The Divine Urban Physician

Chapter 696 - Chapter 696: Sacred Flames

Chapter 696: Sacred Flames

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The golden-robed elder frowned when he heard Ye Chen’s words.

Not this sword?

Where was this sword supposed to come from?

Before he could react, a hole appeared in the air in front of him, which then began to glow red.

The moment the red light appeared, he felt that something had locked onto him!

It was as if a pair of cold eyes were staring at him from the darkness. The red light grew brighter and brighter, and soon, the golden-robed elder’s expression changed completely.

He saw an ancient sword that emitted an endless amount of spiritual pressure! It was definitely extraordinary!

He had never expected that the feeling of being locked onto came from a sword…

How was this possible? How could a sword make him feel this way?

Wait! He suddenly felt that this sword was somewhat familiar, but he could not place it.

“Dragonslayer Heaven Sword, kill!”

Ye Chen’s eyes flashed sharply as he shouted angrily. He could use the sword like an extension of his own body because the sword had been personally forged by him and had fought countless battles with him in Huaxia.

After being broken, it was reborn thanks to the Immortal Lord, and it even had a sword spirit.

Ye Chen’s killing intent swept over, fusing with the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword’s own killing intent. To Ye Chen, the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword was no longer just a weapon, but a valuable partner and companion.

Many times, the Dragonslayer Sword had acted on its own to save Ye Chen, and had thus developed its own sword spirit.

The sword’s aura became sharper and sharper, and the surroundings gradually lost their luster as the red light continuously became brighter.

The spiritual energy of the world surged into the sword, creating a vortex that sped it up even further!

The golden-robed elder sensed danger, and he even felt that this sword was far more dangerous than Ye Chen himself!

The sword was stronger than the person?


If this kid’s strength was weaker than a sword, how could he control it?

However, this was not the time to dwell on the question, so he drew his own sword/

This sword was called the Blood Moon Sword, and it had been his personal sword for many years, and killed countless of his enemies. However, at this moment, it seemed to pale in comparison to the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword. Countless strands of sword qi shot out, and each one seemed tangible and dangerous, as the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword emitted an overwhelmingly violent aura that utterly eclipsed the Blood Moon Sword!

The golden-robed elder’s Blood Moon Sword had a sword spirit, but the sword broke free at that moment, and then fled!

The golden-robed elder was completely dumbfounded.

The Blood Moon Sword, which had fought with him in countless bloody battles, actually retreated without even trying to resist?

This was too f*cking embarrassing!

However, even if the Blood Moon Sword tried to escape, the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword would not give it the chance. Strands of sword qi split off and pursued it.

Pa da!

The Blood Moon Sword did not manage to escape in the end and turned into a pile of broken sword fragments.

After dealing with the Blood Moon Sword, the strands of sword qi then flew toward the golden-robed elder!

At this moment, the golden-robed elder was completely on the backfoot, and was defending himself frantically.

The power of his saint king realm cultivation erupted, as he sent out palm strikes


Shockwaves spread out in all directions, causing the ground in the dungeon to crack and tremble.

The Dragonslayer Heaven Sword flew out and landed in Ye Chen’s hand, shaking gently. However, its violent aura did not decrease, but increased instead!

The golden-robed elder retreated five steps, and his blood surged and roiled, making him feel very uncomfortable.

He steadied himself and stared at the sword in Ye Chen’s hand.

“This sword doesn’t seem to belong to the Kunlun Mountains. Who forged it? Where did you get it?”

“It looks like you have a lot of secrets, Ye Chen!”

However, after today, all of these secrets will be mine!”

The golden-robed elder no longer had his sword, so he clenched his fist and a ball of flames suddenly condensed. However, the flames made Ye Chen feel suffocated and cold. They felt more like ice than fire.

‘What fire is this?’

Ye Chen sensed that something was wrong, so he immediately acted, dashing toward the golden-robed elder. At the same time, he swung the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword, which tore through the air in front of him. The violent winds even shattered some of the cells in the dungeon!

Furthermore, the blood dragon descended from the sky and entered the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword, as did the lightning energy from his life rune.

He wanted to suppress everything with this sword strike!

Although the golden-robed old man’s eyes were filled with surprise, it was only fleeting.

“You overestimate yourself,” he sneered.

He formed a hand seal with his fingers and the flames instantly engulfed Ye Chen and the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword!

The strange flames burned bright, yet cold.

The sword domain of the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword expanded to match the flames, and the power of the blood dragon and lightning energy surged out continuously, but was still inferior to the power of the flames!

It seemed that the flames had turned the entire dungeon into a huge furnace. Seconds later, Ye Chen realized that his connection with the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword had been severed!


However, before Ye Chen could react, the flames had transformed into a huge beast that charged toward him. With every step, the ground shook violently!

Ye Chen’s expression changed slightly. He glanced at the Dragonslayer Heaven Sword. For some reason, even without him controlling it, the sword was moving through the flames, trying to break through.

However, every time it destroyed a portion of the flames, the flames would regenerate instantly around it. It was endless!

Seeing the flaming beast coming toward him, Ye Chen could only unleash the power of his life rune to its limits!

“Lightning Descent!”

Tribulation lightning fell from the heavens and crashed against the flames below.


The two forces collided and Ye Chen was sent flying, spitting out a mouthful of blood!

The power of the tribulation lightning was actually unable to resist the flames! Ye Chen quickly landed on his feet and steadied himself. However, his body felt very uncomfortable.

The golden-robed old man was very satisfied with the current situation. He enjoyed the pleasure of crushing others and smiled sinisterly.

“Little b*stard, do you feel despair? I am the beginning of your despair!” “I might as well tell you that I obtained these flames by accident many years ago. It’s extremely rare, and even if you were an origin realm expert, you would be helpless against them!”

“Today, I’ll personally cremate you!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the flames rose and transformed into a dragon that flew toward Ye Chen. It opened its mouth wide to devour Ye Chen!

Ye Chen’s eyes were solemn. He glanced at his father in the distance and gritted his teeth. However, just as he was about to rush towards the flames, a voice suddenly rang out from the Samsara Graveyard!

Disciple, this flame isn’t ordinary. It exists in an extremely harsh environment, and it has been nurtured for tens of thousands of years! Some people in the Kunlun Mountains called it the Sacred Flames! If the flames are at the peak of their power, they can destroy whole mountains!”

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