The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 333 - Drunk

Chapter 333: Drunk

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“These two people are Count Lan Han and Princess Lan Lian from the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy.” Looking at the white marks in the sky, Ning Yiyuan’s eyes narrowed. He said in a low voice, “They can be considered as one of our strongest enemies in this Galactic Combat.”

“Tsk,” Qin Yue snorted. “They don’t look like much!”

One was arrogant, and the other was arrogant. How powerful could they be?

“Is that how you underestimate your opponent?”Ning Yiyuan glanced at Qin yue coldly and added, “Lan Han is a rare dark element, and Lan Lian’s cultivation… Is probably not inferior to yours.”

What? That little girl just now was that powerful?

Hearing this, Qin Yue could not help but look at her seriously, his eyes filled with vigilance and caution.

“I have already prepared a set of detailed information for the participants from the other galaxies.” Ning Yiyuan turned to look at Mo Chu, his eyes filled with a faint warmth. “The information has also been sent to your respective terminals. Take a good look when you have time.”

This was the benefit of being the host. At the very least, it was much easier to gather information.

“Really? Then I have to take a look quickly!” As the saying goes, know yourself and know your enemy. You will never be defeated in a hundred battles. Hearing this, Qin Yue immediately became excited. He directly opened the terminal and looked at it carefully.

“Oh right.”Ning Yiyuan glanced at Mo Yang’s Drive Machine. “I’m afraid you can’t drive this thing anymore. I’ll send you back today.”

As she said this, Ning Yiyuan took out a Drive Machine from the terminal, and he set the route and destination neatly without giving Mo Yang any chance to refuse.

“Sure, this is the first time I’m riding in the same Drive Machine as Marshal Ning!” Qin Yue nodded in cooperation. He walked around Mo Chu and walked towards the Drive Machine. He did not forget to bump into her lightly as he winked and chuckled, “This is all thanks to you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Qin Yue raised his head and met Mo Yang’s slightly cold gaze. His heart trembled. Aiya! How could I forget about this sis-con? Like he was performing a magic trick, Qin Yue immediately hid the smile on his face and walked toward the control panel. His footsteps were so fast that it looked like someone was chasing him from behind!

Therefore, under the eyes of the crowd, Mo Chu and the others set off again.

They did not say anything along the way. The few of them looked at the information in the terminal at the same time, but the more they looked, the deeper their brows furrowed!

“F*ck!” Qin Yue was the first to speak. His eyes were wide open as he growled in disbelief, “This year’s Galactic Combat participants are too strong!”

Just from the first few pages of the list of participants, he saw many famous people. As he looked down, his heart started to race.

Mo Yang also furrowed his brows.

“Recently, a large number of rare ores have been discovered on Planet A113,” Ning Yiyuan said softly as he sat in the driver’s seat. Through the rearview mirror, he saw Mo Chu’s small appearance. It had been a month since they last met, and the little girl seemed to have become more beautiful. As she looked down, her long black eyelashes trembled slightly, and underneath it was her plump and ruddy lips…

Ning Yiyuan’s words solved their confusion.

Every time resources were distributed after the Interstellar War, they would be allocated from the top to the bottom according to the ranking of the current ‘Galactic Combat’. Rare ores were rare resources that were rarely seen in the past 100 years, so naturally, the other galaxies could not afford to lose them. The people sent out were all famous people.

Of course, the minimum age for Galactic Combat was within 100 years old, and many people died because of this.

“Then other than us, who else is participating?” The limit for a Galactic Combat was five people, and they had not met the other two teammates yet!

“Take a guess?” The corner of Ning Yi Yuan’s lips curled up. “Let me tell you, both of them are acquaintances!”

“Hmm?” Mo Chu raised his head and happened to meet Ning Yiyuan, who had turned around. A light suddenly flashed through his mind. “Could it be… you’re one of them?”

“Smart!” Hearing this, Ning Yiyuan’s eyes lit up even more.

Compared to the other galaxies, the Federation’s greatest weakness was this. Most of the experts who had already become famous were already over a hundred years old, while the remaining new generation lacked experience. It was just the right time for them to be in an awkward situation.

At that time, when they had found out about the participants from the other galaxies, the higher-ups were still a little shaken. After all, Mo Chu and the others were still too young and unknown. If something were to go wrong, that would be a huge loss for the Federation… In the end, it was Ning Yiyuan who spoke up to support Mo Chu and the others in order to secure their spots.

“Then what about the other one?” Qin Yue also interjected with interest.

