The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 3237 - 3237 Chapter 3,023. The emperor was shocked

3237 Chapter 3,023. The emperor was shocked

The carefree emperor and even the Mochizuki Emperor couldn’t help but take in a breath of cold air.

They didn’t doubt the words of the great star Emperor, because she was the emperor in charge of fate. She could see through the fate of living beings with a single glance.

It was precisely because they didn’t doubt that they were shocked.

Su Yu had grown to a point that even the emperor had to take seriously, but her fate was actually not half as good as that of an ordinary person?

How was that possible?

If a living being walked the world without enough luck, it would be difficult for them to cultivate, lack opportunities, and frequently encounter dangers.

It was difficult for such a living being to live long, let alone reach the peak of cultivation.

But what was going on with Su Yu?

The carefree emperor was stunned. “Great Star Emperor, then why has this person grown to such an extent?”

This stumped the Great Star Emperor as well, causing him to fall into silence.

She also thought it was unbelievable. If carefree son of Heaven didn’t slack off, how did Su Yu escape from him and grow up to this extent?

Crack —

A hair-sized strand appeared on the crack on Great Sun Son of Heaven’s body.

He said slowly, “He must have opened the path with his obsession and went against his fate to reach this stage!”

Mochizuki son of heaven and carefree son of heaven listened to him respectfully. Great Star Son of heaven also said respectfully, “Great Sun Son of Heaven, please explain.”

Great Sun Tengzi’s stone golem was surrounded by a mysterious dao rhythm.

“The sacred mountain overlooked the absolute beginning realm and controlled thousands of great daos. Only then did it establish the Order of Heaven and earth, causing all living things to wither and prosper. All spirits have life and death, and Karma has a beginning and end.”

“However, there was one dao that was kicked out by the sacred mountain and expelled by thousands of great daos. It was also sealed, preventing all living beings from comprehending it.”

The three Tengzi’s eyes and ears were refreshed as they listened.

“That Dao is the rebellious dao.”

“The Rebellious Dao is the rebellious dao. It can be used to defy the heavens, and it can be used to defy fate.”

“Its existence is a threat to the stability of the absolute beginning world. That’s why the sacred mountain sealed it when it descended. There are rebellious spirits, but they have never rebelled against the Dao. That’s the reason.”

The three heavenly venerates suddenly understood. They looked at Su Yu on the ground with a strange light in their eyes.

“Could it be that Su Yu is an exception and has comprehended the Reverse Dao?”Carefree emperor frowned.

Since the Reverse Dao was sealed, how could he comprehend it?

Dayi emperor shook his head, “Not yet! But it is already the extreme of adversity. If he takes another step forward, it will be the Reverse Dao.”

“Fortunately, the reverse DAO has already been sealed. He is stuck at the extreme of adversity and can not step into the Reverse Dao. Otherwise, there will be endless trouble.”

The three emperors finally understood.

Carefree emperor asked, “How do you cultivate the extreme of adversity?”

Dayi emperor said, “There is no other way. Countless trials and tribulations are enough! For this child to cultivate the extreme of adversity is already a rare variable in the world. It is the best way to get rid of it.”

The three emperors were stunned.

For dayi emperor to personally say “The best way to get rid of it”, Su Yu’s threat was not small.

In the past two eras, besides Ren Zu, there was only one other person who could make the son of the great sun emperor say something similar.

Su Yu!

The carefree son of the Great Sun Emperor took a deep breath. For the first time, he looked at the ant that he had never cared about and said, “He won’t live.”

Closing his eyes, he formed a seal with one hand.

In the Void, the majestic sacred mountain suddenly shook violently. Then, with a loud bang, it exploded!

A rusty broken sword stained with dried blood floated in the shattered mountain.

The moment the broken sword appeared, the Void suddenly became as hot as boiling water.

The blood in the fire lion’s body, which was thousands of miles away, began to boil and burn uncontrollably.

