The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 159 - Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine (2)  

Chapter 159: Spirit Food and Medicinal Cuisine (2)

“Stop it, you’re still trying to be a good boy after getting such a good deal!” A large group of netizens who did not manage to snatch the food immediately left a sour message under him.

There was even someone who added earnestly, “Actually, if you really can’t accept it, I can still help you with it reluctantly. Of course, there’s no need to thank me. After all, I’m a proper and good person!”

‘Very Gentle in the Heart’ immediately replied, “Haha, there’s no need. This Spirit Food is very rare to me. I’ll have to trouble you to leave promptly!”

However, after this incident, some sharp-eyed netizens quickly noticed the trick. “Is there a problem with this list?”

As he said that, he even posted the order of his previous screenshots to compare it carefully, it was really different from the list of buyers that the current shop owner, Domineering Roundy, had placed at the top!

F*ck, could there be something fishy going on?

This was the first thought that popped up in the minds of all the netizens. In an instant, the sadness in their hearts almost flowed into a river. Oh my God, this world was so cruel! They even had to use the back door to buy things on the Starnet?

Squeezing their hands hard, the netizens fiercely knocked on the terminal. They were about to criticize the shop owner. However, before the post was sent out, Domineering Roundy had already taken action.

Domineering Roundy only sent a short message under the top of the list of buyers.

“The shop is now adhering to the principle of openness and fairness. With the interests of all buyers as the premise, we will send out a notice. If there are no accidents, those who have already bought Spirit Food before will no longer be included in the second purchase list. Thank you for your cooperation!”

In order to prove his innocence, Domineering Circle even specially attached a screenshot of the previous two buyer lists below his words. There was evidence, and every word was clearly written!

Once these words were said, most of the netizens immediately calmed down. The posts that had not been posted earlier were immediately deleted and changed into a series of praises.

Very Gentle in the Heart, who successfully risen in power, immediately started to spew out flattery! “Haha, I knew it. The shop owner must be a kind, talented, and fair person. We are so lucky to have met you!”

The rest of the netizens looked at this guy with disdain. Hmph, do you still have any integrity? To set the tone of praise so high, what would a layman like us do?

Of course, not everyone was praising the shop owner one-sidedly. After all, there were gains and losses. Under the premise of ensuring that most people’s interests were fair, it was bound to destroy the interests of a small number of people, so they were naturally unwilling. They immediately voiced their objections.

“Why? We came early and bought them. Just because we bought it once, you kicked us out? What kind of logic is this?”

“That’s right! We didn’t do anything wrong!” One after another, they plausibly argued.

That’s right! It wasn’t easy for them to taste the sweetness of this Spirit Food. Now, the shop owner actually set a restriction order. Were they deliberately trying to whet their appetite? How could they not protest?

However, in this matter, there was really no need for Mo Chu to make a move. When the other netizens heard this, they were immediately unhappy. Although what you said was also the truth, you can’t always take advantage of us! At the very least, you guys have to leave some residue and leftover for us!

Hence, the various netizens turned their spearheads one after another and bombarded this group of people with their firepower, tearing them apart.

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