“Could it be… Almighty Song?”This time, the one who guessed the answer was Mo Yang.

“That’s right.” Ning Yiyuan nodded. “After two to three months of cultivation and special training, he has already recovered his full strength.”

“That’s great!” Hearing this, Qin Yue could not help but give a fist bump in excitement. Now, they were all acquaintances! Not to mention other things, the tacit understanding value was at least full points!

Three hours later, the Drive Machine stopped.

After more than two months, they finally came back!

Seeing the joy in Mo Chu’s eyes, Ning Yiyuan could not help but put on a faint smile. “Well, hurry up and take a rest!”

“Then… What about you?” Mo Chu turned his head and asked softly.

This was the first time that Mo Chu showed some initiative to him. Ning Yiyuan’s eyes brightened, and his tone was so gentle that it was almost unbelievable. “I still have some things to deal with over there. I’ll leave when I see you go in.”

In fact, it was already very difficult for Ning Yiyuan to find the time to pick up Mo Chu and the others.

“Okay.” Mo Chu gave him a faint smile. He was as cute as a marshmallow. “See you tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and reached out to rub Mo Chu’s head. When they could no longer be seen, he turned around, sat on the Drive Machine, and started to leave.


There was a soft sound.

Mo Chu had just opened the door when Roundy hugged her warmly.

“Ow ow –” A familiar cry sounded. Roundy’s chubby little body kept rubbing against her, and its watery eyes kept blinking! Aiya, you’re finally back! If you don’t come back, this Young Master will be bored to death!

Feeling the weight in her hand, Mo Chu raised her eyebrows and said with a light smile. “How much did you eat?” Its entire face became fat.

Heh! She had just returned, how could she ask such a disappointing question? Roundy protested twice. When it met Mo Chu’s teasing gaze, it could not help but lower his head and obediently lay in Mo Chu’s embrace. It did not even take a single breath.

“Cough cough!” Yihan who was at the side coughed twice and helplessly stared at Roundy who was playing dead in Mo Chu’s embrace. This little fellow would only be so obedient when facing Mo Chu!

Thinking back to the time before, it was really a hot mess!

As soon as Mo Chu left, Roundy jumped around as if it was having fun. First, it wreaked havoc in the nearby Magical Region, causing the magical beasts in the Magical Region to tremble when they saw Roundy’s figure!

Perhaps it was because he felt that teasing the other magical beasts was too boring, Roundy returned to the monotonous life of a shut-in and unceremoniously snatched a lot of Spirit Food from their hands. It had fully implemented the principle of ‘eat till you’re full, and then go to sleep’.

They had also thought of stopping him, but the key was that they sadly realized that they could not defeat Roundy at all! In the end, they could only watch helplessly as it gained a lot of weight…

Seeing the helplessness on Yihan’s face, Mo Chu also understood the little fellow’s character. Naturally, it was not difficult for her to guess what had happened during this period of time. She could not help but pat Roundy’s head in amusement. “You only know how to bully others!”

“Ow ow–” how could I? Roundy raised its head with an innocent look on its face. I am clearly a very obedient magical beast!

Don’t you think I know you? Mo Chu rolled her eyes at Roundy, turned her head and smiled apologetically at Yihan who was beside her. “I have troubled you all during this period of time.”

She and Mo Yang had gone to participate in the training and had thrown quite a lot of things to them, “Here, this is the wine that I brewed previously. Take it and have a taste.”

Yihan also knew Mo Chu’s personality, so he smiled and accepted it. “Thank you.”

“Awoo!” Upon seeing the delicious food, Roundy immediately became excited. It rubbed against the wine in Yijan’s hand and even growled at him threateningly, if you know what’s good for you, quickly hand over the wine!

When she saw Roundy’s domineering manner and its soft and cute appearance, Mo Chu really did not know whether to laugh or cry. She could only wave at Yihan and said, “It’s fine. You can leave first.”

“Alright, I’ll leave then,” Yihan replied swiftly. He was also afraid of being blackmailed by Roundy. Now, he had to at least keep the wine that he had obtained with great difficulty!

Seeing Yihan leave in a hurry, Mo Chu could not help but pat Roundy’s head in amusement. There was no need to think too much. It must be this little guy’s doing!

“Awoo–” Roundy stared at Mo Chu. It let out two howls in disappointment. Aiya! You little prodigal, how could you give such a good thing to an outsider? I haven’t even tasted it yet!

“I still have wine,” Mo Chu said slowly. Roundy’s eyes immediately lit up. Where? Where?