It stared at the broken sword. Its pupils constricted, and its throat seemed to be blocked by something. It was so terrified that it could not speak. “That… that is…”

Su Yu frowned slightly and pressed down on his chest.

The oil lamp that had appeared out of control was pressed back down.

This was the first time the oil lamp had appeared out of control.

All because of the broken sword?

In the sky, Xiaoyao Tianzi opened his eyes, and a cold smile appeared on his face. “This sword was prepared for Ren Zu’s descendants. It is most suitable for him.”

Wangyue Tianzi’s voice sounded relaxed. “The sword that cut off one of Ren Zu’s arms was indeed a sharp weapon to kill the mortal body.”

“The remnant of Ren Zu’s blood has been nurtured by the sacred mountain. It is a deadly poison to the mortal body.”

In the void.

The Broken Sword flew into the Green Emperor’s hand. The fire lion’s expression changed drastically as he sent a voice transmission, “Little Master, be careful! There is Ren Zu’s blood in there. He has been baptized by the Sacred Mountain and is already a deadly poison to kill the mortal body. You will die if you touch it!”

The Green Emperor had already fallen into madness. He held the Broken Sword and roared at Su Yu, “Kill!”

As soon as the word ‘kill’was said, the remnant blood on the broken sword emitted a blood light that shot into the sky and spread over ten thousand miles.

Under the cover of the blood light, it was dyed with the remnant blood!

The fire lion had warned him too late, and the range of the remnant blood was too wide.

Su Yu did not have any room to dodge. He was directly wrapped in the blood light.

His skin instantly turned purple-black, followed by his flesh, then his bones, and finally his soul.

Every part of his body was tainted by the blood poison.

This scene caused the fire lion to let out a heart-wrenching roar, “No! !”

Su Yu, who had just returned and was about to shoulder the responsibility of the future of the human race, actually died under the blood of Ren Zu.


Why was it like this?

Looking at the wild laughter of the Green Emperor and Su Yu, whose aura had been completely extinguished by the poison, the fire lion threw its head back and let out a desperate cry.

“Sacred Mountain! ! ! This is too much! ! ! !”

Ren Zu’s disciple, Ren Zu’s successor, was a puppet that the emperor could play with to his heart’s content!

This was the sacred mountain! ! !

Endless roars burned in the fire lion’s chest, as if it was going to explode.

However, there was nothing he could do.

He could only watch helplessly as Su Yu was poisoned and his body withered bit by bit into mud.

“No…”the fire lion was extremely sorrowful.

However, in the next moment, the fire lion was suddenly startled.

This was because it suddenly discovered that although Su Yu’s aura was extinguished, his eyes were actually flickering with a calm light.

A trace of Aura was even spat out from his mouth.

“These three moves are the last respect I have for you. Now, it’s time to send you on your way.”

On the sacred mountain, the atmosphere froze again.

Carefree Emperor, Full Moon Emperor, Great Star Emperor, and even great sun emperor all fell into silence.

The ancestor’s blood poison in his body… didn’t die?

Carefree Emperor’s throat rolled. He carefully looked at great sun emperor but didn’t dare to say anything.

Big Star Emperor was a little lost. “What, what is going on?”

The Dayi Emperor was silent.

He didn’t know either.

Kacha —

Another crisp sound rang out. It was the female stone golem on the left side of the emperor. A piece of rock had fallen off her body.

A dreamy and gentle voice slowly sounded. “Who is that? Even the refined ren Zu’s blood can’t be killed?”

Hearing this, carefree son of heaven was shocked and immediately bowed three times.

Mochizuki son of Heaven, Big Star Son of Heaven, and even big day son of heaven immediately gave out extremely respectful voices.

“We are useless and alarmed great dream son of heaven. Please forgive us!”

At this moment, carefree son of heaven was already filled with shock.

Even great dream son of Heaven was alarmed!

After several eras, great dream son of Heaven only woke up once when Ren zu attacked the sacred mountain.

Now he was startled by Su Yu!

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