The Domineering Glutton Of The Future

Chapter 152 - The Ignorant Mo Chu (2)   

Chapter 152: The Ignorant Mo Chu (2)


“Thirty-Six Dating Strategies? “Ning Yiyuan’s expression finally turned a little better when he heard this. He carefully read through the information on the terminal. He felt that this was not enough, so he directly copied and pasted it into his terminal.

“Also, Boss, you definitely won’t be able to meet anyone if you go like this, let alone ask Mo Chu out.” Seeing that Ning Yiyuan’s expression was gradually turning better, Zuo Lin started giving him ideas again. He turned his head and looked around, he said in a low voice, “We can totally just snatch her away form her house!”

Don’t look at how this group of people came from the army. They usually looked very upright, but in fact, each of them was eviler than the other. That military ruffian’s temperament was clearly displayed in these words!

“Snatch?” Looking at the room where Mo Chu was staying, Ning Yiyuan’s eyes lit up and the corners of his mouth curled up slightly. That’s right, why did he not think of this method?

“Then… We won’t bother you anymore, Boss.” Zuo Lin pushed Zhong Wen who was beside him. The two of them stood up and immediately strode out, afraid that Ning Yiyuan would stop them. One had to know what it felt like to be ruthlessly trained by Ning Yiyuan. It was truly a life-or-death situation!

Actually, Ning Yiyuan was also paying attention to the two of them at this moment. As he carefully sized up the room, his eyes grew brighter and brighter.

He moved his feet, and his figure was as agile as a monkey. He climbed up a few times, and without making a sound, he came to Mo Chu’s window.

It was clearly a tightly sewn glass, and no one knew how Ning Yiyuan did it. He actually opened the window halfway, and with a slight jump, he easily entered Mo Chu’s room.

This was Ning Yiyuan’s first time in Little Chu’s boudoir, and the design style was quite in line with her own temperament. It was elegant with a touch of freshness, as if the entire air was filled with the unique smell of Mo Chu.

At this moment, Mo Chu was still sleeping soundly. Her eyes were slightly closed, and her pink cherry lips were slightly open as she lightly breathed in and out.

This girl’s sleeping posture could not be described as stable. She turned her body sideways, and her light yellow knee-length nightgown had already been lifted up to the middle of her thighs, revealing her snow-white slender long legs. This caused Ning Yiyuan’s breathing to involuntarily stop.

This damned little vixen!

Ning Yiyuan could not control himself as he took two steps closer. There was actually no sound when he rose and fell. If it was not for his fiery eyes staring fixedly at Mo Chu, no one would have noticed his existence.

“Whew…” Ning Yiyuan’s breathing deepened. Mo Chu’s snow-white skin was not far away from him. It was as if he could touch it. His throat twitched a few times before he clenched his fists in the end. He stopped his approaching footsteps and stood half a meter away from Mo Chu. He quietly watched her sleeping figure.

This girl was quite interesting. She would occasionally make a ‘ba ba ba’ sound when she was asleep. Her lips moved slightly as if she was eating something delicious. Her delicate appearance made Ning Yuan’s heart soften. His gaze was not bad as he stared at her.

This idiotic look gave Mo Chu, who had just woken up, a big fright. Oh my God, I’m scared to death! Anyone who had just woken up and opened their eyes to see a pair of big eyes staring at them would also be scared to death!

However, Ning Yiyuan was still unaware. When he saw Mo Chu wake up, he strode over to her side and squatted down on the edge of Mo Chu’s bed. His tone was unbelievably gentle. “You’re awake? Did you sleep well?”

Mo Chu was stunned. Obviously, she had not recovered from the shock. Her sleepy eyes blinked a few times before he stared at Ning Yiyuan in surprise. “Why are you here?”

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