Mo Chu took out another bottle from the terminal. This was the second time she had brewed wine in the training base. Compared to the first time, the taste was much better. After shaking it in front of Roundy a few times, the little guy’s eyes followed, it was an obsession!

“But…” Mo Chu shook his head and said softly, “Seeing that you’re already so fat, it’s better not to drink this thing!”

What! Upon hearing this, Roundy’s expression immediately looked as if she had been struck by a bolt from the blue. It was a shocking and sorrowful expression!

“Ow ow –” Don’t do this! With a mournful howl, Roundy immediately moved towards Mo Chu. Its chubby claws tightly wrapped around Mo Chu’s calves, not allowing her to move an inch.

“What’s going on?” Mo Yang entered the door and tidied up his things. When he came downstairs, he saw this situation and could not help but laugh. Even Little Flying Fox widened its eyes and stared at Roundy in surprise.

“Awooo –” You laugh?! What are you laughing at? Believe it or not, I will eat you up! Even if it was for the sake of delicacies, it had to be done in style. It could only be done for Little Chu alone. As for the others, get lost!

After being obsessed with Mo Chu for a long time, Roundy still did not get what it wanted. It could only watch them happily drinking wine beside him. Its heart itched, and it was extremely uncomfortable!

Haha! You, brat, now you know how it feels. Tasting the mellow wine, Mo Yang’s eyes could not help but reveal a hint of schadenfreude. Of course, he was not surprised to receive a fierce howl from Roundy!

When Mo Chu went upstairs to rest, Roundy was immediately freed from his listless state. He ran towards the Little Flying Fox excitedly. Where’s my wine?

It turned out that the two little ones had already made plans. Since Mo Chu and the others were not paying attention, the Little Flying Fox had secretly kept a portion of the wine for Roundy.

Roundy’s eyes lit up as it stared at the fragrant wine in front of him. While it was craving for it, it did not forget to pat the Little Flying Fox’s shoulder. Not bad! From now on, they would be good brothers!

As soon as it put down its hand, Roundy immediately picked up the wine and impatiently poured it into its mouth!

His eyes blinked twice as he carefully tasted it. Hmm… it was a little sour and a little sweet. The taste was not bad…

Suddenly, with a ‘pa’ sound, the cup fell to the ground and broke into several pieces. It also fell down dizzily!

“Li li–” Seeing this strange sight, Little Flying Fox was scared silly and immediately howled. It’s over, it’s over. Why did Roundy fall down?

When Mo Chu came down to take a look, she could not help but smile. “Don’t worry, this little fellow is fine.”

It was only drunk. When she looked at the spilled wine on the ground, the smile in his eyes deepened. It looked like Roundy only drank one or two mouthfuls at most. It really had a drunken physique!

On the other side, Ning Yiyuan returned to the office hall.

Zhong Wen was already waiting by the side. He took the jacket that Ning Yiyuan took off and said softly, “Boss, the representatives of several important galaxies are coming soon. It’s estimated to be half an hour’s drive away.”

“Okay.” Ning Yiyuan nodded and unbuttoned his wrist. “How’s the food preparation?”

“It’s been checked, everything is fine,” Zhong Wen replied solemnly.

Ning Yiyuan walked out with long legs, and her eyes narrowed. “That’s good.”

Before the Galactic Combat officially started, there would always be such an informal meeting.

Firstly, it was to exchange feelings, and secondly, it was an indirect test. After all, every Galactic Test was held more than a hundred years apart, and during that time, every galaxy could undergo huge changes, and with this opportunity, they would be able to find out more.

Half an hour passed quickly.

A few Drive Machines slowly drove over. They stopped, and when the door opened, a few men strolled out.

“Everyone, welcome.” Ning Yiyuan walked forward and nodded slightly. His expression was still cold as he waved his hand. “Please come in.”

“You are Ning Yiyuan?” The distance from the main door to the private room was not far. Ning Yiyuan purposely slowed down his pace to accommodate the others’ speed. One of the handsome middle-aged men suddenly asked, “Are you Ning Yiyuan?”

His tone was filled with curiosity and emotion. “You look even younger than the rumors say!”

“Commander Fu, you flatter me.” Ning Yiyuan nodded slightly.

Fu Jun was the commander-in-chief of the Dark Ocean Galaxy. He was of the same generation as Elder Qin and the others. His reputation was illustrious and his battle achievements were outstanding.

“No,” Fu Jun waved his hand. “I only speak the truth!”

“This way, please.” Ning Yiyuan’s footsteps paused slightly. They had already arrived at the private room. Zhong Wen turned his body to open the door, and a group of people walked in.

