The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 200 - Shooting of the Surprise Attack (1)   

Chapter 200: Shooting of the Surprise Attack (1)


District 5 had a special climate. It was the typical weather of ‘Wearing cotton clothes early and gauze at noon’. However, in the northernmost part of District 5, there was a famous small town — Ice Town. As the name implied, due to its special geographical location, it was cold all year round, covered in snow and ice. It was like a transparent world of ice and snow.

This was their second destination.

Ice Town was very far from Clear River. Even though Mo Chu and the others had taken the fastest means of transportation, it was almost dusk by the time they arrived here.

From the scorching sun at noon to the freezing cold, the two of them could not accept it. They quickly bought two cotton-padded clothes and wrapped them around their bodies, only then did they warm up.

Only when her body’s basic temperature was satisfied did Mo Chu have the mood to size up the beautiful scenery before her.

In the 21st century, she lived in the southern region. The biggest snow she had ever seen was that kind of foamy snow, causing her hot breath to instantly melt in her palms. She had never thought that she would actually be able to see such a huge snowfall in the Federation, she was so excited that even her small face turned red!

With a single step, the snow reached her ankle, producing a crunching sound. Mo Chu bent his body and pinched a huge ball of snow in his hand. It was a ball of snow as he felt the heavy weight in his hand, his mood suddenly brightened up. Suddenly, his small eyes lit up, and with a swoosh, he smashed this piece of snow onto Qin Yue’s body!

On Qin Yue’s side, he was still vexed! This Ice Town was so awkward, being not too small nor too big. However, it was normal to spend three to five days finding the clues. It would not be too much to waste a week’s time… Suddenly, he was caught off guard and felt a sharp pain on his face. He saw tiny snowflakes drifting past his eyes!

After being stunned for a long while, Qin Yue finally reacted. It turned out that he had been ambushed by this little girl, Mo Chu! The most important thing was that she had hit his handsome face! Qin Yue let out a sinister laugh. He bent his body down and swiftly pinched two snowballs in his hands, throwing them directly at Mo Chu.

However, Mo Chu was already on guard. She leaped up lightly and successfully dodged Qin Yue’s two snowballs.

The smile on her face intensified, and her eyes were burning. Her entire person was agile like a snow elf. Coupled with her red cotton-padded clothes, she was simply eye-catching in this icy world!

Qin Yue was a little stunned when he saw this. Suddenly, with a ‘Pa’ sound, another fist-sized snowball smashed onto his head, causing him to tilt his head!

Who was it?

Qin Yue and Mo Chu were both stunned for a moment. They turned their heads to the side and saw that it was actually Roundy, this mischievous little fellow.

The moment she saw the unique weather environment, Rondy immediately jumped down from Mo Chu’s embrace. With its thick fur, it was not afraid of the cold at all, and it even happily rolled a few times on the snow!

When he saw Qin Yue retaliating against Mo Chu, it followed suit and grabbed a large piece of snow with its claws. Taking advantage of Qin Yue’s unprepared state, it ruthlessly threw the snowball at him!

At this point, the two people and one beast had completely pulled apart their battle lines. A few snowballs flew over from time to time on the snowy ground, accompanied by a few painful cries and hearty laughter. They flew very, very far away with the drifting snow…

The staff members who were filming behind them were all envious! However, they could not abandon their work and follow them to play. They could only mutter non-stop, “This is a competition, competition… Why are they playing? What’s there to play about? … But can you bring me along?!”

Mo Chu and the others naturally did not know what these staff members were thinking. It was not until they were sweating profusely from playing that the snowball fight was called off.

The moment it stopped, it became a little cold. The two of them quickly put on their thick cotton-padded clothes and put a hat on their heads. They were fully armed. It was impossible to tell if they were men and women from such an appearance, let alone recognize them.

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