The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 43 - Pearl (1)  

Chapter 43: Pearl (1)

Finally, this journey of fear and trepidation came to an end. The starship had successfully arrived at District 9.

Just as they stepped onto the ground of District 9, a large group of people surged out like locusts. The memories of the episode on the ship were like a nightmare that could not be forgotten, making them shudder when they recalled it. Each and every one of them ran away from the ship as fast as they could.

Therefore, when Mo Yang and his sister came down, they realized that most of the people on the ship had already run away. The number of people left could be counted with one’s fingers.

Ning Yiyuan looked at Mo Chu and his sister in the corner. After hesitating for a long time, he finally turned around and left. However, the two subordinates by his side saw this scene and had some guesses in their hearts.

Hmm… boss is getting older, so it’s natural for him to have thoughts of love. It’s not strange, it’s not strange at all! The two of them tried to comfort themselves, but their stiff footsteps and widened eyes clearly showed that they felt differently. Boss actually started to pay attention to that little girl? This was just abnormal!

Mo Chu did not pay attention not them. Previously, Mo Yang had already rented a room on the Starnet. Now, they could just carry their bags and move in.

When they reached the room, the two of them took a short break before Mo Yang asked, “Little Chu, do you want to rest for a while or go out for a stroll?”

“Well…” Before Mo Chu could reply, the Blood Luminescent Beast had already started causing a ruckus.

“Awooo–” Let’s go out, let’s go out! Let’s not stay in this small house!

That fleshy body kept flapping in Mo Chu’s arms, and its big watery eyes were staring at her blankly. Previously, they had been staying in the sealed cabin, and it felt really suffocated. Now that it finally had the chance to go out for a stroll, how could it let go of this opportunity?

“Alright.” Mo Chu patted the Blood Luminescent Beast’s head lightly and agreed with a smile. “Since we’re not tired, we might as well go out for a stroll.”

The Blood Luminescent Beast had made a great contribution by biting Remnant Lin, so Mo Chu naturally doted on it a little more.

When she walked out of the room and heard the bustling noise beside her ears, Mo Chu could not help but sigh. District 9 really lived up to its reputation!

Compared to District 12, the bustling activity here was obviously a step up. There was so much activity, and so much to see here.

Mo Chu was getting excited, and even the Blood Luminescent Beast was jubilant.

Suddenly, she heard a disgusted shout. “Go away, go away!”

When she heard the sound, she looked over. An old man with a hunched figure was carrying a large basket on his back. His pair of thin hands were trembling as he pulled on the sleeves of a middle-aged man. There was an obvious pleading expression on his face.

“I’ve already told you, we’ve already bought enough. We don’t want any more!”

“No, please take a look again. My sea goods are all very fresh. They’re not adulterated at all.” The old man’s tone was weak.

“I’ve already told you that there’s no need, old man!” The middle-aged man kicked the old man away. After cursing in a low voice, he turned around and left.

“Brother, what’s happening… ?” Looking at this scene, Mo Chu could not help but frown. However, she did not understand what was going on, so he naturally wouldn’t act rashly.

“I think this old man is selling sea goods.” Mo Yang took a few glances and understood. “In District 9, many ordinary people without special abilities rely on this to survive.”

“The border of District 9 is near the sea, so there are many sea goods to be harvested. Most of these sea goods aren’t dangerous, so even ordinary people without special abilities can collect them.”

Mo Yang sighed, “However, because of this, these sea goods are almost worthless. Only a small number of people buy them for processing. The prices of these goods aren’t high. As there are too many people collecting them, they aren’t worth much.”

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