The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 3230 - 3230 Chapter 3,016, the battle for the body

3230 Chapter 3,016, the battle for the body

The best outcome was that Su Yu tore open the seal between his brows, and the eye of Taotie reappeared in the human world. Then, it devoured endlessly, eventually swallowing the host as well. After that, it returned to its eye state and waited for the next host.

But now, it was completely different!

Thanks to the saint infant flame seed, the eye of Taotie had obtained an eternal body, and it did not need to go through endless reincarnation to find a new host.

He had been reborn as a complete creature.

Next, as long as he used the eye as the foundation, he could cultivate again. In time, he might be able to return to his peak.

“It feels good to have a body. Long time no see… HMM?”Taotie was suddenly stunned, and his eyes instantly turned cold. “Who are you?”

He suddenly sensed that there was another powerful consciousness in his body that was sneakily invading his sea of consciousness, ready to fight with him for control of the body.

Su Yu actually had a consciousness that even the holy infant flame seed could not digest!

“Humph! A mere remnant soul dares to think about my body!”It was the remnant soul of the Mirror Flower Emperor that appeared!

Tao tie frowned. When he found the stone heart of the emperor in his body that had not been digested in time, he suddenly realized, “I knew who it was. It turns out to be the ten thieves from back then.”

“Those little thieves have finally become famous and call themselves the son of Heaven?”

“Ah! What a joke. Back then, I tried to persuade the Dao ancestor to not let you outsiders stay, but the dao ancestor just laughed it off. Many years have passed, but in the end, you still managed to steal the dao fruit and take control of this prosperous true world.”

The son of heaven smiled coldly. “Then what are you? You’re just a pitiful pet that was abandoned. I didn’t destroy your entire soul back then and let you escape with an eye. Now, it seems like I made a huge mistake!”

The two of them instantly went against each other. There was no room for maneuver.

Whether it was the hatred in the past or the fight for the body today.

There could only be one between them!

“It seems that we have to use the soul to fight!”Tao tie narrowed his eyes.

Mirror flower son of heaven said indifferently, “It suits me. The fight for the soul is enough. This body can’t be damaged!”

Tao tie nodded slowly.

However, he said, “But before that, we need to confirm whether Su Yu’s consciousness has survived! We can not let our guard down against him!”

Mirror flower son of Heaven’s expression became serious. He agreed with him. “This kid is cunning. His intelligence is close to that of a demon. We have to guard against him!”

The two remnant souls were surprisingly afraid of Su Yu!

They had suffered too many losses.

They checked each other tacitly.

“His bloodline is normal, and there is no trace of his consciousness!”

“His bones are normal, and there is no soul fluctuation!”

“His skin and flesh are normal, and there are no traces.”

“All the imprints of the magical equipment that have not been digested are gone, and his consciousness is not hidden.”


The two had a clear division of labor. They carefully combed Su Yu inside and out, not sparing a single hair.

In the Sea of consciousness, mirror flower son of Heaven, who had transformed into Xia Jingyu, looked at a huge eye shrouded in black mist from a distance.

“My soul seems to be greatly enhanced after devouring you.”

Mirror flower son of heaven stood calmly with a sneer on his face. “You overestimate yourself!”


The two souls immediately collided and then separated.

The light around the mirror flower emperor’s body dimmed. A large portion of his soul power had been devoured, making him extremely weak.

The black fog around the eye of Taotie had already dispersed, revealing the silver eye. Cracks could be seen all over the eye, but it was badly injured!

“You have some skills!”The Eye of Taotie revealed a fierce light.

The mirror flower emperor stabilized his aura, his expression resolute.

There was no way out now. They could only fight to the end!

Either her remnant soul was destroyed, or the remnant soul of the Taotie disappeared!

There could only be one owner of this body!

“Again!”The Taotie roared and turned into a ray of light and rushed forward!

The Mirror Flower Emperor didn’t want to be outdone and collided with the Taotie!


The Sea of consciousness shook violently!

The vast sea of consciousness almost collapsed!

Under the gazes of the people outside, Black Su Yu suddenly stopped moving, as if he had lost his soul. Only his eyes were still trembling, indicating that he was still alive. No one dared to approach him.

On his forehead, the black and gray halos were fluctuating strangely.

“It’s the Battle of Consciousness!”The fire lion said weakly after recovering some yuan qi.

There was no surprise in its eyes.

Since the will of the eye of Taotie could survive, there was no reason for the soul of the son of heaven to dissipate just like that.

The only person whose will dissipated was Su Yu.

In the end, it was all for nothing, just for the benefit of others.

Putting aside Su Yu’s human saintly being, the son of Heaven’s solid heart, and the sinkhole divine monument, just the boots, Emperor Brush, and Suiren’s leather clothing that he had obtained from the tomb were all immeasurable and terrifying opportunities.

Now, all of them were going to be given to others.

Wasn’t that pathetic?

When nie nu heard this, she was also filled with grief and indignation. The heavens were unfair!

“Aunt nie nu!”Su Cai’er secretly poked her waist with her elbow. Nie nu turned her head over with tears in her eyes. “Child, don’t be sad. be as strong as your father. Even if you die ten thousand times, you won’t stop.”

Su Cai’er’s face was indeed filled with grief, but there was more astonishment.

“Aunty, the eight domains on my body seem to be… disappearing.”

In Su Yu’s Sea of consciousness.

After experiencing the second collision, the mirror flower emperor and the eye of Taotie were once again severely injured!

The Mirror Flower Emperor’s figure dimmed by more than half, and the cracks in the eye of Taotie intensified.

If it happened a few more times, both of them would probably fall apart. Even if one of them survived, it would be a great loss.

“Taotie, give up your body to me. This body contains my stone heart. It has long been my vessel to return to the world. I have no choice but to have him! As long as you are willing to withdraw, I will promise you endless benefits!”

If the hard way didn’t work, then the soft way could only work!

The eyes of taotie scoffed, “The so-called benefits you all have are to make me submit to the emperor’s lineage and become a half-stone man from now on, right? I’m sorry, I don’t think that a bunch of little thieves have the qualifications to control me!”

“In addition, I’ve long taken a liking to this body. I’ve waited for countless years. How can I give in to you?”

The mirror flower son of Heaven’s expression turned cold.

“If that’s the case, we can only stop when one side dies.”

The taotie laughed maniacally, “Nonsense!”

A trace of light filled the eyes of the taotie, “Little Thief, one of us will definitely die. Why don’t we each leave some benefits on this body? In case we die, there won’t be any traces left between heaven and earth.”

If Su Yu was here, she would definitely praise and call him by his real name.

The mirror flower son of heaven pursed his lips and smiled. “You are very confident that you can stay in the end! However, I think this suggestion is very good.”

She was also confident that she could stay in the end!

If the eye of Tao tie could leave some inheritance on this body, that would be the best!

The eye of Tao tie’s eyes flashed with greed. “Good!”

“Let’s start with me!”The eye of Taotie said, “I will merge this eye into the body and make it a part of the body. If I die, you can use it as you like and devour all the enemies in the world!”

The Mirror Flower Emperor was tempted!

The devouring power of Taotie originated from the creation of heaven and earth. It was one of the few nemesis of the emperor.

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