had actually colluded with the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy galaxy and was suspected of leaking weapons to other galaxies, so this crime would be even more serious!

To put it bluntly, almost the entire Song Family would suffer along with them!

“… According to the law?” Hearing this, a man across the table could not help but frown. “Isn’t this too much? I feel that we only need to deal with the main culprit. As for the others, if we investigate thoroughly and find out that they aren’t involved, it’s best not to get too involved.”


“I think so too!”

“I agree! We can’t be too decisive in this matter!”

When the man said this, several people at the meeting table nodded in agreement.

It was not that they had a good relationship with the Song Family. The point was that many of the descendants of their family had married Song Family girls!

Once this layer of in-laws came out, they were a little cautious. They could not possibly kill all of them at once..

From this point, it could be seen just how cunning and cunning Song Tiancheng was!

How long had this line been laid?!

Although there were not many women in the Song Family’s direct line of descent, there were quite a few in the collateral line. With this marriage relationship, the Song Family and almost two-thirds of the families in the circle were on the same side, it could be considered as a double insurance for themselves.

Once this matter was out, it would be very effective, right?

“How can this be allowed?” Hearing this, Elder Ning was immediately angered. His palm slapped the table loudly. “Selling arms! This is selling arms! If this matter isn’t handled according to the law, how will the public be convinced in the future? Is the law a child’s plaything? Can you guys play with it however you want?”

After his angry scolding, everyone fell silent.

They also knew that the Song Family’s offense this time was too serious. They could not protect it and did not want to!

However, the granddaughter-in-law and daughter-in-law that the family had married could not be implicated because of this matter. Otherwise, how could they explain it? Even if they knew that they would face Elder Ning’s temper, they still had to come forward and protect themselves!

The scene suddenly quieted down… The atmosphere seemed a little heavy…


Just then, the top of the terminal suddenly sounded.

Everyone could not help looking at him…

And I was shocked to find out, holy sh*t! The first-in-command was stunned by the news!

How is that even possible?

You know, the chiefwas a very calm man! Usually, even if he encountered a major life-or-death event, he would not show a trace of it on his face… What was going on now?

Although the Song Family’s problem was still at a stalemate, everyone could not help but feel curious when they saw this rare ‘miracle’…

After a full few minutes, the chief finally came to his senses. He turned his head and saw that everyone was staring at him with burning eyes! He could not hide his surprise!

The first-in-charge was also embarrassed, and he coughed a few times. “Um… I just received a message…”

… Message?

What message?

Say It, quickly say it!

They were really curious about what kind of news could make a highly disciplined person show such a shocked expression and even be dazed for a few minutes?

“Ahem… Elder Ning,” The chief smiled slightly and looked at Elder Ning. “This matter has a lot to do with you!”


Hearing this, everyone’s interest was even higher!

It was not easy to hear the gossip of the Ning family!

Seeing that everyone’s expectations had risen to the highest, the chief could not help but feel pleased. Hmph! You guys still have the nerve to laugh at me?! Let’s see who’s more embarrassed after I tell them this news!

“Umm… What’s the matter?” The old man could not hold back his temper. After thinking about it, he didn’t feel that he had done anything wrong!

“Haha,” the chief first laughed and then slowly said, “Old Man, you should be happy! Your granddaughter-in-law… is pregnant with twins!”

… What?

When he said this, it was like a heavy weight fell from the sky, and it directly stunned the group of people!

The senior officials sitting at the table could not help but widen their eyes and mouths. How could they still have their usual calm and collected attitude?

To put it bluntly, people who could sit in this position did not have high IQ, but at least they were above average. At this moment, their brains were like short circuits, and they could not understand the meaning of this sentence!


Elder Ning’s granddaughter-in-law was pregnant with twins?!



After reacting for almost ten minutes, everyone finally managed to clear the line in their heads..


Didn’t these words mean that Mo Chu was pregnant with two twins?

Once they understood this logic, everyone’s eyes instantly turned red with envy and jealousy!

Tell me, why do all the good things fall into the hands of the Ning Family?!

Mo Chu was good at cooking Spirit Food and cultivating normal plants. The most important thing was that his popularity among the masses was unbelievably high…

Thinking about it carefully, this girl was able to excel in all aspects!

It was not that they were not envious of Ning Yiyuan marrying such a woman. At that time, they could even dispel their feelings by comforting themselves: It’s fine, I don’t think that this girl is a good person. If her gene level can’t even be measured, she might not even have a good future!

In the end, they were only happy for a few months before they were slapped in the face!

Mo Chu was actually pregnant!

No one in the Federation had been pregnant for over a hundred years. This luck had actually fallen on her head, on the Ning family’s head?!

How could everyone not be jealous?

They were so regretful that they almost spat out a mouthful of blood! Were they blind back then? If not, how could they treat such a bright pearl like a fish’s eye?

In the end, one blow was not enough! Now, another one came!

Mo Chu was actually pregnant with twins!


This Ning Family… How could they be so lucky?

Other people spent a lifetime of effort and could not guarantee that they would have a child, but they were actually pregnant in less than half a year! And they were already pregnant with two!

… Really, they were already very rational for not finding people to gang up on the Ning Family behind their backs, okay?!

When they turned their heads to look, Elder Ning was already grinning from ear to ear! His eyes were almost squinting into a line!


This was really great!

The fate of the Ning family being a one-child family for several generations was finally broken by Little Chu!

The thought of having two chubby little grandsons hugging his thighs and calling him ‘Grandpa’ in a blurry manner soon made the old man’s heart soften!


The old man’s undisguised pride made the others’palms itch. It was over… They clenched their fists hard. What should they do? ..

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