The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 176 - The Shameless Old Man (4)

Chapter 176: The Shameless Old Man (4)


This was an extremely ordinary decorative bracelet. Its ordinary design was widespread throughout the entire Federation. Its workmanship was also very crude, and it was completely devoid of any value.

At the beginning, the buyers were somewhat confused. Obviously, even the auctioneer was at a loss. He only wanted to end the auction hastily. “The price is one Federal Coin. Is there anyone who wants to raise the price?”

“Young Master?” Looking at the bracelet lying quietly on the auction stage, Alan’s assistant’s eyes flashed. “Isn’t this bracelet…”

“Yes… I think so!” Alan tilted his head, his tone as cold as ice. “I remember when Will’s birthday was. He asked for a birthday present from me. At that time, I personally made a bracelet for him. This ungrateful guy even despised it, saying that it was for girls.”

“Then this bracelet… are we still bidding?” The assistant did not dare to look up at Alan, so he could only lower his head and ask.

“Bidding? What’s there to bid for?” Alan smiled. “It’s just trash. I think it’s a waste of even one Federal Coin!”

Even though he had followed Alan for almost ten years, the assistant still felt that he could not understand his thoughts. He could only reply in a low voice, “Yes!”

At the same time, a cheer sounded from the stage. “Good, someone has raised the price!”

Finally, there was no longer a one-man show. The auctioneer heaved a sigh of relief.

Alan raised his head slightly and looked at the girl holding the sign. It was the girl that he had found interesting just now. His eyes could not help but flicker slightly!


“Good, the price of this bracelet is now 11 Federal Coins.” Wiping the sweat off his forehead, the auctioneer who had always felt that he was competent enough to handle this job patted his little heart. It was the first time that he felt that the situation was so awkward. “Is there anyone else who wants to raise the price?”

There was silence in the audience.

After a full three seconds of silence, the auctioneer on the stage knocked on the round stage once again. There was a sense of relief in his tone as he said, “That’s great! This bracelet belongs to this lady. Congratulations to her!”

Seeing his sister happily putting on this bracelet, Mo Yang felt a little helpless. “This thing is too crude. If you really like it, I’ll buy you a better-looking one next time!”

“No need.” Mo Chu shook his head and said with some self-satisfaction, “I quite like this bracelet. It’s original!”

Staring at the little girl’s smiling face from afar, Alan could not help but smile. “Help me check that…”

Before he could finish his words, Alan suddenly saw Will walking toward him, and his eyes became slightly solemn.

“Alan, you’re here.” The two of them stood at the corner, which was a blind spot for people. If they did not turn this corner, other people would not be able to see their figures. Their positions were very hidden.

“What, you’re not even going to call me Big Brother?” Alanturned his head, his eyes carrying a hint of mockery.

“A big brother who’s going to kill me?” As if he had heard a joke, the corner of Will’s mouth could not help but curl up, but his eyes revealed a hint of bitterness.

“Tsk tsk.” The smile on Alan’s face disappeared, and his eyes flashed slightly. “So? Are you going to kill me now?”

“Haha!” Without waiting for Will’s reply, Alan himself laughed out loud, and his tone was arrogant and matter-of-factly. “With just yourself?”

“You even take out a worn-out bracelet to be auctioned. Do you really think that it’s not enough to embarrass our Mike Family?”

“A broken bracelet…” Will wiped his face and nodded heavily, “That’s right, it’s really a broken bracelet. I was blind to treasure it for more than ten years!”

The assistant at the side had already moved to the side when he saw this. He should know how to avoid some words that were not meant for him.

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