“Aiya! You’re late!” The important figures of the Qin Family’s Patriarch, Elder Ning, and the others all stood up one after another. They greeted them with a smile. “It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, right?”

“Exactly!” Fu Jun nodded with a smile. “Just now, I was lamenting that this generation is stronger than the previous one! We old bones are almost useless.”

“Fine!” The Qin Family’s ancestor glared at him. “We might be old, but we’re still useful!”

Elder Ning was also full of smiles. “Alright, let’s sit down and talk.”

“Eh?” Looking at the table, Fu Jun could not help but look surprised. “What is this? I smelled it when I came in just now!”

“Yeah, me too, it really smells good!”

“Hurry up and say it, don’t keep me in suspense anymore!”

Looking at the colorful dishes on the table, the people from the other galaxies could not help but feel surprised. However, they were after all people who played politics, so they managed their expressions well and quickly suppressed the shock.

Ning Yiyuan was the organizer of this Interstellar War, but in terms of status, he was the lowest. Naturally, he sat down. Hearing this, he stood up and said in a deep voice, “This is a unique Spirit Food of the Federation. It tastes very good, so why don’t you try it?”

“Oh?” Qi Shaobai was the leader of the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy, so he laughed when he heard this. “Since Marshal Ning is so respectful, then I won’t stand on ceremony!”

This person might have a kind smile on his face, but he was a ruthless person. Many benefits of the Federation had been taken away by this person, so he was a typical smiling tiger. These simple words also contained a hidden sharpness. If this Spirit Food did not satisfy them, then the Federation would be wiped clean!

“I trust you will definitely be satisfied.” Ning Yi Yuan nodded slightly. His face was still cold, but his words revealed his confidence.

Without saying anything else, Qi Shaobai picked up a bowl of chicken soup and fed it to his mouth.

It was not that the people of other galaxies had not received news about this spiritual food, but no one had tasted it before, and they were not sure if its effects were as shocking as the rumors said.

However, from Qi Shaobai’s point of view, there was probably an exaggerated element in it! However, when the fragrant chicken soup went along his taste buds and fell into his throat, his expression could not help but change!

He originally thought that this thing just looked good on the outside, but when he tasted it, he realized that it was actually fragrant. He had never tasted such a taste in more than a hundred years! It was said that not only did this Spirit Food taste excellent, some of it could even replenish elemental energy! The former had already been verified, could it be that the latter was true…?

“That’s right!” Fu Jun, who was sitting next to him, was already laughing heartily. “This taste is simply amazing! Marshal Ning, you didn’t even tell us about the good stuff that you have hidden here. You’re enjoying it all by yourself! That’s not very generous of you!”

“Look at what you’re saying. How are we hiding anything?” Elder Qin and he were both straightforward people and their friendship was better than the others. At this moment, he rolled his eyes at him unceremoniously. “Could it be that what you’re drinking now isn’t Spirit Food?”

“Fine! I can’t beat you!” Fu Jun shook his head. He took a chopstick of boiled fish and fed it to his mouth. His face could not help but reveal a bit of surprise. The spicy flavor mixed with the fragrance was surprisingly refreshing!

After a long while.

Ning Yiyuan raised his head slightly. “I wonder if General Qi is satisfied with this meal?”

These words were a reply to his attitude just now.

“How can I not be satisfied?” Qi Shaobai raised his brows slightly. “It wasn’t easy for the Federation to find such a sumptuous meal. If we don’t give you all face, wouldn’t we be too ungrateful?”

These words meant that the Federation’s strength was not much. There were only one or two things that they could bring out. With this, they still had the nerve to show it off?

“Is that so?” Ning Yiyuan smiled faintly. “Then, when I get the chance, I will definitely try the delicacies of the Wisdom Cloud Galaxy!”

Ning Yiyuan’s words were a slap in the face. After all, other than the Federation, the food of the other galaxies was similar, they were all nutrition capsules, so how could they be so delicious?

“Marshal Ning is really eloquent!” After being defeated like this, Qi Shaobai’s face could not help but darken. “I hope that in the future Interstellar Wars, Marshal Ning will still be so confident!”

“Of course.” The smile on Ning Yiyuan’s face deepened as he replied in a deep voice.

The meal was not an easy one either.

Compared to the battlefield, the battles between the dining tables were sometimes even more dangerous. They could not afford to be careless. Otherwise, if they were careless, they would lose the face of the entire Federation!

In this invisible battle, Ning Yiyuan was doing an outstanding job!

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