The Divine Physician’s Overbearing Wife

Chapter 1789 - We’ve Finally Met II

Chapter 1789: We’ve Finally Met II

Nan Fang closed his eyes, gathered up all his power, and used all his strength to attack the white phoenix’s mind.

Initially, he wanted to keep the white phoenix in the Nan family because it was so strong and useful to the Nan family. However, now, he did not care about it anymore…

Suyi would not come down if he did not kill the white phoenix!


The white phoenix suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood and fell from the sky…

“White Phoenix!”

Suyi was shocked, and her expression changed dramatically. She could do nothing to stop them from falling because the white phoenix was too huge to handle…


Nan City.

The residents were aware of the fight that was happening in the Nan family right now. The streets were empty as they all hid in their homes and did not dare to go out.

Only three figures were running swiftly toward Nan Manor…


A black shadow covered the sky. Feng Ruqing stopped in her tracks, looked up, and saw a huge figure was falling from the sky toward them.


Nan Xian rushed to Feng Ruqing and pulled her into his arms.

Xia Xia froze. She stared at Nan Xian and Feng Ruqing and then looked at the black shadow overhead with teary eyes…


The white phoenix fell on these three people, soft and comfortable…

Nan Luo had long been thrown away by it, landing in a nearby tree. She felt dizzy, and her vision became blurry.

“White Phoenix!”

Suyi jumped down from the white phoenix’s back. Her eyes were full of worry when she saw the white phoenix lying unconscious.

“White Phoenix, are you alright? What happened just now?”

The white phoenix did not answer her.

Suyi looked under the white phoenix’s body and saw a small hand sticking out from under it.

‘That must be a child…’


Suddenly, a powerful force came from underneath its body.

The white phoenix, which had just been seriously injured, was struck by this blow and flew a few meters away.

“Xia Xia!”

Feng Ruqing’s face was pale. Fortunately, she had reacted fast and pulled Xia Xia into her arms before the white phoenix fell on them.

However, despite being safe under her protection, Xia Xia was still foaming at the mouth and lying motionless on the ground.

Feng Ruqing hurriedly fed her the herbal soup, and Xia Xia’s eyelids started to move. She gradually opened her eyes and smiled. “Mother, I’m fine.”

Feng Ruqing heaved a sigh of relief. She then turned to look at Nan Xian. “I can protect myself. In the future, no matter what happens, you must protect Xia Xia first.”

Nan Xin looked at Xia Xia’s pale face. “Sorry, I forgot we brought her with us…”

Feng Ruqing was speechless.

At this moment, Feng Ruqing secretly made a decision.

In the future, she would never let Nan Xian bring Xia Xia out again. Otherwise, he might lose his daughter and not even realize it.


Since the appearance of Feng Ruqing and others, Suyi remained silent. She turned to look at the white phoenix lying half-dead on the ground and felt pity for it…

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