The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron

Chapter 3180 - 3180 Chapter 3,068 was a fake

3180 Chapter 3,068 was a fake

Zhan wushuang raised his eyebrows and revealed a surprised expression, “Why do I have the most?”

According to the size of the light ball, the biggest one was neither him nor Su Yu, but Miss Song. After all, the latter had received guidance from an expert, and any cultivation was quite profound. It was definitely not something that the two of them could compare with.

The spirit of the dao palace said expressionlessly, “Because you are the first to cut off your cultivation.”

“It is not only the depth and level of your cultivation that determines the level of the evaluation, but also the determination to cut off your cultivation. Those with high determination are naturally more decisive and faster, so the evaluation score will naturally be higher.”

Hearing this, Zhan Wushuang’s eyes shone brightly!

He had already been guessing this answer in his heart, but he did not expect it to be true.

Without thinking, Zhan wushuang consecutively severed seven to eight of his life’s lessons!

His speed was so fast that miss song and Su Yu could not keep up at all.

The number above Zhan Wushuang’s head also rose rapidly. In just a short moment, it had risen to more than ten points!

One had to know that he had only severed half of his lessons, and there was still half that had not been severed. He had even obtained more than ten points.

According to the full score of twenty points, when Zhan Wushuang cut off all the things he had learned in his life, he would get a full score in the end.

On the other hand, Su Yu was one step slower than him, and the points would decrease step by step. In the end, it was very likely that he would not even get ten points.

In the end, Zhan Wushuang was completely able to make up for the ten points that he had lost, and he was ahead of Su Yu.

Thinking of this, Zhan Wushuang was extremely excited. He cut off three more balls of light in succession, and a happy smile appeared on his face.

However, as he smiled, he suddenly realized that something was wrong.

Su Yu did not continue to cut off the balls of light. He even pulled Miss Xiao Song, who was about to continue cutting off her own cultivation.

There was no anxiety or worry on Su Yu’s face. On the contrary, he was extremely calm.

When he met Zhan Wushuang’s gaze, he revealed a faint trace of mockery.

This gaze was like a nightmare to Zhan wushuang.

Usually, when Su Yu revealed this gaze, he would be at a disadvantage.

“What are you smiling about?”Zhan Wushuang stopped and asked with a frown.

Su Yu said, “I saw that you were smiling quite happily, so I smiled.”

Zhan Wushuang’s heart beat rapidly. He could confirm that Su Yu was definitely planning something.

He narrowed his eyes. “Why don’t you continue to cut your own cultivation?”

Su Yu spread out his palms. “Seeing how happy you are, I’ll let you have more fun.”

Zhan Wushuang’s eyes flickered. He glanced at the numbers that far exceeded Su Yu’s. He suppressed his urge and slowly put down the black sword.

The spirit of the Dao Palace, who stood with his hands behind his back, frowned in dissatisfaction. “Why don’t you continue?”

Zhan wushuang pointed at Su Yu. “Then ask him why didn’t you continue?”

The spirit of the Dao Palace looked at Su Yu. “What do you mean?”

Su Yu looked over and stared at the spirit of the Dao Palace. He said with a faint smile, “I have to ask, what did you mean by pretending to be the spirit of the Dao Palace and deceiving us to kill ourselves?”


Zhan Wushuang and Miss Xiao song were shocked. “He’s a fake spirit of the Dao Palace?”

Miss song grabbed Su Yu’s arm in shock. “Don’t talk nonsense! How could he be a spirit of the Dao Palace?”

Su Yu asked back, “Why is he a spirit of the Dao Palace? Is there any evidence? From the beginning to the end, he was the one who said it!”


Miss song thought about it, but there was really no evidence. “But, he can control the power of the sinkhole tomb, so he can only be a spirit of the Dao Palace? Could it be something else?”

Su Yu’s eyes shone as he said indifferently, “Have you ever seen a spirit of the Dao Hall who can’t wait for the person receiving the Dao to cut off his own cultivation?”

Miss song thought about it carefully, and it was true. This spirit of the Dao Hall seemed to be particularly concerned about their self-cutting cultivation.

A normal spirit of the Dao Hall could stay out of the matter as long as it acted according to the will left behind by its master.

Whether it was beheaded or not was your own business. As the spirit of the Dao Hall, there was no need to be anxious.

However, this spirit of the Dao Hall was a threat on one side and a bait on the other. It was even more attentive than them.

Was this really the position that the spirit of the Dao Hall should be in?

“That’s true, but isn’t it too arbitrary to make such a conclusion?”Miss Xiao Song said.

Su Yu shook his head. “Of course not! I’m not the only one who saw through his identity. The ninth domain also found out that something was wrong with him.”


When Miss Xiao song was facing the ninth domain, she was extremely flustered. Thus, she was unable to savor the conversation between the ninth domain and the spirit of the Dao Palace.

“At that time, after the ninth domain was repelled by the courtyard wall, she asked a question. What are you?”Su Yu narrowed his eyes. “Perhaps you don’t know what the ninth domain is.”

“It is an ancestral art on a stone tablet. In a sense, it is the same as the spirit of the Hall of Dao.”

“How could it not recognize what the spirit of the Hall of Dao Is? Why would it use an unfathomable tone to ask what it is?”

“At that time, I guessed that there was something wrong with the identity of the spirit of the Hall of Dao.”

“After that, his series of actions made me suspicious.”

Miss Xiao song was suddenly jolted awake. She had a big question about the identity of the spirit of the Dao Palace. He said, “What about conclusive evidence? Just because he was very concerned about our self-beheading cultivation? But, this doesn’t completely explain the problem, right?”

Su Yu shook his head. “It’s Not!”

Zhan Wushuang’s expression was uncertain as he looked at her. He was also very surprised. How was Su Yu sure that the other party was not the spirit of the Dao Palace.

Everything that had happened before was just a guess!

Su Yu held the ancient sword in his hand and said, “Perhaps, all of you have overlooked one thing. When this spirit of the Dao Palace held the ancient sword, countless bizarre light balls appeared around him. They were as vast as the galaxy.”

Su Yu was sharp and profound. “Don’t tell me all of you really think that those are illusions of the Galaxy?”

Zhan Wushuang and Miss Xiao Song’s minds were buzzing. They noticed that after the spirit of the temple held the ancient sword, countless mottled galaxies indeed flashed past his body.

However, none of them took it to heart.

When Su Yu suddenly mentioned it, it immediately made their hearts beat faster. Miss Xiao song said, “Don’t tell me you’re saying that those are all cultivation levels?”

Su Yu’s gaze was deep as he asked, “What else could it be?”

Miss Xiao song said in surprise, “But the spirit of the Dao Palace is only a spiritual item. How could it cultivate so many things…”

She did not continue because this had already confirmed Su Yu’s guess — that was definitely not the spirit of the Dao Palace!

Zhan Wushuang’s pupils contracted as he stared at the spirit of the Dao Palace. At this moment, he did not say a word as he placed his hands behind his back and stared at Su Yu with a gloomy gaze.

This gaze had already explained everything!

He had been exposed by Su Yu!

He was really not the spirit of the Dao Palace!

Zhan wushuang looked at the cultivation base that he had cut off by more than half. Among them, there were several cultivation techniques that he had frequently used in his life. Among them, there were movement techniques that he had specially cultivated.

Now that he had lost them, along with the other cultivation bases that had been cut off, his overall strength would be reduced by at least 20% .

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