The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 965 - The Truth Back Then II

Chapter 965: The Truth Back Then II

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 2The root cause of the old master’s illness had been revealed and uprooted. The old master would recover sooner or later.

 “Alright.” Nan Xian looked coldly at Mu Ling.

 When Nan Xian’s eyes met Mu Ling’s, Mu Ling panicked. Just as Mu Ling was about to say something, he could feel a light wind brush the tip of his nose. He could not help but sneeze.

 1“Qingyan, don’t worry. I will use all the spirit herbs that I have to treat you and you will get well very soon.” Mu Ling squatted down and held tightly onto Chen Qingyan’s quivering hands.

 Chen Qingyan lowered her eyes, her eyes darkened. She thought that Mu Ling would tell her that he would avenge her at all costs. It turned out that Mu Ling only wanted to heal her wound.

 However, she was not capable of thinking anything else as the pain all over her body was killing her. She clenched her teeth tightly, tears streamed down her face.

 “Qingyan… I…”

 Originally, Mu Ling wanted to give Chen Qingyan a few words of comfort, but he suddenly felt the urge to pass wind. As he could not leave Chen Qingyan alone now, he could not help but fart.


 Mu Ling’s face stiffened as he could feel something wet come out from his anus. At the same time, a strong unpleasant smell was in the air.

 2It was so offensive to the nose that the servant who was beating Chen Qingyan had to turn his face.

 As the saying goes, sometimes, when someone thinks that they are going to fart, but they accidentally poop instead.

 Hence, Mu Ling quickly rushed toward the toilet. He did not even say a word to Chen Qingyan.

 Mu Manor was huge. Naturally, there was no lack of toilets. Mu Ling picked a toilet randomly and squatted down. He felt a mild ache in his growling stomach. However, he was immensely relieved after emptying his bowels. It was so refreshing that he had the urge to sing out loud.

 Suddenly, there was a loud bang. The whole toilet collapsed to the ground, the feces splashed all over Mu Ling’s body.

 If he had not managed to escape in time, he might have fallen into the cathole.

 Panicking greatly, all the servants quickly rushed over only to see the manor master of the Mu family—Mu Ling with his head covered in feces and his eyes were filled with panic.

 “Pfft!” Feng Ruqing walked over slowly from behind, grinning.

 “What goes around comes around. I have told you to be careful when you empty your bowels. The day of reckoning has come way too fast.”

 1“Did you do that?” Mu Ling’s face darkened as he snarled.

 “I just passed by.” Feng Ruqing shrugged.

 Mu Ling wanted to ask further, but his stomach was growling again. He could not help but grit his teeth and rushed toward another toilet.

 Simply no one saw that just as Mu Ling left, a ghastly white robe floated after Mu Ling looking like a ghost…

 Since then, everyone in the Mu family knew that the things that happened Mu Ling were an act of divine retribution.

 No matter which toilet he went into, the toilet would collapse. Hence, he had been running around with his head covered in feces and a strong unpleasant smell lingered in the entire Mu Manor for a long while.

 In the end, he could not help but resort to the chamber pot. However, before he could finish emptying his bowels, the chamber pot exploded.

 Once again, all the feces in the chamber pot splashed on his body. A small piece of yellow stool could be seen hanging on the corner of his lips. Disgusting!

 Finally, Mu Ling exploded in fury. He did not even use the chamber pot and simply pooped on the ground so that the stool did not splash on him.

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